Sunday, October 9, 2016

The First Alchemist - Chap 15

Chapter 15 - Medicinal Cauldron

After deciding that Chem Au would be the one to hide the bag of money in his clothes, they went off to find a well to wash off the stink, and then made their way back towards the market where their parents were.

The next two days was business as usual, trying to sell their radishes to any potential customer that walked by. All the while, Chem Al was antsy, feeling every second pass by in slow motion, so much so that his father and mother wondered what was wrong with him. Thankfully, he managed to stop himself from pulling his hair out.

On the appointed day, the market was slow since almost everyone had gone off to watch the tournament finals. When there were very few customers left, Chem Al immediately begged his parents to allow him to go check out the city again. Assuming he wanted to go see the tournament, they said yes.

Chem Al shot off down the street, followed by his big brother who still didn't understand what the big deal with the cauldron was. It wasn’t long before they ran into the Tai Smithy.

"Where is it?" Chem Al shouted, despite him gasping for breath.

"Welcome," Tai Fu generically said from behind the shop, then he saw them. "Oh, if it isn't my most favorite young customers."

"Yeah, yeah. Now where is it?"

"Hold on. I just finished it less than an hour ago. Give me a moment to bring it out." Tai Fu went into the back again, leaving Chem Al to hop from foot to foot. Finally, Tai Fu came back to the front with history’s very first medicinal cauldron.

At the sight of it, Chem Au even more didn't understand why his little brother was so excited over something like that. It was basically just a grey pot the size of a man's head. Sure, it had a beautiful, intricate design wrapping around it, but it didn't look all that special.

However, Chem Al's eyes were shining.

"So how is it?" Tai Fu said. "I've never made anything like this before so I'm not sure if it turned out right."

"It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Chem Al said. And it really was. He had never seen it when it was new. The last time he saw The First Alchemist’s medicinal cauldron, it had lost its shine, suffering a lot of damage over one hundred thousand years. But now it looked like it was glowing with its own light.

Tai Fu handed down the medicinal cauldron to Chem Al, who received it with great reverence. The moment it touched his hands, it was like wind was blowing through his hair as warm light wrapped itself around him. He could feel a surge of energy running through his body, shouting at him to free it, to change the world with it. His shoulders suddenly felt heavy. It felt like he was about to fall over any second.

Throughout all this, Tai Fu and Chem Au felt like yawning. They started to grow bored after watching Chem Al just stand there staring at the cauldron with bright eyes.

This was a new beginning, Chem Al thought. With this, he was going to change the world even though no one knew it yet.

Without realizing he was doing it, he then started to rub his cheek against the medicinal cauldron with a weird smile on his face.

At the sight of this, both Tai Fu and Chem Au felt creeped out. To them, Chem Al suddenly had a face of a perverted, old man who was rubbing his cheek against a young woman’s butt.


  1. AWESOME!!! Thanks so much for the double chappy. I really love your story so far, and I can't wait to see where you take it.

  2. LMAO. And he's doing it in the past now as the First Alchemist!

  3. Haha, the first future chapter that I enjoyed more than the past. Keep it up!