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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 50

Chapter 50 - Catch the Undead

"Master, will keeping this thing in the space be safe? It is quite toxic," Green asked.

"Never mind that, Grandpa Green," Zhao said. "Call everyone over to drink some water. Only when you drink the spatial water will you have no fear of the poison." He turned away from the hut and walked towards the spring, with the crocodile skeleton obediently following five steps behind him, like a faithful dog.

They stood next to the spring, not finding anything special about it. There seemed to be no changes.

Zhao was somewhat puzzled. Meg went into the hut to get some cups, while Blockhead and Rockhead gathered the slaves.

Meg passed around a few cups. Zhao took a sip of the water and found nothing strange about the taste. Then he walked towards the crocodile skeleton.

After taking a drink of water himself, Green pulled Zhao back. "Master, let me do it. Your body isn't strong enough. If the water doesn't work, I still have a chance to withstand the poison. You don't."

Zhao thought about it, then he nodded his head. Green stood next to the crocodile skeleton, took a deep breath, and then held out his hand. They all looked on nervously as Green put his hand on the crocodile's skull. A few people unconsciously sucked in their breaths.


Green tried again and forcefully patted its bones, but evidently the water really did have a detoxifying effect.

"Master, it seems like the water is really effective." Green smiled.

Zhao smiled back, then he walked beside the crocodile and touched him. The crocodile skeleton felt that it had been rewarded, like a dog being caressed by its owner, so it shook its big tail, almost hitting a slave.

Zhao laughed while he rubbed the crocodile's skull. "Stop swinging your tail. You know, big guy, you are very interesting. I think I will call you Alien."

In his past life, there was a horror movie called "Alien", and this crocodile skeleton was so strange and scary, that he simply called him that.

The big guy seemed to understand Zhao's words. It wagged its tail in joy, but this time it held back the shaking. It was like it was shaking his tail at the same time as trying not to shake it.

Zhao patted its head, then said, "I want you to go to the back of the hut, lie on your tummy and stay there." After it slowly moved behind the hut, Zhao turned to Green and asked, "Grandpa Green, do you think we should catch some more undead?"

Green thought about it. "That's a good idea. Ah, but although your space is big, can you fit so many undead?"

Zhao frowned. His space only totaled over ten mu large. He couldn't let those undead roam around here, where the rest of the slaves also stayed. But there was no where else to place the undead.

Zhao turned twice on the ground, until he remembered what the voice said. The space classified the undead as robotic objects. It wasn't a living thing. Since the space didn't consider that it was alive, wasn't it possible to put it in the barn? If that was really so, then he could bring more undead into the space. Maybe Zhao could pretend to be a Summoner.

Anyway, there was no point thinking about it if he didn't first test out the idea to see if it would be successful.

With just a thought, the crocodile skeleton behind the hut disappeared. Zhao immediately went to the front of the barn and touched the doors. The barn prompt opened, and there he could see a small icon of a crocodile's skull.

Zhao couldn't help but laugh, then he turned to Green and said, "Grandpa Green, rest assured, I can put these undead into my barn. So we can bring them into the space."

"That's wonderful," Green said. "With these undead creatures, Master will be safer. If you were to wear a mage's robe, then you could move around the Continent and pretend to be a summoner. There's no doubt that no one on the Continent would be able to realize that it's you, because you drank the Water of Nothingness."

Zhao nodded. "That's good, Grandpa Green. Let's go grab some undead. Once we catch more, we could put them in the perimeter of the Black Waste, so that whoever comes will think that the undead spirit beasts weren't gone yet. This would be an added measure of security."

Hearing what Zhao said, Green's eyes lit up. "Master, could we take in some, you know, spirit beasts that are actually alive?"

Zhao shook his head. "Those spirit beasts aren't the same as undead ones. The space see the undead as objects. If they were alive, I couldn't put them in the barn. I can't hold those spirit beasts in the space."

Green nodded. He knew that he was being too greedy. Undead spirit beasts were good enough.

In fact, even though Zhao didn't say it, he knew that his level and his money wasn't enough to open a pasture. If he could open a ranch, then he could rein in those spirit beasts. But now he could only use the farm for farming.

Zhao then turned to Meirin and said, "Grandma Meirin, first move the slaves to a safe place. When we catch the undead, I fear that they might hurt them."

"I'll tell Daisy and Ann to move them to the oil fruit field," Meirin said.

Zhao nodded, then he walked to the hut, until he suddenly noticed that there were two bottles under the hut's window.

These two bottles looked very ordinary. In his past life, people wouldn't pay attention to them. If you were to see them on the street, you would just kick them aside.

But Zhao looked determinedly at these two bottles. One of them was white, while the other was blue. And they had the words "Pesticide" and "Herbicide" written on them!

They were written with Chinese characters, so Green didn't know what they meant. Of course, Zhao knew, and that was when he finally realized what the space meant when it said that it was extracting the toxins to enhance the spatial toxic compounds.

Originally, Zhao didn't know the meaning of that sentence because he didn't remember that the space had toxic compounds. But when he saw these two bottles, he realized that this was what it was.

Yes, the spatial herbicide and pesticide were indeed toxic. In his past life, many people wouldn't eat vegetables that were grown with the help of these things because they were afraid that they might be poisoned.

Zhao picked up the bottle of pesticide. This time there was no tone chiming, but the information went directly into his head. Pesticides. Toxic compounds. Can kill Pests. Unlimited dosage. Toxic strength can be adjusted.

Zhao understood that this pesticide wasn't that different from the original. The only change was that he could now adjust the strength of the toxin.

After Zhao put down the pesticide, he picked up the herbicide, and the results were similar.

Zhao was very satisfied of how the space could be upgraded in various ways. As long it keeps leveling up, he believed that there was no expert in the world he had to be afraid of.

Everyone was looking at Zhao with puzzlement, not knowing what he was doing. "Master, what are those two bottles for?" Meirin asked.

Zhao smiled. "There is poison inside these bottles. One bottle could kill the insects that eat the crops, while the other could kill the weeds that grow on the ground."

Meirin and everyone else didn't know that these two bottles could be so useful. In the Continent, although there were a lot of alchemists, because of their important status, they generally didn't pay attention to agriculture, so they didn't design any herbicidal or insecticidal poisons. This was the first time Meirin had heard that such things existed.

Green instantly understood what the bottles could mean. "Master, can these two things be taken out of the space?"

"Yes, of course." Zhao nodded. "And the amount you can use has no limit."

