The First Alchemist

by Trung Nguyen

Short Synopsis: The most powerful alchemist in the world dies and reincarnates to a time before alchemy was invented.

(Imagine if the MC was the only one in the entire world that had medicinal pills. How much faster would his strength grow compared to everyone else?)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Chem Al
Chapter 2 - Sheng Yi
Chapter 3 - Disciple
Chapter 4 - Knowledge
Chapter 5 - Poison
Chapter 6 - Chem Au
Chapter 7 - Two Months
Chapter 8 - Journey through the Forest Part I
Chapter 9 - Journey through the Forest Part II
Chapter 10 - Journey through the Forest Part III
Chapter 11 - Silent Vow
Chapter 12 - The Blacksmith Tai Fu
Chapter 13 - Money, Money, Money
Chapter 14 - Better Life
Chapter 15 - Profound Cauldron
Chapter 16 - Reactions to a Pervert's Face
Chapter 17 - Journal
Chapter 18 - Back to the Village
Chapter 19 - The Birth of Alchemy
Chapter 20 - Primary Profound Pill
Chapter 21 - Alchemy
Chapter 22 - A Talk of the Profound
Chapter 23 - Three Months Before the Battle Part 1
Chapter 24 - Three Months Before the Battle Part 2
Chapter 25 - Three Months Before the Battle Part 3
Chapter 26 - Happy Birthday
Chapter 27 - The Meeting Between the Current Village Chief and the Future Village Chief.
Chapter 28 - Hard Earth Pill
Chapter 29 - Throwing A Tantrum
Chapter 30 - Competitors
Chapter 31 - Fight
Chapter 32 - Escape
Chapter 33 - Revenge
Chapter 34 - Three Disciples
Chapter 35 - Chem City
Chapter 36 - Nine Months Later
Chapter 37 - Journey through the Forest ... Again
Chapter 38 - Four Cauldrons and a Shield
Chapter 39 - No Customers
Chapter 40 - Entry Fee
Chapter 41 - Beginning of A Legend
Chapter 42 - Their First Customer
Chapter 43 - Ba Rre
Chapter 44 - Semi-Finals Part I
Chapter 45 - Semi-Finals Part II
Chapter 46 - Day Before the Finals


  1. Very interesting style of writing, switching from main story to the 'side story', I like it!

    Looking forward to read more of your novels!

  2. Yo u know what, I didn't know this was something of your own creation. And I thought that this was a translation as well. In my head I complained why he promised x but delivered basically nothing.
    I have a new found respect for you, the creation of a new novel even for experienced writers and new alike is not easy. A much more realistic goal could be 4-5 chapter a month. And That would by far be more better than I could ever write a story from scratch.
    Great story line so far, and I am enjoying this new style.
    Not that it means much but Have mile stones you want to accomplish and set out to do. And be careful about writing your self into a hole. Which is why think milestones and not just the next goal.

  3. bootstrap paradox .. thank you

  4. Hello this novel is not yet link to novelupdate..

  5. This is an original novel, novelupdates is for translated novels.

  6. why doesnt this have more chapters, it's a really interesting writing style and plot

  7. I am only reading the first half of each posting.
    I am a linear type of guy.
    But i do like the Al story.