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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 65 (Sponsored)

Chapter 65 - Laura

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This was what the Immortal mercenary group usually did. They killed off the villagers and turned them into their undead army to enable them to attack their target. Although they were low-leveled undead, their attacks weren't weak. Even the power of an ordinary undead was not small, plus they weren't afraid to die, nor did they feel pain. No one was willing to encounter such opponents.

In the Continent, the Markey clan had a reputation of great strength, so under normal circumstances, no one would dare lay hands on their caravan. So after such a long time, they would naturally become more slack, and now each caravan were sending less people to protect it.

This time, the Markey clan was sending someone to Montenegro Fortress to conduct a secret translation with a mysterious figure. This transaction was for the Necro Orb.

The Necro Orb was found by a thief in an ancient tomb. It was an orb with strong Necromancer energy, which could turn an ordinary undead into a mid-level or even a high-level one.

The Markey would love to let this treasure stay in their clan, but it became known to the mysterious figure, who was willing to pay a high price to buy this orb. The Markey clan had no choice but to agree. They decided that Montenegro Fortress would be the place to make the transaction, because it wouldn't attract attention. No one would think that such a treasure would be traded in Montenegro.

They didn't know how this news reached that mercenary group. The importance of the Necro Orb to the Immortal mercenary group was self-evident.

The Markey clan didn't let others know that they were going to Montenegro Fortress to make the transaction, so they didn't send much of a squad, which disguised themselves as an ordinary caravan. They had released information that the transaction for the orb would be located elsewhere, so they thought that they were safe, until the Immortal mercenary group stopped them.

Not only did the eight black mages of the Immortal mercenary group command an undead army, they would also occasionally use black magic to attack the Markey clan caravan, giving them lots of pressure.

Of course, the Markey clan didn't send ordinary mercenaries to guard the Necro Orb. They sent experts. But these experts couldn't handle the attacks from all these undead people, plus the black magical attacks from the mercenary group making them miserable.

Laura was standing on the carriage, her hands holding onto a wooden box. The box wasn't very big, only about twenty cubic centimeters or so, and it seemed to not weigh much, since she effortlessly carried it.

Laura Markey was the second daughter to a mage named Kevin Markey. At forty years old, the old mage finally reached the sixth level. His speed of cultivation wasn't slow, but it was definitely not fast. He preferred to study magic, and had little interest in business. The Markey clan was a famous clan that specialized in business in the Continent. They didn't pay much attention to their heirs that practiced magic or martial arts, and instead focused more on those with business capabilities, which was why Kevin was somewhat embarrassing to the clan.

However, Kevin had a good daughter named Laura. Laura was only seventeen years old, yet she was a famous genius in the Continent. Not only was she a genius in cultivation, but also in business. Laura didn't just learn martial arts, but also how to make weapons for warriors. This was even more difficult than practicing combat skills, which was already demanding for cultivators

Not only was Laura a sixth level warrior, but she was also good at making spears, tower shields, horse bows, machetes, and other weapons. Her strength was very strong, but you wouldn't be able to tell from looking at her appearance.

White snow-like delicate skin, a head of wavy golden hair, and a pair of dark blue eyes. Along with her illustrious family background and powerful strength in the martial arts, she was admired by many men.

But what was most talked about her was her business genius. At a very young age, she was already helping her father with some business matters.

For such a genius, the average person couldn't even rise up in jealousy, because she was too good. If someone was a little better than you, of course you would be envious of him. But if he was so much better than you that he was beyond your reach, you couldn't afford to raise up your jealousy.

In the Markey clan, the heirs of the family will manage different businesses in different areas. The patriarch of the clan will then see who was the best at managing their business and making it the most profitable. Everyone knew that Kevin didn't have the ability to do business, so the patriarch didn't even consider him as part of the competition. But since Laura helped Kevin manage his business, their earnings have increased each year, and now wasn't worse than the other heirs of the family.

Kevin's share of the clan's business was mainly concentrated in the Purcell Duchy, so this time the transaction was placed in the hands of Kevin, and of course it would be Laura who finalized the deal.

Laura had no idea how everything they arranged became in vain when that mercenary group arrived, but she feared that this time was really dangerous.

Although Laura was a sixth level warrior, until now, she has never participated in a real battle. Her strength was good, but she was a bit worse than an ordinary mercenary in a fight.

Plus, they were surrounded by the undead. Even if she wanted to run, she couldn't.

This was Laura's first time feeling so desperate. Death was coming. She bit her lips hard until there was bright red blood. And then her last shred of hope was destroyed when, behind the undead army, another large number of undead appeared. These undead were large, with bodies suffused with a strange green color.

Laura's face paled. She knew that she was going to die. However, she didn't collapse, but instead aroused a fighting spirit in her heart!

In despair, there would often be two kinds of reactions. Either complete collapse where you lose all ability to resist and get trampled on, or a manifestation of anger to oppose everything in your way, even if they were undead. Laura was clearly feeling the latter.

Laura was ready to fight to the death.

But then she suddenly discovered that the new undead was attacking the undead that had besieged them. Not only Laura, but everyone in the Markey caravan was shocked to the point where their brains momentarily didn't know how to react. Was there strife among the Immortal mercenary group?

Laura didn't think so. She was clever and eventually saw that these new undead creatures weren’t the same. Unlike the human undead that had besieged them, most of these new undead were more like spirit beasts. And not only did these spirit beasts have strong attacks, but their bodies had green bones, which showed that they were toxic and not to be trifled with.

The green undead were coming in a steady stream, with a total number actually reaching more than a thousand. Unfortunately, that was less than half of the undead that had besieged them. But Laura was looking around because she believed that the people who summoned these undead would soon be here to help them.

Laura carefully looked at the back and found four people riding the undead. Two of them were standing. One was wearing full body armor, while the other was wearing a magic robe. The other two were sitting on an undead like it was natural. One was dressed in a black magic robe, and the other that was sitting beside the black mage was wearing a maid outfit.

Suddenly, black light was shot straight towards these four people. Laura's face changed. She knew that the mercenary group was attacking these four, so she couldn't help but shout, "Be careful!" However, she didn't realize that she was too far away from those people, so they couldn't hear what she was shouting.

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