"Great! With these two bottles, the future crops outside will have no pests that we'll have to worry about!"

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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 49

Chapter 49 - Undead Spirit Variation

Zhao took a serious look at this undead. He really didn't know how this thing was formed. Although there were many legends of zombies in his past life, they were still just legends. This was real.

This crocodile skeleton was blatantly crawling around the hall. It looked like a real crocodile composed entirely of bones, with a tail whipping around, leaving scars on the walls.

The thing that Zhao most noted was that the two eyes of the skeleton were just flashing green flames.

He also calculated that the crocodile was fifteen meters long and about three meters high. With its claws outstretched, it would have a width that reached five meters. If it wasn't for the fact that their castle's gate was large enough, this creature wouldn't have been able to get in because it was simply impossible for it to climb the defensive wall.

Switching the screen back to the three-dimensional map, Zhao could see the main parts of the castle. Except for the few spirit beasts in the square, there was the big crocodile, and the rat skeleton that was upstairs.

Zhao again switched the screen back to the living room and watched the crocodile skeleton. "Grandpa Green, how strong do you think this thing is?"

"This isn't a high level spirit beast. It's only a shallow water crocodile, so its fighting strength shouldn't be that strong, only around the fourth level. But now that it's an undead, it won't be afraid of death and it will not die so easily. Plus, its bones are poisonous. Even if it's not that strong, we should still be careful," Green said.

Zhao nodded. "Grandma Meirin, see if you can catch this thing and bring it into the space. I want to carefully look at it."

"That's simple. I can do that," Meirin said as she stood up and walked out of the hut.

Everyone followed her to the empty area behind the hut, then Meirin turned to Zhao. "Master, open a hole."

With a thought, a hole in space appeared. Meirin softly chanted a spell, and a blue watery light immediately flew into the hole. This band of light was like a huge rope, catching the crocodile skeleton and forcing it into the space.

Zhao looked at the creature that was twisting around on the ground. The blue light had completely shackled the crocodile skeleton. It couldn't attack with its claws, tail, and mouth because it had been tied down.

Since he had a closer look of this undead than just seeing it on the screen, he could clearly see that there wasn't a trace of flesh on the green bones, which somehow gave it a strange beauty.

Just then, the voice echoed: [Discovery of unknown object. Scanning. Scan complete. The robotic object is aggressively toxic. Extracting toxins. Strengthening the toxic compounds in the space] [The object is too manic. Does not meet space requirements. Re-implantation procedure initiated. The implantation procedure is successful] [Because the toxins might affect the humans in the space, a strong immunity is needed. Spatial water is given detoxification effects. Please consume spatial water as soon as possible]

Everyone was listening to the voice, although they couldn't understand what it said about robotic objects, or extracting toxic compounds, and a bunch of other stuff. This was the first time they had heard of such things and they simply didn't understand what it meant.

Zhao probably understood. But only probably. There were some things that he didn't quite understand as well. He only knew that the space categorized this undead as a robot, which wasn't exactly wrong.

First, it was a skeleton with no flesh and blood. It had no heart and it wasn't breathing, so it couldn't be regarded as a living thing. Second, its actions were controlled by some kind of soul fire, which was like a robot that was controlled by a smart chip. So the space classified this undead as a robot.

All of this was a surprise to Zhao because he didn't expect that the space would have such capabilities. It knew that the toxins would have an adverse impact on everyone here, so it extracted the toxins and formulated some sort of detoxification effect on the spatial water. As long as they drank the spatial water, they didn't need to be afraid of the toxins.

The part that Zhao didn't understand was when the space mentioned the re-implantation procedure, as well as the strengthening of toxic compounds. What did that mean? Did the space have toxic compounds?

Zhao then realized that the skeleton had stopped struggling. It was just lying there very quietly. And the green fire in its eyes had become red.

Looking at the color of the soul fire, he understood what the re-implantation procedure meant.

The re-implantation procedure changed the soul fire of this undead, making it an ally. He clearly remembered that the green dot on the screen indicated an enemy, and the red dot showed that it was a friend.

But it still had to be verified, so Zhao decided to try it out. "Grandma Meirin, please release this thing. The space might have changed it into an ally."

Meirin was surprised, but before she lifted her magic, everyone surrounded Zhao. This single undead couldn't handle their group, so it was impossible for it to pose a threat.

Meirin released her magic. The crocodile skeleton ran towards Zhao, but the impression it gave wasn't scary, almost like a spoiled dog.

"Stop!" Zhao quickly said.

He was afraid for it to get too close to him since he still hasn't drank the detoxifying water. If it touched him, he would be poisoned. Also, he wanted to see if he could command this creature.

Green was nervously looking at the skeleton, ready to attack it, but his fears were redundant because once Zhao gave the order, the creature immediately stopped. Although it still looked scary, people felt that it was a little pathetic.

Zhao didn't expect that such an evil looking undead could make people feel that way.

Meirin suddenly said, "It seems to be an undead spirit variation, Master. This time we really picked up a treasure."

Zhao was puzzled. "What is an undead spirit variation, Grandma Meirin?"

"Undead spirit variations are special. As an undead, the longer it can still move around, it will become more and more powerful. Not only will they gain a spiritual attack, they will also slowly regain the abilities they had when they were alive. This shallow water crocodile had a poison attribute. Normally, when it became an undead, it would just be an ordinary crocodile skeleton, but now it has poisonous abilities. So it could now hold dual attributes of the poison attribute and the spirit attribute. That is what we see now. In fact, when we felt it change, that was a spiritual attack."

Zhao nodded, trying to understand. "So would that mean if a humanoid undead doesn't die, it will slowly regain its original skill?

Meirin nodded, her face solemn. "Yes, Master. It is said that if a mage becomes an undead, he would slowly regain the same abilities from his life. A lot of people think that as long as one is an undead, they would only have attributes of a dark nature. But they are wrong. There are undead with various attributes on the Continent."

Zhao looked at the crocodile skeleton. He really didn't think that he would actually find such a treasure. Spiritual attacks are the Continent's most dreaded attacks. It would be difficult to guard against, even for a mage. He didn't know that this thing could really attack the spirit, which was really a surprise.

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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 48

Chapter 48 - Ambition and Crisis

Radishes made more money than oil fruits. There was no comparison. A single batch of radishes could be sold for eight thousand gold coins, but every single oil fruit that he could grow in a month would only get him two thousand seven hundred gold coins.

But even if the Markey Company was one of the largest firms on the Continent, at most they would only be able to sell about four hundred thousand catty of radishes per month. After all, radishes cost one silver per catty, and many people couldn't afford that.

