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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 95 (Sponsored)

Chapter 95 - Once and for All

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Now was not the time for Zhao to ask Drunk about the situation in the carrion swamp. There were plenty of opportunities to ask something like that in the future, but now they had other matters to attend to.

After more than two hours, Brick had reached the canyon. The canyon was a good location to make camp, a flat area between two mountains that had a small stream. Also, because of the flat terrain, this place made it difficult for people to hide and ambush them.

But not for Zhao. Any place can become a place of ambush, since he could make his army instantly appear in a patch of the canyon.

Zhao and Meirin stepped out of the space and carefully looked over the canyon's terrain. They couldn't get a good look at the opposite party since there weren't any decent hiding places closer than this. This spot was their only option.

Meirin had a certain understanding of the battlefield. If this army was just made up of some random fighters, then with Zhao's power, they would be able to defeat them. But if this army was unified under the command of someone rich in battle experience, then exterminating them would not be so easy. Such a person would be difficult to deal with.

After seeing the canyon, they returned to the space.

They went to the living room in the villa to watch the screen. It was a good time, so Zhao then called Drunk to tell him what happened in the carrion swamp.

The news that Drunk gave him disappointed Zhao a little, even though he expected it. Their job was just to explore the edge of the carrion swamp, so they didn't really gain any insights into the place nor did they find any powerful undead or spirit beasts. Most importantly, they weren't able to get any plants. The area they were searching was like an enormous muddy pond that was difficult to walk in, slowing down their actions.

The first layer of the carrion swamp was a lifeless marsh. Fortunately, the undead that came along with Drunk and the black mages, under Zhao's command, were born from the carrion swamp. The undead had been living in the swamp their entire life, to the point where they could move around by instinct. It was where they were born, grew up, died, and became undead. The carrion swamp was their home.

That was exactly why the carrion swamp was a powerful place. The spirit beasts that died there became undead creatures that was able to slowly level up. The only other place in the Continent that had such capabilities was Deep Magic. People believed that there was a devil in Deep Magic that was able to bring you back to life if you had a reason to continue living after you died.

It was because the carrion swamp was a place that constantly produced undead that made it so strong. Since the carrion swamp was where you could turn dead animals into undead and the fact that it has killed so many experts, it became known as a special place that was off limits.

This was why Zhao told Drunk to be careful. They had to first explore the swamp to better understand it before stirring up trouble. Even though this time Drunk and the black mages didn't gain anything, next time they would prepare for a more in depth look inside the carrion swamp.

After Drunk told Zhao everything that happened, he put the black mages away, then quietly sat in the living room while watching the screen. But Meirin noticed that Zhao simply wasn't paying attention to what was happening on the screen, and was probably thinking over Drunk's words.

"Master, although Drunk didn't gain anything, at least they didn't suffer any losses. It's good enough that they survived the carrion swamp. There is a reason why it's worthy of being one of the five forbidden areas in the Continent."

"No, I don't blame Drunk and the other black mages. They did a good job," Zhao said. "I was just thinking of how big of a threat the carrion swamp is. If we want to create farmland and raise animals in the Black Waste, I would prefer if we could find some way to get rid of it.

Meirin frowned. "That is impossible. After so many years, no one has ever conquered the carrion swamp."

"That doesn't mean that we can't try. No one has ever really tried to conquer the carrion swamp because they didn't live near it like we do, so we have to try."

Meirin understood what Zhao meant. The reason why no one has been able to conquer the carrion swamp was because, first, it was too dangerous, and second, no one lived near it. It wasn't like the carrion swamp would ever be a threat to them. They didn't have to suffer through any painful experiences from it. But the Buda clan was different. If they couldn't handle the carrion swamp, then the Buda clan would never develop. Armies of undead spirit beasts could just rush out of the carrion swamp, destroying everything in their path until there was nothing. It was the greatest threat to the Buda clan.

Blockhead and Rockhead had been quietly listening to what Zhao said. At one point, Blockhead couldn't help but say, "Master, the carrion swamp is a big threat, but as long as we have the space, we will be safe. It's too dangerous to go to the carrion swamp. If we die, it doesn't matter. But if Master dies, we wouldn't be able to face our clan's ancestors. You have to be careful."

Blockhead's tone was heavy. When she heard what he said, Meirin's face changed. Recently, because of Zhao's various fantastic accomplishments, she no longer worried about Zhao's safety. But Blockhead's words reminded her that Zhao was the last child of the Buda clan. If anything were to happen to Zhao, then the Buda clan would no longer exist. 

Zhao looked at Blockhead, and he couldn't help but give a wry smile. "You think that I'm messing with the carrion swamp because I want to? The space won't protect us forever. Remember that I drank the Water of Nothingness. I can't learn magic or martial arts, and my body is weaker than the average person. If one day I were to get sick and die, or become old and die, do you think that the space will continue to exist? Once the space is gone, what else do you think the Buda clan has that can resist the carrion swamp?"

From Zhao's words, everyone's face turned white. Zhao waved his hand and continued, "The Water of Nothingness doesn't just affect me. My descendants up to twelve generations would also be unable to learn magic or martial arts. Once I am gone, I fear that it would be impossible for the Buda clan to stop any spirit beast attacks. We need to resolve our situation with the carrion swamp once and for all."

Meirin opened her mouth. She wanted to say something, but in the end she didn't say anything. What Zhao said was true. Zhao's amazing magical space was something the Buda clan depended on. If one day it was really gone, then they would be finished.

In Zhao's eyes, he wanted the Buda clan to endure for generations, so they had to address the threat of the carrion swamp.

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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 94

Chapter 94 - Ambush

Zhao told Brick to find out more about their forces, but the undead black mage said, "Master, that's not going to be easy. The other party has a large number of assassins, and since I don't look like I'm alive, I fear that I won't be able to sneak into their camp."

