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Bringing the Farm to Live in Another World - Chap 43

Chapter 43 - Refresh

After everything was finished, Meirin taught the slaves to read for awhile, then they made arrangments to go to sleep.

The temperature in the space was very appropriate. Not too cold, not too hot. Spreading out the blankets, the slaves got a good night's sleep.

At midnight, a tone chimed, waking Zhao up. The radishes have matured, and he had to harvest them.

Zhao originally wanted to plant the common seeds, but he was too sleepy, so he decided to just plant another batch of radishes. Otherwise, if the seeds got the spatial farm to level up, he would have to do a lot more things and thus wouldn't be able to go to sleep.

By the next morning, the corn was almost about to mature. Zhao heard movement outside, so he got up. He went out and saw that the slaves were already awake, cooking for themselves under Meirin's watchful eyes. Seeing Zhao up, Meirin immediately got him a basin of water.

After Zhao washed up, he searched around the farm to see if there were any changes, finding nothing special.

But when he looked over at the place where the slaves were cooking, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. It was too clean. The garbage that they had made yesterday was gone. Today, there was nothing, which didn't seem right. Even if the slaves were to pick up the trash, it was impossible to make it that clean.

Moving to Meg's side, Zhao asked, "Meg, did Grandma Meirin tell those slaves to clean up yet?"

Meg was surprised at Zhao's questions, but she shook her head. "No, ah, Grandma hasn't told them yet to work this morning."

Zhao nodded. In his heart, he made a guess. He turned around and went to the barn. Meg knew that next to the barn was the bathroom, so she thought that Zhao was going to take a dump.

But Meg was wrong. Zhao just wanted to see the bathroom in order to confirm his guess.

When he entered the bathroom, he knew that his guess was correct. It seemed like the space refreshed its environment once a day. All the useless things were scrubbed away and the space was restored to its original appearance.

However, the rooms that he had built hasn't disappeared, probably because any useful things weren't brushed away by the space.

Seeing this, Zhao couldn't help but feel relieved that there was a way to deal with the junk problem in his space. It was a headache for him, and he didn't expect that the space would actually solve it on its own. This was very convenient.

Zhao returned to the hut where Meg was standing, waiting for him. Looking at Zhao, Meg couldn't help but blush. Zhao wanted to ask her why she was blushing, but he didn't know how to ask, because after all he had just come out of the bathroom.

Meirin had been directing the slaves to cook, but now that Zhao was awake, she naturally went into the hut to prepare breakfast for him.

Zhao wanted to see what was happening outside the space, so he also went into the hut, but he sat on his bed and opened up the screen to look. In this case, he was checking the three-dimensional map. The outside situation seemed to be improving. Within the radius of one hundred meters, there were only a few spirit beasts. To Zhao's surprise, there were less than ten green dots within range. Three of them were humanoid skeletons, while the rest were more beast shaped.

Although he didn't understand why there were so few undead spirit beasts, Zhao wasn't concerned about it. As long as there were still spirit beasts outside, then it was unsafe to go out.

Shutting down the screen, Zhao looked at the kitchen and saw Meirin making breakfast. She was preparing to make him pancakes. To be honest, every morning he would get bread with his meal, so he really wasn't used to this.

Meirin saw Zhao standing next to her, and said, "Are you hungry, Master? Rest assured, it'll be ready soon."

"Grandma Meirin, although this looks delicious, how about tomorrow morning, we could eat some rice. You don't need to bother with making this pancake pie anymore."

Meirin was surprised. "Rice is food for the slaves. How can I make Master eat it?"

Zhao went silent. From Adam's memories, he couldn't recall of any mention of nobility eating rice. Shaking his head, he said, "Grandma Meirin, you know that we have to stay in this space for a few more days. This place isn't the same as the castle. There is no way to make bread here, so there's no reason not to eat rice everyday, right? You saw it yesterday, didn't you? The rice tastes very good."

Meirin didn't say anything. Yesterday, she could see that the rice did seem really good. To tell the truth, she also wanted to give it a taste too.

She also thought of how this space was different from outside. In the castle, the kitchen had a stone oven, so she could make bread or desserts, but here she could only make pancakes with the electric pancake maker. It would be troubling if they just ate pancakes everyday, so she finally nodded her head. "Well, let's do as you say, Master."

Zhao couldn't help but cheer loudly. Although he had respect for the dough, he preferred to eat rice. In particular, the rice from yesterday, which was really good.

After breakfast, Meirin taught the slaves how to read. Zhao also told Meirin that they didn't need to clean up the garbage, and instead just move it to one side. Meirin didn't understand what Zhao meant, but she did what he said because she believed in him.

She believed in Zhao because he had used the space to save all of them, and also because the longer she stayed in the space, the more it affected her.

When Blockhead and Rockhead first entered the space, it changed their hearts, same way it affected Meirin. At first, the change wasn't that strong for her due to the fact that she was a mage with a lot of spiritual force, so anything that completely affected other people would only have a slight effect on her. But after staying in the space for a long time, she had been changed by it. That was why she didn't refute Zhao's words.

That was to say, she had never refuted Zhao's words before, except when he wanted to do something dangerous. If anything he did was detrimental to himself, she would stop him. The space might have changed them, but it didn't affect their intelligence. On the contrary, it made them smarter.

As for the slaves, they were loyal to the Buda clan because they were the clan's slaves. But ever since they've been in this space, they swore allegiance to Zhao.

Zhao didn't feel any change from the space. No one actually felt it. That was because it wasn't just changing one person. Everyone was changing at the same time, so no one noticed it.

Shortly before noon, the radishes matured. After Zhao harvested the radishes, he took out some seeds from the barn.

These seeds were divided into several types. The most common seeds came from the fruit that had a very high oil content. Green had bought these seeds because it could be grown in poor soil. Not only that, it also had a long lifespan, lasting hundreds of years. Plus, from planting the seeds to growing the fruit, it would only take two years.

Green thought that these fruit seeds would be necessary for the future development of the Buda clan, so he bought a lot of them.

Although the price of oil was cheap, it was still a necessity to the people of the Continent. Green's idea was that once they planted these fruit seeds, two years later, they would be able to harvest a lot of fruits, then process them to make oil. Selling this oil would be able to give the Buda clan a steady income.

The remaining seeds that he had bought were just some common vegetable seeds and field seeds.

Magic vegetable seeds had very rich soil requirements, so it was impossible to grow them on the mountain. That was why he only bought ordinary vegetable seeds.

As for the field seeds that Green had bought, they were used to grow a crop called alfalfa, which was an herb that grew annually. It can be grown as a pasture to feed low leveled herbivorous spirit beasts. But what was most important about this crop was its fertilizer effects. When you harvest it, you would cut off the top of the plant, leaving the roots in the soil. These roots would slowly improve the land, making the soil more fertile.

It can be said that before coming to the Black Waste, Green had thought of many things to try to help the Buda clan survive. Fruit seeds to make oil that could pay for basic living expenses and alfalfa seeds that could fertilize the soil in the mountain. And once the land becomes more fertile, they would be able to plant other things, increasing their income even more.

Of course, Green didn't know about Zhao's farm cheat.

Translator Notes: I really, really wanted to add a joke about F5 ninjas in this chapter.

Translator Notes #2: Okay, I can't tell if the space has mind control abilities or if staying in the space will change your perspective on life, like when a poor man stays in a rich man's mansion for a couple of days.

Translator Notes #3: This chapter was edited from an MTL. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.


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