As long as Zhao grew five batches of radishes per month, he could make enough for them to sell. All together, it would only take forty hours, which was less than two days.

Then what could he grow the rest of the time? The common vegetables from the Continent? Those vegetable seeds would disappear as soon as it entered the spatial farm.

So he decided to grow oil fruits. Oil was in high demand. Cooking oil was needed on the Continent. Plus, some commoners who engage in heavy physical labor would consume oil as nutrients, because they generally couldn't afford to eat meat. The amount of oil used on the Continent per day was astronomical, resulting in a sustaining oil industry. Although radishes would get a higher profit, it would still make most of the nobility jealous.

And do not forget that two thousand seven hundred gold coins per month was an alarming figure. Even a small principality wouldn't get that much in monthly tax. Gold still has a lot of purchasing power on the Continent.

A gold coin could be changed to ten silver coins. A silver coin could be changed to a hundred copper coins. And a copper coin could buy you a catty of fruit, or half a catty of oil.

Rice and oil on the Continent was inexpensive, because oil was a high yield fruit, and rice was just eaten by slaves and a few commoners.

Zhao had over a hundred people living with him, and it didn't take much to feed them. A hundred gold coins per month should be enough, leaving them with two thousand six hundred.

And if it wasn't enough, they could also sell the five batches of radishes. Even if they couldn't sell them at eight thousand gold coins, they could still try selling them at six thousand, which would result in an extra thirty thousand gold coins per month.

But Green knew, after discussing with Zhao about the characteristics of this farm, that Zhao wanted to grow things that would also help them raise fish, rabbits, and other creatures.

They could obtain radish leaves from radishes and use it to feed the blue-eyed rabbits, but eating radish leaves alone wouldn't be enough. Sometimes they would need other kinds of nutrition. Once the oil was extracted from the fruit, it becomes one of the best feeds. Not only blue-eyed rabbits, they could also use it to raise a number of other spirit beasts. The most common ones on the Continent were horses and cattle.

For example, feeding oil to the horses would make them very strong. As long as they were fed oil, generally you could yield a good horse.

In addition, this type of feed could also be fed to some water type spirit beasts. Some of these spirit beasts liked to eat this oil, so it could be used for fish farming. These were the additional benefits that oil fruits could provide.

It was because of these ideas that Green got so excited. He took a deep breath, and was suddenly laughing.

The reason why he was laughing was because he had held it in too long. Before Zhao woke up, it was Green who was forced to feel the pressure of their decline. He thought that the Buda clan would slowly die out, and it was with this in mind that he desperately bought supplies to keep them alive. Although Zhao later changed for the better, Green was still unhappy because the Buda clan didn't have a source of stable income. It was their fatal weakness.

But after understanding this space, all of Green's concerns had vanished. Suddenly there was a shining sun sweeping away the hazy darkness in his heart.

Zhao didn't stop Green, knowing that he needed to vent because he was so happy.

After a moment, Green finally calmed down. "Master, after we go out, we can use the money from the magic radish sales to buy some things that we will need. Even if we harvest the oil fruit, we still need to buy a machine to extract the oil."

Zhao nodded. "I know, but Grandpa Green, we still have a bigger problem we need to solve. Outside, there are spirit beasts from the carrion swamp. Even if our future plans are good, we can't do anything if we hide in this space forever. We still need to go out there and develop our territory. So how are we supposed to face the attacks from all those spirit beasts?"

Green frowned. He knew that Zhao was right. Their plans might as well be empty air foam disappearing in the wind if they couldn't think of a way out of the spirit beast attacks.

But the question was how could they solve it? There was no simple solution. Although Green was confident in their skills, he understood that it was impossible to conquer the carrion swamp. There was a reason why it was one of the five forbidden areas, and that even the Continent's strongest couldn't conquer it.

Going over it a few times, Green couldn't think of a good way. He sighed and sat down at the table, his ambitions just disappearing without a trace.

Zhao also didn't have a solution about this situation. They were now too weak and small to resist against those spirit beast attacks.

Looking at Green's low mood, Zhao suggested, "Grandpa Green, we could still take a look outside, just in case." He pulled up the screen, but Zhao's eyes couldn't help but shrink, because he could clearly see that there were green dots on the three-dimensional map.

Zhao immediately stood up. Green noticed his actions as he carefully counted the green dots on the screen. There weren't that many, only about dozen, but they hadn't been there the last time he had checked.

Meirin's eyes were also firmly fixed on the screen. And Meg asked, "How come there are more of those things?"

Green spoke up. "When I came to the castle, there weren't any undead spirit beasts, but there were a few wandering around the Black Waste. Perhaps they had chased after me."

Zhao nodded, and pressed one of the green dots. The screen switched to the castle square where he saw several undead spirit beasts.

"This is nothing strange, Master," Meirin said. "Undead spirit beasts have a frenzied desire for fresh flesh. They could smell and feel the presense of living creatures. When Green came to the castle from the Black Waste, these undead would naturally follow him."

Zhao knew she was right. He switched the screen to the living room where there was another undead wandering around. This undead spirit beast was crocodile-shaped, but it was only a skeleton made of glowing green bones.

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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 47

Chapter 47 - Calculation

As Zhao expected, the undead spirit beasts were wandering around on the Black Waste.

Fortunately, there were no longer any undead spirit beasts in the castle, nor did they break the gate or destroy the defensive walls. They were only able to get into the castle by climbing the walls, break everything inside, then climb back out.

It had to be recognized that even the most ordinary spirit beast was stronger than any animal on Earth. If there were lions and tigers on the Ark Continent, they would starve.

When Green saw that everything inside the castle was destroyed, his heart froze, but he didn't panic like an ordinary person would. When he was young, he fought alongside Adam's grandfather, and later his father, on the battlefield, so he had a lot of combat experience. It only took him a couple of seconds to realize that something was wrong.

There were no signs of fighting in the castle!

Although everything was destroyed, Green could see that there wasn't a trace of blood. The spirit beasts were probably venting their anger when they found nobody in the castle.

To make sure, Green carefully explored every room, finding no one. The only explanation he could come up with was that everyone had suddenly disappeared.

Just then, a misty hole appeared in the living room, followed by Zhao's voice. "Grandpa Green, come in."

Green was shocked. He dodged past the mist and looked inside the hole, but he couldn't see anything. However, he had no other choice so he jumped inside.