Zhao nodded. "Well, just make sure to tell me the place where they settle down tomorrow."

Brick obeyed, and suddenly there was an absence of sound.

Zhao immediately went into the villa and cried out, "Grandma Meirin, Grandma Meirin!"

Meirin was resting, but when Zhao called, she quickly rushed towards him. "Master, what is it?"

Meg also came out of her room when she heard the sound. Her meditation was interrupted by Zhao's shouting. Meg was trying to accelerate the speed in which her strength increased, so she would have more power to protect Zhao.

When Zhao saw Meirin, he greeted her and said, "Grandma Meirin, I just received a message from one of the black mages. There's an army coming towards Stony Mountain. Three mages, one of which is a light mage, three advanced-level warriors, three hundred mid-level warriors, and one hundred assassins are going to attack the estate tomorrow night."

Meirin's face had a shocked expression. Her eyes flashed. "Can you find out who they are?" Meirin, of course, had often followed Adam's father into the battlefield. Even if she had a good temper, if someone wanted to mess with them, she would not stand for it. It would not do you any good to offend an eighth level mage.

Zhao shook his head. "No, because there are assassins. Brick can't move too close. Since he's an undead, it would be impossible to mix in with their group. But even though it's difficult to find out who these forces are, I told him to pay attention to their movements. I want to know where they will settle down so we can ambush them tomorrow."

Meirin paused for a moment, thinking over what Zhao said, then she nodded. "That's a good idea. But now our strength is too weak. I think you should call back Drunk and the other black mages from their job. We'll need all the help we can get by tomorrow."

Zhao agreed, then he thought of something and his face changed. "Grandma Meirin, what about Grandpa Green? Won't they have sent people to deal with him? He doesn't know what's happening right now."

Meirin smiled. "Master doesn't need to worry. There's a reason that old man has survived for so long. Rest assured, he will come back."

Once he felt better, Zhao said, "Well, I'll go call the black mages back and bring the slaves into the space."

"Tell them to come back immediately. We need to prepare," Meirin said.

Zhao nodded. "I will gather everyone. Grandma Meirin, you go meditate."

Meirin turned to go back to her room, where she prepared herself properly so that she would be in her best condition for battle.

Zhao sent Drunk a message. As for the slaves, he didn't immediately bring them into the space, choosing to wait until the next day since he didn't wish to disturb their night's rest. Staying in the castle was safe enough for now.

The next morning came. Zhao got Blockhead and Rockhead to organize the slaves and bring them into the space.

At noon, Zhao received some news. Brick had told him that the enemy had set camp in a canyon south of Stony Mountain. Upon receipt of this message, Zhao told Brick to sneak back to the manor. After all, the enemy could have people watching over Stony Mountain.

Assassins weren't weak, though what they learn was completely different than an average warrior would be taught. As well as martial arts that made their body light and one hit kill techniques, they were also good at hiding their presence.

Being adept at hiding one's presence meant studying the properties of darkness. Ever since Brick became an undead, his entire body had become one with darkness. It could be said that he could hide himself just as well as a trained assassin. He didn't even need to breathe.

Once Brick was within range of the manor, a hole appeared, allowing Brick to enter the space. He saluted when he saw Zhao.

Zhao waved back and said, "While avoiding people, how long do you think it'll take to get back to the canyon?"

"Before dark," Brick said at once.

Zhao nodded, then handed his ghost staff to Brick. "Take this staff and head on over to the canyon. Don't do anything after that."

Brick obeyed. He held the ghost staff, which became half a meter long, then left the space. Once he was outside, he immediately started rushing towards the canyon.

The ghost staff was one of the benefits of the level up. It was bound to Zhao and was impossible for others to use it. However, it didn't mean that Brick couldn't hold it while running around.

Meirin had been standing beside Zhao, and although she didn't understand why Zhao gave the staff to Brick, she didn't ask. She believed that Zhao knew what he was doing.

Zhao went into the villa and turned on the screen in the living room. They were now able to see outside, but the image on the screen constantly kept changing.

With what Meirin knew about the laws of the space, the screen could only show an image within a five hundred meter range from a center point. Because of this, the image on the screen generally doesn't move around that much. But now the image looked like it was in a hurry, proving that the center point to the space was mobile.

Brick was moving fast, which they could clearly see on the screen. But he wasn't running in a straight line, and instead was moving around in a strange pattern. The route he chose would usually stop in places that were hard to see, like hidden areas with shadows that could cover his body. However, despite this, his speed was certainly not slow.

As Brick moved around the mountains, the image on the screen shook a lot, making Zhao feel dizzy looking at it. He closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them, but he wasn't looking at the screen. Suddenly, he got up and walked out of the room.

Meirin followed him. "What is it, Master?"

"It's nothing. Drunk and the other black mages just came back. I didn't expect them to return that fast."

The black mages had been exploring the outer perimeter of the carrion swamp when Zhao told them to return to the castle. Although he expected them to make it back in time, he didn't think it would be so quick.

Without any hesitation, he pulled them into the space. However, they hadn't managed to capture any undead spirit beasts, so they weren't able to increase their army.

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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 93 (Sponsored)

Chapter 93 - Tracking the Enemy

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Zhao smiled. "Grandma Meirin, I'm not ready to raise so much fire fish. If we sell so much fish in the market, wouldn't that make them worthless?"

Zhao's words was like a bucket of cold water, cooling Meirin's enthusiasm instantly. However, it was for a different reason. Zhao didn't want to flood the market with fire fish because it would affect the price, but Meirin was thinking of how it would affect the Buda clan. If people found out that their clan could raise fire fish in large quantities, she feared that the temptation to hunt the Buda clan for this method would be too great.

Meirin scowled. "Master, what you say is true. But the most important is that we must not let people know the relationship between the fire fish and the Buda clan, otherwise we would be finished. Those old nobles would want to use these fish as their own money making tool. We must be careful."

