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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 39

Chapter 39 - New Features

Zhao knew that Meirin wouldn't let him down. That was to say, Meirin was an eighth level mage, so she used to have a few students in the Aksu Empire, before they all died along with Adam's father.

Still, Meirin had a lot of teaching experience. She was the best choice to teach the slaves. Meanwhile, Zhao had a headache thinking over another problem.

As long as the corn was ripe, they would have firewood, and with the food stored in the barn, they wouldn't have to worry about finding something to eat. But Zhao then realized something. Cooking with fire will certainly produce smoke. Although the spatial farm was big, if there was no way for the smoke to break out, then sooner or later it will fill up the space.

Zhao feared that he was going to pollute the spatial farm. But he couldn't just make the slaves eat radishes everyday, right? The only thing he could think of was to try to reduce the amount of cooking, then wait until after everyone left the space. Only then could he think of a way to discharge the smoke.

But Zhao also had another worry. He didn't know what was happening outside. He feared that by the time they go out, the spirit beasts would have wrecked the castle, leaving them with no place to live. This was most troublesome.

Pacing around the room, Zhao couldn't think of anything to do but to bring up his display screen. But the screen was black.

Zhao didn't know how to open the display. He tried saying, "On."

No response. Zhao was embarrassed. There were no obvious switches on the screen, so he didn't know how to turn it on.

Zhao then tried touching the screen with his hand, but he didn't think that he could actually touch it. The display lit up. Icons for his shop, barn, and tools appeared on the screen.

He was stunned. The last time he summoned the screen, it only showed an icon for the shop. He didn't expect that there would be more icons this time.

But Zhao didn't care why there were more icons on the screen. What mattered the most was that it displayed what was necessary. It was then that he noticed an icon that didn't seem to have anything to do with the farm. The icon had a picture of a camera.

Zhao couldn't help but freeze for a moment. If this kind of icon appeared on a computer, then it wouldn't be strange, but this symbol had appeared on his spatial farm's screen.

He pressed the icon, wanting to see what it would do. The icon immediately flashed a white light on Zhao's forehead. His head was suddenly filled with information.

Because there was too much information, Zhao had to close his eyes and lay on his bed to digest it all.

Only when Zhao digested the information did he open his eyes. "So it's something like a monitor."

Zhao finally understood what the icon was for. It was similar to a camera that you could use to monitor the surrounding area. That was to say, from the spot where he had entered the space, he could see outside within a radius of one hundred meters. And that was only because his level was too low. Once he leveled up, he would be able to see even further.

Zhao immediately sat up on his bed and touched the camera icon again. The screen changed. Now it displayed a three-dimensional image of the castle.

Below the image was the value of one hundred meters, showing the distance he was able to see.

In the three-dimensional image, there were a lot of green dots moving around constantly. Zhao couldn't help but point at one of the little green dots. The screen flashed, then it showed a large rat-like spirit beast. The rat was inside the living room, and right next to it was a pile of rotten wood that seemed to have come from the sofa.

Zhao looked again carefully, and on the upper left corner of the screen was a small image of the three-dimensional view. He knew what it was for, so he pressed it and sure enough the screen immediately went back to the three-dimensional map, where there were still a lot of green dots.

Zhao understood that the green dots represented the undead spirit beasts.

He decided to take another look into the living room. The screen changed. But this time there were now two rat-like spirit beasts. One of them was the rat that Zhao saw before, while the other was gnawing on the sofa. The other sofas seemed to have been destroyed, gnawed by the rats.

While he continued to look, one of the large rats unintentionally got close to the screen. The result was Zhao, out of surprise, swiping at the screen, causing it to show the room next to the living room.

Zhao froze for a moment. He didn't know that he could even use his fingers to change the image.

Zhao moved his finger down from the top of the screen and sure enough he could now see the castle square. It was filled with a variety of undead spirit beasts that were tossing around and destroying the piles of weeds and weed mats.

Seeing this, Zhao sighed and closed the screen. Now that he knew there were still spirit beasts outside, there was no reason to rush out.

Just then, a tone chimed and the voice echoed: [Corn has matured. Please harvest as soon as possible]

Zhao immediately left the hut, and found Meirin, who was still teaching the class. Everyone gave Zhao a puzzled look, but he didn't care who heard the space tone. He just softly said, "Harvest the corn. Corn stalks, corn cobs, and corn kernels are to be separately harvested."

The moment his words faded, the basket immediately flew out and started collecting the corn. Soon the entire two acres was harvested.

Although the slaves had already seen Zhao harvest the radishes, they still felt surprised when he harvested the corn.

Zhao then put the corn stalks and corn cobs next to the stove frame, along with some bags of food that he had brought. Then he planted some more corn in the ground.

Meirin understood that it was now time to cook, so she put away the papers, then said to the slaves, "It's time to eat. So go prepare dinner."

The slaves had forgotten about the food. For them, learning to read and write was more important than anything else, not to mention that the food was really unpalatable. But there was no meaning if they didn't eat.

Zhao didn't know what the slaves usually eat. These days, he had been eating bread, and he had grown a little tired of it. But since they were inside the space, Zhao wondered what Meirin was going to make today.

Sure enough, Meirin turned to Zhao and asked, "Master, can you come up with some vegetables, ham, and oil?"

Zhao immediately took out everything Meirin asked for, who then left some vegetables and oil for the slaves. She took the rest of the oil, vegetables, and ham with her to the hut.

There was a kitchen inside Zhao's hut, but there were many kitchen tools that she had never seen before.

Zhao really didn't know what Meirin was going to make, so he followed her into the hut. He found her kneading dough, so Zhao thought that she could be making pancakes.

After seeing that, Zhao didn't stay in the hut because he wouldn't have been much help anyway, so he left.

But when he went outside, he was stunned. Rice! The slaves were making rice! The slaves had lit a fire under the pot, and it seemed like they were going to pour oil, and then put the rice in to cook it. Zhao's scalp was tingling. It was the first time he saw rice in this world.

Translator Notes: Yet another chapter that slowed me down because of how freaking confusing it was!

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