Green appeared in the spatial farm, right on the edge of the oil fruit fields. The trees had not beared fruit yet, and there were slaves nearby carefully learning how to read.

Meirin was next to the slaves, but she was the first one to notice that he had returned. "Green, you're back!" she immediately said.

Green was looking around in a daze. "Meirin, what is this place?"

Meirin smiled. "This is the young master's space. This is where that magic radish he gave you came from."

Then Zhao and Meg ran out of the hut. Zhao quickly moved into Green's open arms. "Grandpa Green, you're finally back!"

Green smiled. "Yes, Master. I'm back."

Zhao laughed. "Come on, now that you're back, let's talk inside." He pulled Green along, followed by the others.

Inside the hut, Zhao simply told Green about the situation with the space. Hearing what he said, Green's eyes shined, understanding what the spatial farm means for the Buda clan.

Once Zhao finished, Green excitedly said, "This is great, Master! With this space, we can revive the Buda clan."

Zhao smiled, then he took a sip of tea. "Grandpa Green, how did the magic radishes sell?"

"Master doesn't need to worry," Green said. "I negotiated with the Markey Company. They agreed to buy our eighty thousand catty of radishes, plus an additional twenty thousand catty, per month. And if they sell well, they might order even more."

"Great! But for how much?"

Green smiled. "Eight times the market price."

Zhao nodded. To be honest, this price exceeded his expectations. He thought that six times the market price would have been pretty good. After all, they were selling wholesale, not retail.

He then pointed out the fruit trees. "These oil fruits should ripen soon, then we'll be able to get a lot of oil. Will the Markey Company buy these?"

"I don't know," Green said while looking at the trees. "But the Markey Company pays attention to quality. Since our magic radishes were of good quality, they might take a look. If these oil fruits are also good, they will certainly buy them."

Zhao nodded, followed by a frown. "Grandpa Green, I forgot to ask, how is the situation out there on the Black Waste? Are there any spirit beasts around?"

Green's brows wrinkled. "There are, but their numbers have lessened. But I suggest that we should wait a few more days before we go out there, unless we want to attract a large number of spirit beasts."

Not waiting for Zhao to speak, Meg jumped in." Grandpa, Master has long thought the same, otherwise we wouldn't still be in here. You see, there is this magical thing that allows us to see the castle. It also helped us find you when you came back."

Meg spoke of the screen, which she felt was now even more magical because it could distinguish between friend or foe.

Green was curious about this screen, and Zhao wanted to demonstrate it for him, but then the voice suddenly came: [Oil fruit has matured. Please harvest as soon as possible]

Zhao was surprised for a moment, but then he left the hut. He looked towards the oil fruit fields that he had planted four days ago.

The fruit from those trees looked like kiwis from Earth, but it had a smooth blue-gray outer skin, and it was the size of a man's fist. The inside was a greenish yellow, and the juice had a lot of pulp as well as a high oil content.

Green was surprised at the sight of them. He knew very clearly that the oil fruits that grew on the Continent weren't this large. Looking at all the trees, the amount of oil they could get would definitely not be low.

But Zhao didn't know what Green was thinking. He was focusing on trying to figure out how much fruit the space had produced. There were three hundred trees, and each tree seemed to have made one thousand five hundred catty worth of fruit. With such a high yield, there would be a total of four hundred and fifty thousand catty of oil fruits. So they could probably extract three hundred thousand catty of oil, and this was certainly not a low number.

However, after he harvests the fruit, it seemed like he would only need two days before they mature again. Zhao calculated that in a month, he would be able to grow a batch of oil fruits nine times. That would mean he could squeeze out two million seven hundred thousand catty of oil per month.

After Zhao made these calculations, he said, "Harvest the oil fruits."

The basket flew out, collecting all the oil fruits. Green was surprised because this was the first time he had seen such a thing.

Green knew of how useful oil fruit could be. In addition to the oil they could make, the remainder of the fruit could be used to feed a lot of spirit beasts. Also, these fruit trees were a multi-batch crop, which had a huge advantage. You wouldn't need to plant them again after every harvest.

After the oil fruit was harvested, Zhao went towards the hut, but Green couldn't wait to ask, "Master, how much oil fruit did you harvest?"

Zhao smiled. "Around four hundred and fifty thousand catty. Each of these three hundred trees yields about one thousand five hundred catty."

Green had his head down as he counted it out, thinking of how much oil they could squeeze out of these fruits. "That means we can make three hundred thousand catty of oil? What a huge yield!"

Green knew that in the outside world they would be lucky to produce five hundred catty of fruit per tree, but in this space they had grown a heavy one thousand five hundred catty. This wasn't a small difference.

"Also, we will be able to harvest from these trees nine times per month," Zhao said. "And the next harvest is in two days."

Green excitedly stood up straight, then he paced back and forth. "Nine harvests a month? If we could get three hundred thousand catty of oil from every harvest, that would mean we would eventually get two million seven hundred thousand catty. And each catty of oil is worth one copper coin, so we'll get two point seven million copper coins, which would be equal to two thousand seven hundred gold coins!"

Zhao was surprised at what Green said. He really didn't expect that the oil on the Continent would be so cheap, costing even less than a radish. It seemed like these kinds of crops weren't really cost-effective.

But Zhao didn't know about the amount of oil that the Continent consumed everyday. It was an astronomical number. Welcome to the big oil market.

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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 46

Chapter 46 - Red Dot

Meg laughed as she looked at Zhao. She really didn't think that this person's character would actually become so great. Before, Adam was wild and outgoing, on the edge of being an idiot. But now, Zhao was an introvert, calm, and very attentive. She preferred Zhao.

Seeing as how Meg wasn't speaking, Zhao grew nervous, not knowing what to do. "Uh, how about you sit down, while I check the situation outside just in case." He pulled up his screen and looked at the castle.

In the three-dimensional map, there were no green dots, same as the last time he checked.

Zhao sighed. He was preparing to wait two more days. In two days, if the green dots didn't reappear, then he'll send Meirin out to check if the spirit beasts really did leave.

Meg was standing beside Zhao, also looking at the screen. But she didn't know how to operate it. It seemed like Zhao was the only one who could do anything in this space.

For example, Blockhead had tried to pick up the small shovels and buckets, but it was like they were nailed to the ground. Even with his strength, he couldn't move them.

Meg understood that the green dots represented the spirit beasts. Since they were concerned, they've kept up to date with the situation outside, so she knew that there were no spirit beasts on the screen the last time Zhao checked. When Meirin wanted to go out and see, Zhao stopped her. Meirin didn't oppose his decision, knowing that he was worried.