Zhao nodded. "Do not worry, Grandma Meirin. I'll be careful. Everyone only knows me by my black mage identity, so no one would suspect the Buda clan. And I have Drunk catching spirit beasts in the carrion swamp, so pretty soon the Black Waste will be safer."

Meirin nodded, then sighed. "In the Continent, you can't do anything without money. Even the old nobility are always thinking of ways to make more money. Maybe its a good thing that our Buda clan was banished to the Black Waste. At least we could hide there. As long as we don't let people know that we can raise fire fish, we should be safe."

"Yes, it's best that we make everyone forget our existence," Zhao said.

They talked for a while longer before returning to the villa to rest. After checking that there was nothing to worry about in the two places, Zhao decided to stay in the space.

Zhao really liked staying inside the space. One, because the design of the villa was a lot like those on Earth. It felt very comfortable living there. And two, the space was completely in his control, so he never felt weak.

The space never went from light to dark. The sky was always the same color. If Zhao wanted to know if it was dark outside, he had to use the screen's monitoring system.

In the evening, Zhao called in Blockhead and Rockhead to rest in the villa. As for the slaves, they were left in the castle, where there was enough food, drink, and firewood. In fact, the slaves preferred sleeping at the castle. Although the space was very comfortable, they didn't like the idea of sleeping next to Zhao. They never knew if when they were sleeping, Zhao would be awake or not, which made their hearts feel a lot of pressure. At this moment, the castle was more comfortable.

For some time now, while he was staying inside the space, Zhao had been paying attention to the magic peach tree. Fortunately, the growth of the tree was very satisfactory. This peach tree was different from the ones in Zhao's past life. It wasn't very tall, but the whole tree looked like it was carved out of a beautiful crystal.

Meirin and Meg had also been paying attention to the magic peach tree. For them, it was something really important.

In the evening, Zhao harvested some radishes. By now he had about fourteen acres worth of radishes. Once Laura gets back, he should have more than enough to sell.

As of now, the only way to make money was with the radishes, fire fish, and oil fruits. And also, the magic peaches if they ever decide to sell it.

Zhao made some calculations. Because the oil from the oil fruits were cheap and had a high demand, the sale of the oil would be steady.

The fire fish were the most valuable, but Zhao was only willing to sell them in small amounts, otherwise it would draw too much attention to them.

As for the radishes, they could sell them to the general public. Although they were magic vegetables, even commoners would be able to buy them a couple of times. But most of the radishes would be sold to nobles and merchants. It wasn't like commoners could afford to eat magic radishes everyday.

However, while he could sell more magic radishes than fire fish, he still couldn't sell too much, otherwise it would have a large impact on the radish market, and he himself would have to suffer a loss in profits.

Zhao was sitting beside the magic peach tree when his soul fluctuated. Suddenly, Brick's voice appeared out of nowhere. "Master, there's trouble in Stony Mountain."

Zhao froze, then he put up the screen to look at them. The black mages wouldn't have reported to him unless the people that have been watching them have made their move. It seems like their enemies have finally run out of patience.

"Is your report accurate?" Zhao asked at once.

"Accurate," Brick said. "They're moving towards Stony Mountain, and will be here by tomorrow night."

Zhao nodded. "How strong are they?"

"Three mages, three advanced-level warriors, three hundred mid-level warriors, and one hundred assassins. Among the three mages is a light mage."

"Light mage?" Zhao murmured. "I never thought that these guys would bring a light mage. It seems like they have taken great pains to build up their forces."

There was a saying on the Continent. A light mage was a black mage's greatest nemesis. If there was a black mage in a group of people, he would be an outcast. But if a light mage was in a group of people, he would be popular. Light mages usually wore a neat white robe while always having a smile on his face. HIs warms hands would cast dazzling light spells that can heal people's wounds and attack their enemies. They were known as the perfect mage.

Zhao didn't know if it was true that light magic could restrain black magic. If a light mage was at the same level as a black mage, then the black mage would certainly suffer, but that should only be when they were at the same level. Two of the five elements were water and fire. In nature, water can overcome fire, but a glass of water can not extinguish a car on fire.

That may be so, but it has been recognized on the Continent that the best way to deal with a black mage was with light spells. Even if the light mage wasn't at a high level, he would certainly bring a great deal of trouble to a black mage. Since Zhao's identity was a black mage, it was the correct decision to bring a light mage to deal with him.

From this point, it seemed like the other side really wanted to take Zhao down. They had brought three mages, three advanced-level warriors, three hundred mid-level warriors, and one hundred assassins. The fighting strength of this team of people would certainly not be weak. Even if the undead mercenary group were to encounter them, they would take a detour to avoid them.

But Zhao wasn't afraid. To him, only the light mage was trouble. But he had to be ready. He wasn't stupid enough to just wait around. After all, offense was the best defense.

This was also an opportunity. Zhao had to show them who they were dealing with. If the enemy didn't respect them, there would be no end to what they might do.

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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 92

Chapter 92 - Raising Fire Fish

Zhao noticed something about the ditch in the manor's yard. It wasn't the hot spring water that caught his attention, but the small fire fish.

He hadn't paid attention to these fishes before because he had been busy recently and the number of fish was too small to care about. However, when he inadvertently moved the image on the screen, he saw one of the fire fishes jump out of the hot water, which attracted his attention.

This made him remember what Green told him about the fish. Not only were they delicious, but also very expensive.

Back then, Zhao wasn't at level ten, and so he hadn't established his spatial ranch yet. That was why he didn't take any special notice of these fish. But with his ranch now opened, he could now raise animals. Even though his ranch didn't have a fish pond, he still had a hot spring in his space that could support these small fire fish. 

Although he didn't know yet if these fire fish could be raised in his spatial hot spring, it didn't hurt to try. If it worked, they would have another source of income, but if it didn't, then their only loss would be losing a few small fishes.

