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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 82

Chapter 82 - Three Levels

Green woke up shortly before noon. After he used the spa pool in his room to wash his face, he went out the door.

The estate was now busy. From time to time, the undead would carry in stones from outside the manor, while the slaves were either learning or making millstones.

It could be said that making those stones was hard to do, especially without any tools. If you wanted to make the discs, you would have to spend a lot of time. Plus these slaves weren't real masons. Their skills could only be considered at the apprentice level.

But with the men doing the heavy lifting, and the women doing the cleaning, they were able to grind down these stones. So the entire estate looked like a big stone processing factory. If outsiders were to see this, they wouldn't believe it. The reasons that Zhao came to Stony Mountain was synonymous with mystery.

Zhao was standing in the yard of the estate. It wasn't like he was watching over the slaves, it was just that he wasn't of much help, so all he could do was stand there and send some of the stones, that the undead had brought, into the space.

After such a long time, the slaves got to know what kind of person Zhao was. It didn't matter if you laughed with him, he wouldn't be angry. They became accustomed to Zhao's presence.

This is no wonder because they had been living in Zhao's space, and never far from a source of food and water, and also not far from Zhao. It was precisely because of this daily life that the slaves lost their tension around him. Even though Zhao had been standing there right next to them, they didn't feel uncomfortable.

Then Zhao saw that Green had woke up, so he went to meet him. "Grandpa Green, I hope we didn't wake you up."

"No, Master," Green said as he shook his head. "I have brought back the seeds like you asked. Let's go into the house and look at them."

Zhao nodded, then followed Green into the house. They entered a room where there was a big bag, which contained a large number of seeds, in addition to some tools for masonry. If it wasn't Green, it would be impossible for a person to carry all of this stuff back to Stony Mountain in such a short time.

Green took out the tools first, then handed some bags of seeds to Zhao. The seeds were split into ten pound bags, so even Zhao could carry it into the space. Although he had drank the Water of Nothingness, causing his strength to be less than average, this weight wasn't a problem.

Zhao took the seeds and said to Green, "I will go." He disappeared in front of Green, who didn't say anything while holding the tools.

Inside the space, Zhao couldn't wait as he opened the bag of seeds, which was followed by the voice announcing the long list of seeds, making Zhao feel dizzy.

[Found new crop seeds. Evaluating seed quality. Improved seeds. Replacing rice seeds inside space. You can now purchase this seed in the shop]

[Found new crop seeds. Evaluating seed quality. Inferior. No merit. Seed canceled]

[Found new crop seeds. Evaluating seed quality. High yield. Extracting advantages. Strengthening legumes inside space. You can now purchase this seed in the shop]

[Found new crop seeds. Evaluating seed quality. ...........................]

Zhao couldn't follow along with the long list, so he quickly entered his hut and opened the screen to see the shop. Sure enough, there were new seeds appearing.

Although the voice wasn't finished yet, there was already a total of nearly ten new kinds of seeds. But this wasn't important to Zhao. What he wanted to know was how much this would level up his space.

Once the long list of seeds came to an end, the voice then immediately said:

[Due to the discovery of new crop seeds, your level has risen to seven. If you wish to, you can cultivate two new acres of land. You will be rewarded with a bag of pea seeds, which can fill two acres of land]

[Due to the discovery of new crop seeds, your level has risen to eight. You will be rewarded with a bag of cucumber seeds, which can fill two acres of land]

[Due to the discovery of new crop seeds, your level has risen to nine. If you wish to, you can cultivate two new acres of land. You will be rewarded with a bag of pumpkin seeds, which can fill two acres of land]

The voice stopped.

Because of the seeds that Green brought back, his level had risen by three, but Zhao found this unsatisfactory. He wanted to use these seeds to reach level ten to see if he could open up the pasture. Not only would that increase his source of revenue, he would also be able to put in a lot of powerful spirit beasts inside the space.

But obviously, the higher you go, the more difficult it becomes to level up. Even though Green brought back so many seeds, it didn't raise his level higher than nine.

Zhao sighed, then he went over to look inside the barn. The voice said that he could also cultivate four new acres of land, but land cultivation required money. Right now he only had six hundred gold coins. It wasn't even enough to cultivate two acres, not to mention four.

The only thing Zhao could do was sell something inside the space in exchange for gold coins, then he would be able to cultivate the four acres of land.

The space was still growing oil fruits, he didn't want to lose his corn, and there were too few of the other crops, like the cabbages, so they simply weren't enough money. The only thing he could sell were the radishes.

Zhao couldn't help but curse loudly. At the moment, he had about fifteen hundred gold coins worth of radishes if he sold them in the space. Combine it with the six hundred gold coins, he would be able to cultivate new land, but he would barely have anything left over.

But Zhao couldn't think of another way, so he reluctantly sold the radishes, then cultivated four new acres of land. This cost a total of seventeen hundred gold coins. Cultivating two acres of land at level seven would cost seven hundred gold coins, while cultivating two acres of land at level nine would cost one thousand gold coins. Now all Zhao had left was four hundred gold coins, but then he also had to use one hundred and fifty of that to buy some radish seeds from the shop to grow in the new acres of land.

Originally, he had other seeds that he could have planted in the four acres, but they didn't know when Laura would come back to Casa city. When she returns, and they didn't have any radishes to sell, that would be a shame.

Plus, this time Zhao wanted to see if he would be able to get any radish seeds. If that was possible, he wouldn't need to buy any from the shop, which would help save money.

Sighing, after planting the radish seeds, Zhao came out from the space. To be honest, he was still very disappointed. He didn't reach his desired level, but there was no helping it now. He could only wait until after they sold the radishes.

Zhao felt that once he reached over level ten, something good will happen. He didn't know what, but according to the game routine, after reaching that threshold, his reward will be very high.

The most promising thing for Zhao was to open up the pastures, which would enhance his strength as soon as possible.

Green watched as Zhao glumly walked out of the house. Surprised, he quickly went over. "Master, how is it?"

Zhao shook his head. "Nothing much. The space did level up, but I didn't get what I wanted. It appears that the seeds of common crops won't have that much of an effect. If we want it to go higher, then we'll need to find more advanced level plants."

Green didn't know as much about the space as Zhao, but when Zhao said that the space had level up successfully, he should have been happy, so he asked, "Master, doesn't leveling up mean increasing the land?"

Zhao nodded. "Ah, yes, I have increased it by four acres. But I also sold all of our radishes to the space because I needed the money to buy the cultivated land. All of our radishes are now gone. The only radishes left are the ones that I planted in the four new acres."

Green smiled. "It's not a problem as long as we have more land." Although Green has never played a farm game before, these days Zhao had been telling him a lot about the farm, so he also knew that the radishes could be sold inside the space to make money. In Green's opinion, since the money couldn't be taken outside the space, it wasn't real money, so he didn't care.

Translator Notes: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.


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