But seeing that there were no green dots again, Meg said with urgency, "Master, there are no spirit beasts outside, let me go out and see. With my speed, there will be no danger."

Zhao shook his head. "Now is not the time. Those spirit beasts might have disappeared, but they could still be out there beyond the moat. And what if there was poison throughout the castle. If we rush out there, we might find some trouble. Let's stay in the space for another day or two, just for some added insurance."

Although Meg didn't agree with what Zhao said, she still nodded, but then she suddenly noticed something on the screen. "Master, what's that red dot?"

Zhao's attention wasn't on the screen, so he didn't notice the red dot until Meg pointed it out. He turned and looked. There really was a red dot on the screen! And it was moving so fast!

The red dot was quickly moving through the main rooms of the castle. Zhao was surprised because he had never seen it before. He immediately tried to press the red dot on the screen, but it was moving with such a fast speed, he couldn't hit it. The only thing he could do was summon up the living room view and quietly wait for the red dot to end up there.

Meg was also looking at the screen, but occasionally her eyes would flick up to the upper left corner where there was a reduced sized three-dimensional map of the castle. She was able to see the movement of the red dot as it explored the rooms.

Soon the red dot was going down from the third floor and was now moving towards the living room. Zhao and Meg concentrated on the living room, and soon the red dot ended up there.

Suddenly, a shadow flashed on the screen, and a man appeared in the room. Zhao and Meg cried out in joy at the sight of the man. It was Green!

Seeing Green, Meg grabbed Zhao's shoulder. "Master, it's Grandpa! Grandpa came back! He's looking for us."

Zhao nodded. With a thought, a misty hole suddenly appeared in front of Green, followed by Zhao's voice. "Grandpa Green, come in."

Green felt anxious. He had been back in the Black Waste for the past two days.

When Green had first left the Black Waste, he went to the Purcell duchy, which was a subsidiary of the Aksu imperial principality. This duchy was ruled by Evan Purcell. Because of the fact that the Black Waste was located behind it, there would be no threat from that direction, so the duchy was able to grow and become one of the most developed economic regions in the Aksu Empire, making Duke Evan very powerful.

It was worth mentioning that the Purcell clan and the Buda clan had a very secret relationship. Evan's favorite daughter, Rui Purcell, who was the future Duchess, was supposed to marry Adam Buda. Normally, Rui would be Adam's fiancee, but now she was Zhao's fiancee.

But anyone on the Continent with a discerning eye could tell at a glance that it was impossible for the Purcell clan to recognize this marriage. That was because everyone was aware that there was no real love or friendship between the nobles. Adam's and Rui's marriage was only for political purposes.

So when the Buda clan was in trouble, the Purcell clan didn't help them, and instead selectively chose to forget about the Buda clan. Even when the Buda clan had to cross over the Purcell duchy to get to the Black Waste for their exile, the Purcell clan didn't come forward to meet them, adding insult to injury.

Still, Green recognized that the Purcell clan really ran their territory well, and it was precisely because of this that it was able to become a duchy.

Because of the well-developed territory, even the living standards of the ordinary commoners was relatively high. It would be easy to sell some magic radishes here.

Once Green went into the duchy, he found a large magic vegetable supplier, and talked to him a little about the price of radishes.

Eighty thousand catty of radishes was a lot, but it would be impossible for just that much to impact the Empire's radish market, even if the Empire was only a small principality.

But it wasn't as simple as Zhao just having eighty thousand catty of radishes. If Zhao wished to, he could grow three batches of radishes a day, adding up to two hundred and forty thousand catty of radishes. Two hundred and forty thousand catty of radishes per day? What kind of concept was that? Would there even be enough people in the Aksu Empire to eat all of those radishes?

But Green didn't know this about Zhao's spatial farm. The only thing he could do was talk about the quality of the radish. Because this time he wasn't just looking for any magic vegetable vendor, but a business that was well known across half the Continent: The Markey Company, which specialized in commodities, with magic vegetables as their core business. Although they didn't look fancy, generally even the nobles were afraid to offend them.

The radishes produced on the Continent weren't as great as the magic radish. Ordinary radishes had an acrid taste. But the magic radishes produced in the space were long, straight, and fat. Plus, they were crunchy with a sweet taste. In short, they will be very popular.

Because of the quality of the magic radish, the Markey Company bought them at eight times the market price, having decided on a batch of one hundred thousand catty per month. But this was just the initial number. If the radishes sold well, they were going to buy more.

While conducting business in the Purcell Duchy, Green happened to hear some mercenaries talking about an outbreak of spirit beasts from the carrion swamp. This news made his heart sink, so Green immediately ran back to the Black Waste.

However, he couldn't make it to the castle. There were too many undead spirit beasts. Green had no choice but to wait on the outer edge of the Black Waste for two days. He was so anxious, it felt like fire ants were crawling all over his body.

How could Green know that there would be an outbreak of undead spirit beasts from the carrion swamp. He had originally lived in the Aksu imperial capital, where the activities of the Black Waste wasn't well understood. They knew that it was a place of death and that no one went there, but the information about it was vague. There were only rumors that there would be an outbreak of spirit beasts every decade or two, and the last time there was an outbreak was two years ago. Although it was just rumors, everyone on the Continent agreed that the outbreaks came in a steady rhythm.

It was because of this that Green didn't spend so much on the castle's defenses. So when he heard about the outbreak of spirit beasts, it was like being hit with a hammer. He was afraid that Zhao would be hurt. If something happened to him, then the Buda clan was finished.

Translator Notes: Yeah, I don't get it either. Why are the spirit beasts labeled as green dots, while a guy named 'Green' is labeled as a red dot.

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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 45

Chapter 45 - Angry

After dinner, Meirin and Zhao were left alone in the room. While she was making some tea, Zhao asked, "Grandma Meirin, what do you think we should do about the slaves?

Meirin thought about it, then looked at Zhao in the eye. "Do you really want to listen to my advice, Master?"

"Of course, Grandma Meirin. You're the one that's been managing the slaves. I have never been in control of the Buda clan before we were exiled. So in that respect, you have a lot more experience than me."

"Thank you for the compliment, Master." Meirin smiled. "Here's my advice. I think that you have been too good to the slaves. You should crack down on them a little."

These words confused Zhao. "You're saying that I should be a little more harsh to the slaves? Why?"