With this thought, Zhao appeared in the yard of the manor. He walked quickly to the ditch and stood on the edge. The fire fish were just leisurely swimming around. Zhao smiled, then he reached into the ditch. Suddenly, a spatial hole opened. Hot spring water, along with some fish, fell into the space.

The moment the fire fish entered the space, the voice came and said: [Discovery of aquatic organisms. Needs special water quality requirements. Contains edible, delicate meat. Disadvantage is its small size. Improving fish. Analyzing data of fish. You can now purchase these fish in the shop. Needs fifteen hours to reach maturity. Each fish can only reproduce eight times. Each reproduction cycle will produce thirty baby fishes every eight hours. Fish requires feed every four hours. Hot spring in the farm will become their special habitat. You can now use your ranch tools]

At that moment, Zhao felt like jumping for joy, but before he did, the voice came again: 
[Connection to ranch tools successful. Net tool can capture target organisms. Ranch is required to reach level ten before the net can be fully effective outside the space. If the net is currently used outside the space, it will only have a ten percent probability of capture]

[Fly swatter tool has a one hit kill ability. Ranch is required to reach level ten before the fly swatter can be fully effective outside the space. If the fly swatter is currently used outside the space, it will only have a ten percent probability of a one hit kill. Attack range can not exceed the monitoring range]

[Command function is set. This feature allows for all creatures inside the space to obey the command of the host]

[Feed conversion function is set. Host can now designate which crops will turn into feed]

After the voice finished speaking, Zhao stepped back into the space. However, he didn't see any fish swimming around in the hot springs.

He decided to open the barn, and sure enough, there was a new image of a fire fish. It said that he only had five small fire fish. Zhao immediately put the fire fish into the hot springs. Although the temperature of the water was high, it seemed to have little impact. In fact, the fish seemed to be swimming around cheerfully.

Going back to the barn, Zhao took a look to see what he could convert into feed. There were some radish leaves. Because he had been harvesting a lot of radishes, he ended up with so many radish leaves. They had been useless until now.

Zhao directly converted the radish leaves into animal feed and delivered them to the hot springs. He really wanted to see what the feed would look like.

The radish leaves turned into something red. Zhao couldn't help but feel surprised as he slowly walked to the hot springs. Swaying in the water were some beautiful, fiery red plants.

The fire fish swam around constantly, but occasionally they would eat one of these plants. Seeing this, Zhao understood that these plants were the feed.

Zhao had just finished when Meirin and Meg came out from the villa. They went up to him, but before they said anything, they saw that something was different with the hot springs.

Before, there was no life, but now there were fishes and plants. Such a change caused the two to look puzzled. Meirin was curious, so she asked, "Master, what's going on?"

Zhao gave a slight chuckle. "Nothing. I just bought a few small fire fish from the manor. And these red plants are the feed for these fish."

When she heard what Zhao said, Meirin couldn't help but feel surprised. She turned around and looked at the hot springs again, but this time she was overjoyed. "This is great! You can raise fire fish here. This will become another source of income."

"Ah, yes, but that's not the best part. I forgot to tell you that these small fire fish will grow into big fish in fifteen hours. Then they will reproduce and make thirty baby fishes, once every eight hours. They can do this eight times."

Meirin was amazed at this. Everyone in the Continent knew that fire fish were very difficult to raise. Even if there was a hot spring, it wasn't easy to raise these fish in large quantities. It was precisely because of this that fire fish were very rare.

They weren't just difficult to support because they only grow in hot springs, it was also because they were very picky about their food. There were many things that they didn't eat or would make them sick. That was why there weren't that many fire fish being raised.

One of the reasons these fish were able to survive in the manor was because there were very few people around, but the most important reason was because of the trees. Although the fire fish were very picky, the roots of this tree was one of things they eat. Since the trees were large, their hairy roots were long enough to reach into the ditch, becoming food for the fish. However, during the winters, a lot of the fish would still die, either because of the cold or because the trees didn't provide enough nutrients. Only a few fish had managed to survive.

Because of the difficulty of raising fire fish, not many merchants were able to sell this fish even though they were worth a lot of money. A single fire fish had a minimum price of two gold coins. Not many people could afford this price. And even if you could afford them, any fire fish will go directly to royalty or nobility.

If oil fruits and bamboo rice were one of the favorite foods of commoners, then fire fish were one of the favorite foods of the aristocracy. So no matter how much fire fish you had, you didn't have to worry about no one buying it.

Zhao didn't quite know this, but Meirin knew. Fire fish would make them money faster than selling radishes or oil from the oil fruits.

It was because she understood this that Meirin was so happy that the fire fish could be raised inside the space. She had only heard of a few places on the Continent that could raise fire fish, and they were able to make a fortune. The previous owner of the manor probably tried to make his own fortune off of these small fire fish, but then gave up when he couldn't raise enough.

Looking at these fire fish in the hot springs, Meirin felt happy. "This is really great! As long as we raise these fire fish, we won't have to worry about money."

Translator Notes: "Net" was actually translated as "Capture Tool", but I decided to change it to "Net". I hope it actually is a net when he uses this tool in the future.

Translator Notes #2: In earlier chapters, whenever Zhao levels up, I translated it as Zhao leveling up, but it was actually the farm leveling up. It turns out that the farm and the ranch has separate levels. From now on, whenever a level up occurs, I will translate it as the farm leveling up or the ranch leveling up.

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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 91 (Sponsored)

Chapter 91 - Radish Seeds

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Meirin and Meg liked to stay inside the space. It was like paradise.

Especially with the recent discovery that they had made. They found out that when they practiced magic inside the space, their training speed was actually faster than practicing magic outside. This was first discovered by Meg.

