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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 93 (Sponsored)

Chapter 93 - Tracking the Enemy

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Zhao smiled. "Grandma Meirin, I'm not ready to raise so much fire fish. If we sell so much fish in the market, wouldn't that make them worthless?"

Zhao's words was like a bucket of cold water, cooling Meirin's enthusiasm instantly. However, it was for a different reason. Zhao didn't want to flood the market with fire fish because it would affect the price, but Meirin was thinking of how it would affect the Buda clan. If people found out that their clan could raise fire fish in large quantities, she feared that the temptation to hunt the Buda clan for this method would be too great.

Meirin scowled. "Master, what you say is true. But the most important is that we must not let people know the relationship between the fire fish and the Buda clan, otherwise we would be finished. Those old nobles would want to use these fish as their own money making tool. We must be careful."

Zhao nodded. "Do not worry, Grandma Meirin. I'll be careful. Everyone only knows me by my black mage identity, so no one would suspect the Buda clan. And I have Drunk catching spirit beasts in the carrion swamp, so pretty soon the Black Waste will be safer."

Meirin nodded, then sighed. "In the Continent, you can't do anything without money. Even the old nobility are always thinking of ways to make more money. Maybe its a good thing that our Buda clan was banished to the Black Waste. At least we could hide there. As long as we don't let people know that we can raise fire fish, we should be safe."

"Yes, it's best that we make everyone forget our existence," Zhao said.

They talked for a while longer before returning to the villa to rest. After checking that there was nothing to worry about in the two places, Zhao decided to stay in the space.

Zhao really liked staying inside the space. One, because the design of the villa was a lot like those on Earth. It felt very comfortable living there. And two, the space was completely in his control, so he never felt weak.

The space never went from light to dark. The sky was always the same color. If Zhao wanted to know if it was dark outside, he had to use the screen's monitoring system.

In the evening, Zhao called in Blockhead and Rockhead to rest in the villa. As for the slaves, they were left in the castle, where there was enough food, drink, and firewood. In fact, the slaves preferred sleeping at the castle. Although the space was very comfortable, they didn't like the idea of sleeping next to Zhao. They never knew if when they were sleeping, Zhao would be awake or not, which made their hearts feel a lot of pressure. At this moment, the castle was more comfortable.

For some time now, while he was staying inside the space, Zhao had been paying attention to the magic peach tree. Fortunately, the growth of the tree was very satisfactory. This peach tree was different from the ones in Zhao's past life. It wasn't very tall, but the whole tree looked like it was carved out of a beautiful crystal.

Meirin and Meg had also been paying attention to the magic peach tree. For them, it was something really important.

In the evening, Zhao harvested some radishes. By now he had about fourteen acres worth of radishes. Once Laura gets back, he should have more than enough to sell.

As of now, the only way to make money was with the radishes, fire fish, and oil fruits. And also, the magic peaches if they ever decide to sell it.

Zhao made some calculations. Because the oil from the oil fruits were cheap and had a high demand, the sale of the oil would be steady.

The fire fish were the most valuable, but Zhao was only willing to sell them in small amounts, otherwise it would draw too much attention to them.

As for the radishes, they could sell them to the general public. Although they were magic vegetables, even commoners would be able to buy them a couple of times. But most of the radishes would be sold to nobles and merchants. It wasn't like commoners could afford to eat magic radishes everyday.

However, while he could sell more magic radishes than fire fish, he still couldn't sell too much, otherwise it would have a large impact on the radish market, and he himself would have to suffer a loss in profits.

Zhao was sitting beside the magic peach tree when his soul fluctuated. Suddenly, Brick's voice appeared out of nowhere. "Master, there's trouble in Stony Mountain."

Zhao froze, then he put up the screen to look at them. The black mages wouldn't have reported to him unless the people that have been watching them have made their move. It seems like their enemies have finally run out of patience.

"Is your report accurate?" Zhao asked at once.

"Accurate," Brick said. "They're moving towards Stony Mountain, and will be here by tomorrow night."

Zhao nodded. "How strong are they?"

"Three mages, three advanced-level warriors, three hundred mid-level warriors, and one hundred assassins. Among the three mages is a light mage."

"Light mage?" Zhao murmured. "I never thought that these guys would bring a light mage. It seems like they have taken great pains to build up their forces."

There was a saying on the Continent. A light mage was a black mage's greatest nemesis. If there was a black mage in a group of people, he would be an outcast. But if a light mage was in a group of people, he would be popular. Light mages usually wore a neat white robe while always having a smile on his face. HIs warms hands would cast dazzling light spells that can heal people's wounds and attack their enemies. They were known as the perfect mage.

Zhao didn't know if it was true that light magic could restrain black magic. If a light mage was at the same level as a black mage, then the black mage would certainly suffer, but that should only be when they were at the same level. Two of the five elements were water and fire. In nature, water can overcome fire, but a glass of water can not extinguish a car on fire.

That may be so, but it has been recognized on the Continent that the best way to deal with a black mage was with light spells. Even if the light mage wasn't at a high level, he would certainly bring a great deal of trouble to a black mage. Since Zhao's identity was a black mage, it was the correct decision to bring a light mage to deal with him.

From this point, it seemed like the other side really wanted to take Zhao down. They had brought three mages, three advanced-level warriors, three hundred mid-level warriors, and one hundred assassins. The fighting strength of this team of people would certainly not be weak. Even if the undead mercenary group were to encounter them, they would take a detour to avoid them.

But Zhao wasn't afraid. To him, only the light mage was trouble. But he had to be ready. He wasn't stupid enough to just wait around. After all, offense was the best defense.

This was also an opportunity. Zhao had to show them who they were dealing with. If the enemy didn't respect them, there would be no end to what they might do.

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