"Master, you know, it's not bad to have a tough side. If you're too gentle, people would think that you could be bullied. Of course, the slaves would never do that to you, but if they think that you're too good to them, then they will feel sorry for you. This time it's because of you letting them learn literacy skills. In their view, learning to read is a reward. But they haven't been working, so giving them this reward makes them feel uneasy."

Zhao was surprised. He had been thinking that the slaves were the same as the students from his past life. To be honest, no student considers learning as a reward. They would only be happy when classes ended.

But it was different in this world. Almost all technology and knowledge has been closed off from the slaves. The slaves were just there to work. In the eyes of the nobility, slaves weren't even considered people.

"I understand," Zhao said. "Thank you, Grandma Meirin. Let me think about it."

Meirin nodded, pleased. It was undeniable that he had become a good person, but she recognized that he still had so much to learn.

Zhao sat there for a moment. He had been thinking about how to deal with this problem. To be honest, since this was the first time he had encountered something like this, he wasn't sure if he could handle it.

After he thought about it, Zhao stood up and took a deep breath. "Grandma Meirin, I want to meet the slaves."

Meirin nodded. The two left the hut and went to the slaves, who were now practicing their words on the ground, using the corn stalks to write in the dirt.

From what Zhao could see, the slaves seemed somewhat listless. This was a big difference from how excited they were when they first started to learn to read and write.

"Stop!" Zhao said.

When the slaves saw Zhao, they immediately dropped their corn stalks and knelt on the ground. But it wasn't like before because this time Zhao didn't ask them to stand back up. "I have heard that in the past few days, you haven't been very serious about learning to read and write?"

His voice wasn't very loud, but it had a disturbing calmness to it, making the slaves involuntarily shiver. In unison, they said, "Please, Master, punish us."

Zhao's words were like ice. "You still haven't figured it out? Learning how to read and write isn't a reward. It is to help you better serve the Buda clan. Even if you are stupid, you should be able to understand the situation that the clan is currently in. Except for manual labor, what else can you do? What can you make? What's your specialty? If I give you a book, would you be able to understand the words? No, you would not. You don't understand anything. Are you a horse? Can you do nothing but work like a horse? Remember that people can learn how to read, but a horse can not. If you don't learn, how can you better serve the Buda clan?

All the slaves were trembling on their knees. This was the first time Zhao had said such harsh words to them. They were scared.

Zhao took a few breaths to calm himself. "I'd told you that if you do well, I can free you from slavery. But if I give you a commoner status, do you think you will live out good days? Wrong! If you can not afford anything, at best you would be an inferior commoner. You have to remember that I need motivated people for the Buda clan, people that are bent on having a good life, not those who would settle for just eating and shitting until they die!"

He then looked over at Daisy. "You are probably wondering why I gave Daisy a commoner status even though all she did was weave weeds. A lot of you can now weave weeds, and even those of you that worked with Ann are not doing a bad job, so why didn't I restore you as a commoner? I'll tell you. It is because she stood up and tried to change her life. She wanted to be better, as well as save her brother. What I'm giving you is a fair chance at education, not a reward. I hope that you can learn from Daisy. Right now the Buda clan needs one hundred dedicated people, not one hundred slaves. Do you understand?"

Kneeling, the slaves loudly shouted, 'We understand, Master!"

The slaves were really excited. This was the first time a noble was trying to help them become something more. Although Zhao spoke to them with fire, there was no resentment in their hearts. On the contrary, they were full of gratitude and reverence towards Zhao.

After Zhao finished his speech, he said, "Stand up! I do not like it when people always kneel in front of me. Remember, learn to read and write well. This isn't a reward, it is my command!"

The slaves stood up in unison, "Yes, Master!"

Although the slaves had been kneeling on the ground for a long time, when they stood up, instead of wilting, their bodies were full of strength.

Meirin was standing behind Zhao, smiling with eyes full of joy. In her heart, she didn't expect that Zhao would do so well today, even better than she had imagined. Not only did he crack down on the slaves, he also made them feel gratitude towards him. She was extremely satisifed with Zhao's performance.

After looking at the slaves stretching their bodies, Zhao nodded, then turned to Meirin and said, "The rest is up to you, Grandma Meirin. But maybe this time we shouldn't teach them everyday, otherwise their heads would turn into wood, unable to remember anything."

Meirin smiled. "Master need not worry. I know what I'm doing. This isn't my first time teaching students."

Zhao laughed, then turned and walked into the hut, while Meg watched him with a look of worship.

Today, Meg thought that Zhao looked very handsome. When he gave that speech, his body seemed to glow with a strange force that attracted her eyes. She couldn't look away for one second.

When Zhao returned to the hut, he tried to remember if he did everything like he had planned. He went over the emotions he conveyed, the pauses in the appropriate places, and the right expressions on his face, all to make the performance more real. Thinking over his words, he didn't notice that Meg had followed him into the room.

Looking at Zhao, Meg couldn't help but smile. His strength settled her mind, giving her a serene feeling that was very reassuring.

Zhao then noticed that someone was standing behind him. Surprised, he looked back, but it was just Meg. Since Zhao was an otaku, he wasn't used to being in contact with girls. Now that Meg was standing behind him, he didn't know what to do.

Feeling helpless, Zhao said, "Ah, Meg, what can I do for you?"

"What? Can I not enter this room, Master?" Meg smiled.

"Yes, of course," Zhao quickly said. "You can always come in. Sit down, I'll make some tea."

Meg couldn't help but laugh. "Master, let me prepare the tea, otherwise Grandma will scold me."

"No, let me do it. I'm the one that offered you a drink," Zhao said.

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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 44

Chapter 44 - Level Up

[Discovery of vegetable seed. Level identification: Negative. No merit. Do not extract]

[Discovery of vegetable seed. Level identification: Negative. No merit. Do not extract]

[Discovery of vegetable seed. Level identification: Negative. No merit. Do not extract]


[Discovery of field seed. Level identification: Zero. Similar to spatial hay seeds. Do not extract. Retaining seed]

[Discovery of fruit seed. Level identification: Four. Extracting seed. Extraction complete. Seed has been digitized into the space. Seed can now be purchased from the shop]

The moment Zhao took out the seeds, a bunch of tones rang out. Except for the alfalfa seeds and fruit seeds, the other seeds disappeared. "This space is really overbearing," he said. "If it doesn't have a high enough level, it would be taken out of sight. Fortunately, the rest were good enough."

Everyone else didn't understand what the series of tones meant, nor did they know what identification or extraction was. All they saw was that half of the seeds had disappeared.