Meg was a sixth level mage, so there was room for improvement. She had been in the space before, but she couldn't practice magic back then because she was too busy. There was just no time to practice magic until now, which allowed her to notice that her magic training speed was faster than before.

Feeling this difference, she told Meirin about it.

Meirin didn't practice that much magic anymore. She was already a powerful mage at the eighth level, so she had already reached a bottleneck. Even if she were to practice magic, in such a short time, it would be impossible to break through. Now she was so busy with many other things, she didn't have time to practice magic, and naturally she didn't discover the difference in training speed in the space.

It was only when Meg told her about it that she decided to test it out, and found that her magical training speed really was much faster in the space than outside, at least by half.

Meg also told this to Zhao, but it wasn't like he could understand it. He couldn't practice magic, so this discovery didn't give him that much of an impact. As long as Meirin and Meg enhanced their strength, it was good enough for him.

Eventually, the crops started to mature. It wasn't the radishes, but the peas that matured first. The peas only took eighteen hours to ripen, which Zhao didn't expect to be that fast. He immediately harvested the peas. Not only were peas good to eat, but they could also be used as seeds. However, Zhao didn't plant anymore peas for now.

Once he harvested the peas, he had two empty acres of land. Without needing to think about it, he planted the two magic peach seeds. After all, those things were really useful.

Since there was only one magic peach seed in each acre of land, most of the land was now empty, so Zhao tried to plant some corn seeds in that acre. The result was that the corn seeds withered the moment it was planted.

Now that the magic peach seed had been planted, that acre of land became precious. No one dared to walk over it, afraid that stepping on the ground would affect the growth of the magic peach. So whenever they got near that acre of land, they would take a detour around it.

Two hours afters planting the magic peach seed, the radishes have matured.  For some reason, the radish seeds that he had gained from the radishes took twenty hours to mature. But when Zhao harvested the radishes, he felt a burst of pleasure. In total, he was able to gain one hundred and sixty thousand catty of radishes. That means he was able to harvest eighty thousand catty of radishes per acre.

Now that he had harvested the radishes, he wanted to see how much radish seeds he was able to get. Zhao couldn't help but laugh when he discovered that he was able to gain two thousand catty worth of radish seeds from those two acres. It seems that now he would never have to worry about running out of radish seeds.

Two hours later, the pumpkins had matured. Once he put the pumpkins in the barn, he planted some radishes where the pumpkins used to be. And eventually, he harvested the cucumbers, which took twenty eight hours to mature. In the meantime, he had already harvested the oil fruits.

Checking his inventory, Zhao saw that he had one hundred and fifty gold coins, two acres worth of cucumbers, two acres worth of peas, two acres worth of pumpkins, two acres worth of broccoli, two acres worth of cabbages, two acworth of eggplants, two acres worth of wheat, and all the radishes that took eight acres to grow. Plus he had some oil fruits that he had harvested fifteen times, and corn which he had harvested twenty eight times.

Zhao wasn't going to use the corn as animal feed, at least not directly. Once they use a mill stone, they would soon be able to start processing the corn. And once the corn was processed, they would be able to obtain some corn bran. That bran will be used as animal feed, along with radish leaves and the leftover fruit they would get after pressing the oil fruits. This should be enough to feed the spirit beasts.

Although there were no spirit beasts in the space yet, he would soon have some. Three hundred blue-eyed rabbits was not a small number. He remembered from playing the game that an ordinary rabbit would consume about a pound worth of feed every two hours.

The blue-eyed rabbits from the Ark Continent was probably a similar creature. But Zhao didn't know how much these rabbits would eat, and could only wait until Green gets back to find out.

At least he had a lot of radish leaves. That should be enough to last for awhile. And once the slaves finished planting the alfalfa seeds on Iron Mountain, they could then start processing the corn, which would give him more animal feed. Also, after Laura helps them sell the radishes, they would be able to buy an oil press. Once the oil is pressed from the oil fruits, the leftover fruit could also be used as animal feed.

Anyway, Zhao wasn't ready to raise a lot of spirit beasts. He wanted to leave some vacancies just in case there were some spirit beasts that he wanted to grab.

After he finished harvesting, Zhao felt bored so he went to check up on things with the screen. He first looked around the castle. Needless to say, the male slaves were busy repairing the castle walls, while the female slaves were arranging to go plant the alfalfa seeds. Zhao was very satisfied with this.

The castle walls didn't have any magic protection, so its defensive capabilities was very limited. But it was better to repair it than not to.

As for the alfalfa seeds, growing alfalfa wasn't simple, but neither was it complicated. Just dig a small hole in the ground and plant the seed, then pour a little water. Also, make sure that the mountain was clear of weeds, otherwise they would compete with the alfalfa.

The weeds that had been cleared away shouldn't be wasted. Daisy would prepare the weeds to make some mats. In addition to that, she hasn't stopped her research on building a Caocuan boat, though this time she was using wood.

However, they had to do things step by step. Right now their main job was to plant the alfalfa seeds. The seeds were very small, but because Green wanted to improve the land on Iron Mountain, he bought a lot of them. Their time was taken up with planting alfalfa seeds, weaving straw mats, and researching how to make a Caochuan boat.

Looking at the castle, Zhao didn't see anything wrong, so he decided to link with Drunk. By now Drunk had entered the carrion swamp, but only the outer perimeter. He and the other black mages have not encountered any powerful spirit beasts yet.

It was only through the space that he was able to communicate with Drunk. The range from the teleport point didn't reach the swamp, so Zhao couldn't see what was going on over there. Only by getting answers to his questions did he understand the situation. Drunk seems to have listened to his words. They didn't hurry inside, and was only exploring the edge of the carrion swamp.

Not finding anything wrong, Zhao felt relieved. He then switched the screen to look at Stony Mountain, where Scales and Brick were. Everything seemed calm. Nothing was happening other than the undead gathering the stones.

