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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 81

Chapter 81 - Buying Seeds

Green and Meg had been looking at Zhao, but they couldn't hear the dialogue that was going on. Not understanding, Green moved closer before asking, "Master, what happened?"

Zhao smiled. "I just told Drunk to turn this guy into an undead. And when I threw him into the space, I didn't expect that the space would make him stronger and improve his fighting skills. But this guy doesn't remember anything, so we can't get any information out of him."

Green nodded his head. "Don't worry about that. I think that our enemies aren't finished dealing with us, so there will be a next time. We'll certainly be able to find clues for you, Master. And once Laura comes back, we'll tell her about what happened today and get her cooperation. She'll help us find who did this."

"Yes, it's a good idea to get her to help us. This is related to her as well," Zhao said. "Now I think it's time to go back." Again, he called out his undead, then they moved towards Stony Mountain.

It had gotten completely dark before they returned to the mountain. Zhao was prepared to wait here until Laura came back to Casa city. After they got her cooperation over some matters, they will go back to the Black Waste.

To tell the truth, Zhao had been struggling with this life. In his past life, he had lived in China, which was one of the safest countries in the world. But it wasn't as safe here. Just today, they went out into the city and someone tried to poison them. If his space didn't exist, he would have died from poisoning, which made him feel that this world was very dangerous.

Ever since their return from Casa city, the number of people who were monitoring Stony Mountain had lightened up. That was because by now the layer of black fog wasn't just covering the manor, but the entire Stony Mountain. Now those who were monitoring the mountain simply couldn't see anything. But they knew that there were a lot of undead guarding the mountain, so naturally everyone was afraid to go up. God knows how many undead were in that fog. Nobody wanted to die.

As of now, Zhao was tossing over Stony Mountain. The mountain didn't really have anything useful except for the stones. Zhao got his undead to gather the stones, which would be used to make the discs for the mill stones. He was also planning to bring the stones back to the Black Waste to help repair the castle.

They were short of stones in the Black Waste because the dwarves had dug it all out. Now that they had such a good place full of stones, Zhao was going to help himself to them.

As they were tossing over Stony Mountain, the few people outside that had been watching them were relaxing. It wasn't like they could see anything, and it was boring staring at a cloud of black fog all night.

But it wasn't like Zhao wasn't doing anything. He got Green to take off his glittering body armor, so in the dark of night, Green was able to sneak off to Casa city.

This time Green was going to Casa city for something important. He was going to buy seeds. Zhao needed him to buy all kinds of seeds that were on the Continent. He would like to see if any of those seeds were useful, and if they were, then his space might level up.

Green put on his normal warrior clothes before he rushed towards Casa city.

Although Green was an eighth level warrior who was proficient in martial arts, it was still difficult to run towards a city that was normally two days away. His pace wasn't like an undead's. He required rest.

He ran on the road for half the night, then he found a good place to rest. The next day, he ate some dry food in the morning, then he was on his way again. He ran for an entire day, so by the time he arrived at Casa city, it was already getting dark. Fortunately, the gates hadn't closed yet.

Since Green was dressed in his warrior clothes, he looked like an ordinary adventurer. In one day, the number of adventurers going into Casa city was too many to count, so the defenders simply didn't care. Green just entered the city after he paid the tax, then he looked for a small hotel to stay in.

Everyday, once they completed a task, adventurers would go into Casa city to find food to eat. So Green went unnoticed. Even though this city was controlled by the Purcell clan, it was impossible to observe every single adventurer. After all, the population of Casa city was more than a million.

Continuously rushing for a day made Green feel tired, so he had a good rest at the hotel that night. The next morning, he simply ate a little breakfast, then he went out into the city to look for seed companies.

Casa city was a great city, but it wasn't known for farming. So it was rare to find places that sold seeds and tools. Green looked over the city for a long time, but the only place he could find that sold seeds was a grocery store. Fortunately, they had quite a lot of seeds, which allowed Green to save time.

On the Continent, there were various seeds that were ordinary, like the alfalfa and oil fruit seeds that Green had already bought. All together, Green bought fifty types of seeds. They were crop seeds, so generally not very expensive, and were definitely cheaper than magic seeds, which could cost dozens of silver coins per pound. But the store didn't have any magic seeds for him to buy.

Although Zhao had told him that he didn't need that much seeds, saying that just one of each would do, Green still bought a pound of each type of seed, so he ended up buying fifty pounds of seeds.

Fortunately for someone like Green, this amount of weight was nothing, so after buying the seeds, he also bought some tools as well.

He then left Casa city.

A day went by as Green kept on going on his way. Once it got dark, he stopped and simply rested for two hours, then he continued to rush towards the mountains. He was able to return to Stony Mountain at midnight. At this time, those who were monitoring the mountain were more relaxed. Zhao had said that they wouldn't act in the evening as they would be resting.

This was an opportunity for Green as he easily dived into the Blue Stone Hills estate. The people in the estate were also resting, so Green didn't bother them and went to find his own place to sleep.

Other than Green, it would be impossible for people to easily enter the Blue Stone Hills estate. Zhao had released hundreds of undead, and also had Drunk looking over them. If it wasn't Green going up the mountain, Drunk would have led those undead to attack.

Two days of running had made Green tired, so he went to sleep for awhile. Since he had bought the seeds, there wasn't anything else for him to do right now.

Zhao knew that Green was back, but he didn't hurry to wake up Green. He knew that Green was working very hard these days. Zhao was crystal clear on how long the road is from Stony Mountain to Casa city. It was because of this that he didn't bother Green, and let him have a good rest.

Zhao was also relaxing. Once he had harvested the crops inside his space, he also didn't have anything else to do. Gathering the stones and making the mill stone wasn't his job.

Zhao was too weak. He couldn't lift anything heavy, let alone doing physical work. But he did bring some crops out of the space as food, greatly increasing the motivation of the slaves.

Translator Notes: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.


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