Once Zhao finished, the voice echoed again: [Spatial farm level has risen to five. You will be rewarded with a bag of eggplant seeds, which can fill two acres] [Cultivating new land requires you to be at level five and one thousand one hundred gold coins. You have reached the requirement. Do you wish to cultivate two acres of land?]

When Zhao heard the voice, he couldn't help but feel relieved. He finally confirmed that the best way to level up his spatial farm was to take things into the space, otherwise his level up speed would have been too slow. He immediately said, "Cultivate the land."

The moment he spoke those words, a white light flashed next to the corn field, and then two new acres of fertile land appeared.

Understanding that the space would continue to add fertile land, Zhao wondered about the other places, like the background land of the game. He wondered if he would be able to some day grow things in the background. Ah, that would be nice.

The voice echoed: [Your level is not high enough. Cultivating background land requires you to be at level thirty]

Zhao froze for a moment. Would he really be able to use the background land if he reached that level? If he could, then that would be great.

Meirin went to Zhao's side. "Master, now that you've cultivated some new land, what are you going to plant?"

Zhao looked at the two acres of land, as well as his original mu of farm land where he had just finished harvesting the radishes. "Grandma Meirin, I'm going to plant corn on those two acres of land. As for the rest, how about I plant some fruit seeds? What do you think?"

Meirin hesitated to answer while looking at the mu of land. She knew that was where he grew the magic radishes, so she was surprised when he said that he wasn't planning on continuing to plant radishes there.

Zhao saw Meirin's hesitation, and smiled. "Right now I already have two hundred forty thousand catty of radishes. Even if they are good sellers, if I sell too much, it might decline the price of radishes. But the oil from that fruit isn't the same. That oil is a necessity to everyone in the Continent. Even if I sell a million catty of it, it won't cause too much of an impact on the market."

After hearing what Zhao said, Meirin agreed. "Okay, Master. Go ahead and plant a fruit orchard."

Zhao nodded. "Plant one mu of fruit seeds."

The moment his voice faded, the small shovel and bucket immediately went to work until the seeds were safely in the ground. Zhao made a calculation and it seemed like he would only be able to plant three hundred trees.

Once the fruit seeds were planted, Zhao put the rest of the seeds back into the spatial barn. As of now, he wasn't going to plant any more corn seeds just yet. He decided to wait until after the corn had matured. That way, he would be able to plant the corn seeds in all four acres at the same time, and then harvest them together.

Everyone was stunned silly from Zhao's performance. Such a big space was listening to Zhao's every word. It was like a miracle.

The crowd stared at him in worship, and even Meirin had the same look in her eyes. Everything that happened in the space was too amazing. Not to mention the slaves, even Meirin had never heard of something like this. They were amazed that such a thing existed in this world.

Seeing everyone's eyes on him, Zhao felt a bit embarrassed. Although he was now the lord of the Buda clan, in his past life, he was an otaku, so by nature he felt shy with everyone watching him.

Zhao quickly said, "Grandma Meirin, I'm going back to the hut to check the situation outside." He went into the hut and shut the door.

Looking at Zhao's departing back, Meirin and Meg couldn't help but laugh. They understood that he was feeling shy. This surprised them because they knew the Adam from before, and Adam was not a shy person. But Adam and Zhao were completely different. Previously, Zhao had little contact with people, so he was very shy. Seeing him act like that was very funny to Meirin and Meg.

When Zhao entered the hut, he took a few breaths to calm himself, then he cursed the two. He then opened the screen and looked at the castle, trying to find any spirit beasts. He could do this while lying in bed.

Operating the space was really too easy. There were a lot of things he didn't know how to do, whether it was plowing or just farming in general, but he just needed to think it, and the space would help him. Although this was quite convenient, it still made him feel very bored.

From outside the hut, he could hear Meirin teaching the slaves how to read. The sound calmed his heart. He felt like he was in the poem, Lou Shi Ming, about how a noble was living in a shabby home. Zhao suddenly felt like reading so he pulled a miscellaneous book from the barn.

It took two hours before the corn matured. Zhao went outside to harvest the corn, then he planted some corn seeds in the four acres of land. After he was finished, he returned to his hut and continued to read.

Zhao knew that, unlike the other crops, the oil fruits wouldn't grow as fast. After all, in the outside world, it would need two years to fully mature. Now that the seed has been digitized, he estimated that it should take around three to four days.

Sure enough, in the next two days, although the corn had already matured, the fruit seeds had just started sprouting.

In these two days time, Zhao had been paying attention to the situation in the castle. By now he hasn't seen a shadow of an undead spirit beast, but he still didn't let Meirin got out to explore yet. He was afraid that the spirit beasts were still around, just beyond his range. If they were to find Meirin, although she might not necessarily be in danger, there was still a risk.

Still, they couldn't stay in this space forever. After all, the castle was their home. They had to leave sooner or later.

These days, Zhao found that the slaves weren't in a good mood. Although they have been learning to read and write, they haven't been working. All they do was eat and improve their literacy skills. They weren't accustomed to doing no work at all, and for some reason this made them feel sorry for Zhao.

Everyday they would eat fragrant rice with soup as a meal, which for the slaves seemed like paradise. Although this made them grateful to Zhao, it also made them feel like they were doing something wrong to him.

But Zhao didn't notice this. He has been doing nothing but reading. It was Meirin who was teaching them. Only after the two days had passed did Zhao finally realize that the slaves mood seemed very low.

Meirin didn't know why, so she had no choice but to let Daisy ask them because they were more open with her.

Over the evening meal, Daisy asked them what was wrong. When she told Meirin, and when Zhao heard about it, he was dumbfounded.

Translator Notes: I tried to understand why the slaves were in a bad mood, but I probably fudged it up. Maybe it'll be explained in the next chapter.

Translator Notes #2: I think that the background land is the backdrop of the game. You can see it, but you can't actually go there yet.

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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 43

Chapter 43 - Refresh

After everything was finished, Meirin taught the slaves to read for awhile, then they made arrangments to go to sleep.

The temperature in the space was very appropriate. Not too cold, not too hot. Spreading out the blankets, the slaves got a good night's sleep.

At midnight, a tone chimed, waking Zhao up. The radishes have matured, and he had to harvest them.

Zhao originally wanted to plant the common seeds, but he was too sleepy, so he decided to just plant another batch of radishes. Otherwise, if the seeds got the spatial farm to level up, he would have to do a lot more things and thus wouldn't be able to go to sleep.