Bored, Zhao paddled his finger over the remote's touch screen, until he noticed something on the big screen that caught his attention.

Translator Notes: In case you don't remember, radish seeds from the shop takes ten acres and eight hours to produce eighty thousand catty of radishes. But radish seeds from radishes takes one acre and twenty hours to produce eighty thousand catty of radishes. I don't understand spatial farming.

Translator Notes #2: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.

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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 90 (Sponsored)

Chapter 90 - Magic Peach

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Once everything in the castle had been arranged, Zhao, Meirin, and Meg went back to Stony Mountain, although there wasn't much to do but wait until Green came back.

But there was one thing Zhao was interested in: finding the people who moved against them.

Until now, there were little clues as to who attacked them. The existence of these individuals were a big threat, so Zhao wanted to find them.

It was certain that the forces behind Drunk and the black mages were powerful. Because of this, he wanted to know who they were. Such people were like a bomb that you didn't know when it would explode.

To check up on things, Zhao had the two teleport points, which allowed him to easily move back and forth between the two places, like going from your front yard to your backyard. This was convenient. But in fact, Zhao preferred to stay in the space. The space has a hot spring and his villa, plus it has the screen that allowed him to see and hear what was going on in either the manor or the castle, so he didn't actually need to run back and forth.

After Zhao first took Meirin and Meg to take a quick look around Stony Mountain and finding nothing of note, they returned to the villa.

Back in the space, Zhao had things to do. It wouldn't be long before he had to harvest the oil fruit trees, but as for the other eight acres, he decided to plant different things. Two acres of cucumbers, two acres of peas, two acres of pumpkins, and two acres of radishes. When the space leveled up, Zhao got some radish seeds from the radishes, so he decided to use the last two acres to see how many radishes those seeds could produce.

Once he was done, he couldn't just do nothing and stare at the crops, so before long he was inside the living room of his villa, looking at the spatial barn's page on his screen. He found that he really had a lot in his inventory. Oil fruit seeds, wild fruit trees, corn, wheat seeds, rice bamboo seeds, hawthorn trees, barbed vines, magic peach seeds....

Magic peach seeds? What's that?

Zhao's hand made a move and two small bags appeared in his hand. A tone chimed and the voice came: 

[Magic peaches are a magic crop. Reaching level ten gives you two bags, each bag has one magic peach seed. One acre of land is needed to plant one peach seed. Magic peaches can heal the wounded and instantly restore a mage's magic. Magic peach pit can also get a war pet from any category. Blood is needed for the pet to recognize the host. Once host is considered the owner, it's non-changeable. Magic peach is a proprietary spatial crop. It can not be taken out of the space]

Zhao stared blankly as he listened to the voice. These benefits had shocked him.

It can heal wounds and also restore magic, but the most important was that the pit of the magic peach could get you a war pet. This was great!

Most people in the Continent didn't have war pets. Some would have mounts, but that wasn't the same as a pet.

Owners and their war pets have a stronger bond, which is usually formed under the Blood Pact law. They would give their blood and vitality to form a contract with a spirit beast, and that beast would become their war pet. But there was a downside. The stronger the war pet was, the more vitality you had to pay. So not many people could hope to get a powerful war pet. After all, their life was more important.

Everybody wanted a war pet, but because of various restrictions they couldn't get one. If the people in the Continent knew about this magic peach, they would go mad trying to take it.

As Zhao held the magic peach seed bags in his hands, he couldn't help but laugh. With this their combat effectiveness would enhance even more.

Meirin and Meg were in the villa, and were alarmed when they heard Zhao's laugh. They ran to find him, not knowing what he was laughing about.

Puzzled, Meirin went around him and asked, "Master, what are you so happy about?"

Zhao looked at Meirin and smiled. "Grandma Meirin, do you want a war pet?"

Meirin nodded, naturally knowing how helpful a war pet was for an expert. "Of course. I think everyone in the Continent wants a war pet."

Zhao shook the bags in his hands with a smile. "Inside of these are two magic peach seeds that the space gave me as a reward. It takes one acre of land to plant one magic peach seed. But once it grows into a magic peach, the fruit of the peach can instantly heal your wounds and restore your magic. But that isn't the most important part. The most important thing is that the magic peach pit can help you get a war pet. Just infuse the pit with a drop of your blood and that pet will belong to you, always following you into a fight."

Although Zhao awkwardly explained this, Meirin understood what he meant. Meirin and Meg stared at the incredible bags in Zhao's hands. If it weren't for the recent magical changes around here, they wouldn't have believed what Zhao said. This was too amazing, right? How could there be such a fruit?

With uncertainty, Meirin asked, "Master, can this magical fruit really do all of that?"

Zhao smiled. "I don't know. That's just what the space said. After all, I have not planted this yet. I'll be ready to once I harvest some of the crops, then I would have the two acres of land I need to plant these two seeds, and see if they are really that amazing."

Meirin's face was flushed with excitement. "It's certainly possible. The space has never fooled us before."

"I hope so. If the magic peach can do all of that, then later you will have your very own war pet." Zhao laughed.

Meirin and Meg were very pleased with this. It was the dream of every strong person in the Continent to have a war pet, and now they had hope of obtaining one, so they were certainly happy.

Zhao opened the bag and poured the seeds out. There was nothing strange about the seeds. They looked very ordinary. Zhao looked over the peach seed several times, but he couldn't find anything special about them. He put them back in their bags, and with a wave of his hand, they moved back into the barn.

Meirin and Meg was staring at the bags until they disappeared, then they withdrew their eyes. Meirin turned around and looked out at the radishes growing outside. "I hope I can see the magic peach as soon as possible."

"Okay, just wait until I have to harvest, then I will plant those two magic peach seeds," Zhao said.

Translator Notes: It was actually translated as "combat pet", but I changed it to "war pet" because it sounds better. Maybe I should have just changed it to "Bebe".