By the next morning, the corn was almost about to mature. Zhao heard movement outside, so he got up. He went out and saw that the slaves were already awake, cooking for themselves under Meirin's watchful eyes. Seeing Zhao up, Meirin immediately got him a basin of water.

After Zhao washed up, he searched around the farm to see if there were any changes, finding nothing special.

But when he looked over at the place where the slaves were cooking, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. It was too clean. The garbage that they had made yesterday was gone. Today, there was nothing, which didn't seem right. Even if the slaves were to pick up the trash, it was impossible to make it that clean.

Moving to Meg's side, Zhao asked, "Meg, did Grandma Meirin tell those slaves to clean up yet?"

Meg was surprised at Zhao's questions, but she shook her head. "No, ah, Grandma hasn't told them yet to work this morning."

Zhao nodded. In his heart, he made a guess. He turned around and went to the barn. Meg knew that next to the barn was the bathroom, so she thought that Zhao was going to take a dump.

But Meg was wrong. Zhao just wanted to see the bathroom in order to confirm his guess.

When he entered the bathroom, he knew that his guess was correct. It seemed like the space refreshed its environment once a day. All the useless things were scrubbed away and the space was restored to its original appearance.

However, the rooms that he had built hasn't disappeared, probably because any useful things weren't brushed away by the space.

Seeing this, Zhao couldn't help but feel relieved that there was a way to deal with the junk problem in his space. It was a headache for him, and he didn't expect that the space would actually solve it on its own. This was very convenient.

Zhao returned to the hut where Meg was standing, waiting for him. Looking at Zhao, Meg couldn't help but blush. Zhao wanted to ask her why she was blushing, but he didn't know how to ask, because after all he had just come out of the bathroom.

Meirin had been directing the slaves to cook, but now that Zhao was awake, she naturally went into the hut to prepare breakfast for him.

Zhao wanted to see what was happening outside the space, so he also went into the hut, but he sat on his bed and opened up the screen to look. In this case, he was checking the three-dimensional map. The outside situation seemed to be improving. Within the radius of one hundred meters, there were only a few spirit beasts. To Zhao's surprise, there were less than ten green dots within range. Three of them were humanoid skeletons, while the rest were more beast shaped.

Although he didn't understand why there were so few undead spirit beasts, Zhao wasn't concerned about it. As long as there were still spirit beasts outside, then it was unsafe to go out.

Shutting down the screen, Zhao looked at the kitchen and saw Meirin making breakfast. She was preparing to make him pancakes. To be honest, every morning he would get bread with his meal, so he really wasn't used to this.

Meirin saw Zhao standing next to her, and said, "Are you hungry, Master? Rest assured, it'll be ready soon."

"Grandma Meirin, although this looks delicious, how about tomorrow morning, we could eat some rice. You don't need to bother with making this pancake pie anymore."

Meirin was surprised. "Rice is food for the slaves. How can I make Master eat it?"

Zhao went silent. From Adam's memories, he couldn't recall of any mention of nobility eating rice. Shaking his head, he said, "Grandma Meirin, you know that we have to stay in this space for a few more days. This place isn't the same as the castle. There is no way to make bread here, so there's no reason not to eat rice everyday, right? You saw it yesterday, didn't you? The rice tastes very good."

Meirin didn't say anything. Yesterday, she could see that the rice did seem really good. To tell the truth, she also wanted to give it a taste too.

She also thought of how this space was different from outside. In the castle, the kitchen had a stone oven, so she could make bread or desserts, but here she could only make pancakes with the electric pancake maker. It would be troubling if they just ate pancakes everyday, so she finally nodded her head. "Well, let's do as you say, Master."

Zhao couldn't help but cheer loudly. Although he had respect for the dough, he preferred to eat rice. In particular, the rice from yesterday, which was really good.

After breakfast, Meirin taught the slaves how to read. Zhao also told Meirin that they didn't need to clean up the garbage, and instead just move it to one side. Meirin didn't understand what Zhao meant, but she did what he said because she believed in him.

She believed in Zhao because he had used the space to save all of them, and also because the longer she stayed in the space, the more it affected her.

When Blockhead and Rockhead first entered the space, it changed their hearts, same way it affected Meirin. At first, the change wasn't that strong for her due to the fact that she was a mage with a lot of spiritual force, so anything that completely affected other people would only have a slight effect on her. But after staying in the space for a long time, she had been changed by it. That was why she didn't refute Zhao's words.

That was to say, she had never refuted Zhao's words before, except when he wanted to do something dangerous. If anything he did was detrimental to himself, she would stop him. The space might have changed them, but it didn't affect their intelligence. On the contrary, it made them smarter.

As for the slaves, they were loyal to the Buda clan because they were the clan's slaves. But ever since they've been in this space, they swore allegiance to Zhao.

Zhao didn't feel any change from the space. No one actually felt it. That was because it wasn't just changing one person. Everyone was changing at the same time, so no one noticed it.

Shortly before noon, the radishes matured. After Zhao harvested the radishes, he took out some seeds from the barn.

These seeds were divided into several types. The most common seeds came from the fruit that had a very high oil content. Green had bought these seeds because it could be grown in poor soil. Not only that, it also had a long lifespan, lasting hundreds of years. Plus, from planting the seeds to growing the fruit, it would only take two years.

Green thought that these fruit seeds would be necessary for the future development of the Buda clan, so he bought a lot of them.

Although the price of oil was cheap, it was still a necessity to the people of the Continent. Green's idea was that once they planted these fruit seeds, two years later, they would be able to harvest a lot of fruits, then process them to make oil. Selling this oil would be able to give the Buda clan a steady income.

The remaining seeds that he had bought were just some common vegetable seeds and field seeds.

Magic vegetable seeds had very rich soil requirements, so it was impossible to grow them on the mountain. That was why he only bought ordinary vegetable seeds.

As for the field seeds that Green had bought, they were used to grow a crop called alfalfa, which was an herb that grew annually. It can be grown as a pasture to feed low leveled herbivorous spirit beasts. But what was most important about this crop was its fertilizer effects. When you harvest it, you would cut off the top of the plant, leaving the roots in the soil. These roots would slowly improve the land, making the soil more fertile.

It can be said that before coming to the Black Waste, Green had thought of many things to try to help the Buda clan survive. Fruit seeds to make oil that could pay for basic living expenses and alfalfa seeds that could fertilize the soil in the mountain. And once the land becomes more fertile, they would be able to plant other things, increasing their income even more.

Of course, Green didn't know about Zhao's farm cheat.

Translator Notes: I really, really wanted to add a joke about F5 ninjas in this chapter.

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