Translator Notes #2: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.

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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 89

Chapter 89 - Minor Matters

These seedlings represented hope. Although they weren't growing well, they still showed a tenacious spirit since the layer of toxic soil didn't stop them from surviving.

Zhao bent down and gently stroked one of the seedlings. It really looked like it lacked nutrition. To be honest, even if it were to grow up, it would be impossible for it to produce much food.

Zhao slowly stood up, then turned around to face Meirin. "Grandma Meirin, I'm surprised that these seedlings are growing, but I think they need some water. Maybe it would help them grow a little better."

Meirin nodded and moved to Zhao's side, but before she could do anything, Zhao stuck out his ghost staff and showed, "Water!"

He knew that the ghost staff could use all the features of the space, so he wanted to try to use it to release water. Sure enough, the voice came: 

[Portable cane has detected contaminated land. Do you wish to improve it?]

Zhao said yes, which prompted the voice to say: 

[Please select the number for improvement]

A projected screen suddenly appeared in front of him showing rows of numbers, with units between ten to one hundred. Zhao was stunned. He didn't think that he would be able to improve so much land. According to these figures, he could improve up to one hundred acres, instead of the original ten acres that he was limited to. It seems like the level up had given him more benefits than he realized.

Zhao immediately chose the largest number, one hundred acres. Once he finished, a surge of water rushed out of the cane and started flying into the sky. It looked like rain was going to fall on to the land. The moment the land turned wet, it started to change color.

Meirin also noticed this. She was surprised because the area of modified land seemed a bit too large, greatly exceeding the ten acres of land Zhao said he could improve per day. Puzzled, she decided to ask Zhao. "Master, why is there so much water?"

Zhao turned to Meirin and smiled. "When the space leveled up, the area of land improvement has also increased. Now I can improve up to one hundred acres of land per day."

Meirin's face brightened. Looking at the one hundred acres of land, she said, "This is great! Now it will only take ten days to change all this land. Although it's a little late in the season, we should still be able to grow all kinds of stuff."

Zhao nodded his head. Improving one hundred acres of land per day would allow them to make full use of this valley. He thought about what they could do with one thousand acres of fertile land. He still wanted to grow corn because then he wouldn't have to worry about running out of feed for the ranch. If he tried to raise one thousand animals, then they would eat a lot per day.

Right now Zhao was just planting corn because once the weather got cooler, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to grow any more corn out here until next year. Of course, when he couldn't grow corn, he could try planting some bamboo rice, which had a very high yield. Slowly, the rice would become their main source of food.

With the food that Green had originally bought and the food that Zhao had grown, they would have enough to feed the Buda clan for ten years. It was precisely because of this that Zhao didn't worry about food. But that didn't mean he shouldn't grow some more. Once the food was placed in the space, it doesn't appear to rot, so it didn't hurt to try to store as much food as possible.

After all, once they finished the deal with Laura's help, they might eventually buy some more slaves. More people would naturally eat more. Eventually, the amount of food that they had that could feed one hundred people for ten years might not last as long, so he's going to plant some more food.

Not using this thousand acres of land would be too wasteful. If he planted some bamboo rice here, they would never have to worry about a food shortage.

Once the land changed for the better, Zhao held up his staff, ready to plant some seeds. The staff had the power of the shovel, so he was able to dig up the rest of the land, which was about seventy acres. Like magic, the land was opened up without any effort, then the corn seeds were planted.

This staff really could use all the features of the spatial farm.

It was then that Zhao suddenly remembered something. He had the farm tools, just like in the game, but where were his ranch tools? What was that about? Did he not reach some sort of requirement, so the tools were canceled? Zhao wanted to go into the space and look. Things were finished here so he decided to forget the valley for now and go back to the castle.

Meirin naturally didn't know what Zhao was thinking, but when he said that he was returning to the castle, she didn't stop him. She wanted to go back herself.

As they traveled over the water, Zhao thought about giving some more wood from the oil fruit trees to Daisy and Ann in order to make a boat. He couldn't just tell Meirin to help him over the lake everyday.

Previously, he wanted a weed boat because they didn't have any wood, but now that they had some, they could begin to slowly learn how to build wooden boats. Anyway, it wasn't like there were waves in the underground lake, so at least a raft would be sufficient.

They returned to the castle. By now the slaves had already settled in. It was time for Zhao and Meirin, along with Meg, to go back to Stony Mountain.

But before they left, Zhao gave some alfalfa seeds to the slaves and told them to plant some on the mountain. When you harvest alfalfas, not only could these crops be used as feed for the animals, they would also help fertilize the mountain.

After explaining this to the slaves, Zhao went to meet Drunk and the other black mages. Two of them, Punch and Rash, will be staying here with a hundred undead to guard the castle, while Drunk and the other three will be going into the carrion swamp to catch some spirit beasts.

The carrion swamp was a place where people would never go, but Drunk and the black mages were undead, so they were able to fit right in.

But before they went, Zhao properly gave them instructions to mainly stay in the outer perimeter of the swamp and to not go too deep. If anything goes wrong, immediately come out.

Zhao didn't want any losses to occur. Even though Drunk and the rest were undead, they were still Zhao's summons and a very large part of his fighting force, so he didn't want to lose them to the carrion swamp.

But although they were Zhao's summons, the undead black mages were highly intelligent and they had gone through many battles in the Continent over the years. Except for going against the Xinya clan and Zhao, they had never lost. So it could be said that their combat experience was considerably higher than Zhao's. However, they didn't say anything as they seriously listened to his words. Zhao was their master. No matter what, they had to listen to him.

Once he was done talking, Zhao released some undead that they could ride, which was very convenient. In addition to those were some humanoid undead that would protect them. Originally, they weren’t that powerful, but after the space made them stronger, they could now act as guards.

Translator Notes: What would you guys rather have? 18 acres of land that could grow crops quickly or 1,000 acres of land that grows crops slowly.

Translator Notes #2: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.

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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 88 (Sponsored)

Chapter 88 - Back to the Castle

-This chapter was sponsored by Dylan L (Australia), Cody L (US), David F (US), and Raymond R (US). Thanks you guys!!!

Green was excited to learn that the gold coins from inside the space could now be taken out, since this was the feature that he was most concerned about.

He knew that the space was mainly used for farming, and not very good for fighting. But there was a problem with farming when you harvest the crops too frequently. For instance, if Zhao planted nothing but radishes for one year, he feared that it would take a decade for everyone in the Continent to eat all the radishes.

Such a high yield was too much. It would greatly impact the market in the Continent. Trying to sell that many radishes would be a problem.

But that wasn't the same as selling the radishes inside the space. Although they wouldn't be able to get as much gold coins, they didn't have to worry about no one wanting to buy the radishes. What was most important was that the gold coins could now be taken out of the space, that they could use the gold coins as hard currency to buy anything.

After resting for one night, the next morning, Green was on his way to Casa city. This time they didn't conceal the fact that Green was going to buy something.

Once Green was gone, Zhao went to the manor's yard. He got ready to move the slaves back to Iron Mountain castle.

Yesterday, Zhao had discussed this with Green, and he agreed. After all, the estate was small and too close to Casa city. It was time to go back to the castle.

Anyway, the castle was like their roots. They had to go back sooner or later. And now, with the stones from Stony Mountain, not only could they make millstones, but they could also fix up the castle. Although the castle wasn't that damaged, after so many years it would inevitably be falling apart in some places. Mining from Iron Mountain wasn't very convenient, but now they had these stones from Stony Mountain.

Of course, if they wanted to continue to keep people away from Stony Mountain, they had to maintain the spell that covered the mountain in a blanket of darkness. Drunk had told Zhao that once they left, the darkness spell would lose its effect, allowing people to see the manor. Zhao didn't want that, so he planned to leave two of the black mages behind.

Zhao counted on these two, Scales and Brick, to defend Stony Mountain. He allowed them to lead one hundred undead. This should be sufficient if anything were to happen. As long as they could block the enemy for awhile, Zhao would be able to come with reinforcements.

The remaining six undead black mages were going to follow Zhao back to the castle. He planned to leave two of them to guard the castle, while the other four would go into the carrion swamp and capture undead spirit beasts.

Now that the ranch was opened, he would be able to keep any kind of spirit beast, which would help him form an army.

Only after establishing an army of spirit beasts would Zhao dare to start cultivating the land in the Black Waste, otherwise he wouldn't have the guts.

As of now, Zhao was preparing to take Blockhead and Rockhead to the castle in order to manage the slaves and protect them, but Zhao was going to stay behind on Stony Mountain. He wanted to wait until Laura came back. Although he could now take gold coins out of the space, the amount of gold he would get for the crops was too little. It wasn't cost effective. That was why he needed Laura's cooperation.

Zhao started working. He first had to organize the slaves before sending them back to the castle. This wasn't hard to do because the slaves had already grown accustomed to the space. Once they were all inside the space, Zhao said, "Let me tell you one thing. From the space, we can now directly go to the castle in Iron Mountain, where you will build millstones and repair the castle."

The slaves were in a daze while watching Zhao, not understanding what he meant. Zhao looked at them, then continued, "Simply put, the space is like a room with two doors. One door leads to Stony Mountain, while the other door will take you to Iron Mountain. Any questions?"

The slaves didn't have much of a reaction. They had always felt that the space was magical, so it didn't seem strange for it to have this ability.

It was silent. Zhao couldn't help but think that their reaction was too calm.

With a wry smile, he shook his head, then led Meirin and Meg, six black mages, Blockhead and Rockhead, and the slaves back to Iron Mountain castle.

Everyone came out of the space and stepped on to the castle square, which was where Zhao put the teleport point. Once they were out, Zhao took out the stones from Stony Mountain for the slaves to work with. He also took out some food that Meirin made with Meg's help, along with some supplies for living, like blankets.

Right now Scales, Brick, and one hundred undead were waiting at Stony Mountain for Green to come back from Casa city. It shouldn't take more than two days, enough time to settle things here in the castle.

They had been gone from the castle for twenty days. Not much had changed except for the amount of dust.

After a quick cleaning, the slaves made themselves busy under Ann's leadership. They mounted the stone discs together with the wood from the oil fruit tree. The wood was very strong, and after the space leveled up, it was even better. But because of the high oil content in the wood, it was very flammable. However, Zhao wasn't worried about that because there was a moat going around the castle. There was no need to worry about a fire.

Although no one here had full smithing and carpentry skills, making the mill stone itself wasn't that difficult. It didn't require too many technical details. You just needed to grind down the stone and stick the wood in. Anyone could make it if they were strong enough.

Once the slaves started working, Zhao went to find Meirin.

 "Grandma Meirin, let's go to the valley and see if anything has changed."

Meirin was also curious about what happened to the corn, so she nodded.

The two people went into the mountain, crossed the underground lake, and have now reached the valley. Zhao and Meirin were surprised at what they saw. They didn't think that the corn would still be growing.

Although the corn seedlings weren't very high, even looking somewhat weak, they were still alive.

Looking at the seedlings on the thirty acres of land he had improved, Meirin and Zhao laughed. After the attack from the army of spirit beasts, they felt like giving up. With the land paved with a layer of toxic soil, Zhao didn't feel too much hope that the corn seedlings would still grow. But now, he was sure that the earth below the toxic soil was still fertile from his land improvement, allowing the seedlings to survive.

Ever since Zhao went on a journey to Casa city, these seedlings could only fend for themselves. It seems like their vitality was very tenacious.

Translator Notes: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.