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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 69 (Sponsored)

Chapter 69 - Their Plans

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It was a very strange feeling. Laura never thought that just a smell would make her think of so many things. The odor coming from Zhao's body smelled like the sea, letting her feel her spirits being lifted.

Laura froze for a moment, but Zhao turned to look at Laura's beautiful face. "Miss Laura, what are you doing?"

Laura recovered, then blushed and quickly let go of Zhao's clothes. "I'm sorry, dear mage. May I ask for your name?"

"Of course. My name is Zhao." Zhao used his name from his past life. If he said that he was Adam Buda, he was afraid that they would be hunted down. He wasn't an idiot.

Laura took out a gold medal and handed it to Zhao. "Mr Zhao, this will show that you are a Gold VIP. Show this piece of gold to any of our Markey company in the Continent, and you will be given a twenty percent discount. Also, if you want to sell anything in the Purcell Duchy, as long as you are holding this, the Markey company will pay the full purchase price to buy one of your goods. I know that this simply isn't enough to repay you for your kindness, but on behalf of my piece of mind, please accept it." Laura was bowing while holding the gold medal high above her head.

Zhao wanted this gold medal. With it, what he does in the future will be more convenient. He could see that this time, Laura must be doing something important, otherwise she wouldn't be so anxious to get to Montenegro Fortress. Even though she had suffered heavy losses, she still didn't want to go back and would rather stay here to camp, then leave tomorrow.

But Zhao didn't dwell on it. He just took the gold medal and said, "Thank you, Miss." Having carefully looked at the piece of gold, he could see that the gold medal was palm-sized, made entirely out of pure gold, and the shape of it was like a blooming Bana, and at the center was the word, Markey.

After Zhao took the gold medal, Laura straightened her body and let out a breath. She had been really afraid that Zhao wouldn't accept the medal.

Laura didn't give the gold medal to Zhao entirely out of thanks, but the main reason was to form a relationship between her and Zhao. He was an advanced black mage, and one so young, plus he was flanked by Green, an advanced warrior. If she could form a relationship with Zhao, then that could only be a good thing.

In the Ark Continent, strength was respected. If Laura could become friends with Zhao the advanced black mage, then it would be a great influence to her position in her clan. So when she saw that Zhao accepted the gold medal, she felt relieved. As long as Zhao used the gold medal, she would be able to find him, and then slowly form a closer relationship.

After looking at the gold medal, Zhao tucked it in his sleeve so it couldn't be seen when he threw it into the space.

Once he had the gold medal, Zhao said, "Miss Laura, I'm sure that you have a lot of things to do. I will not hold you up, but we will have the opportunity to see each other later."

Having turned away, Laura didn't stop him this time, but she said to Zhao's back, "If Mr. Zhao wants to look for me, just casually mention my name in one of the Markey's family shops, and you can send me a message."

Zhao didn't turn around, and just gently waved as he climbed into the undead's mouth. Once Meg and Green followed behind Zhao into the undead's body, the undead then quickly left the battlefield.

Laura watched as the undead walked away. Once it was gone, she couldn't help but let loose a breath. Then a fifteen year old girl, who was wearing a maid outfit, came to Laura's side while holding a box which contained an orb filled with dead souls.

The girl walked around Laura and said, "Miss, will we really have to camp here?"

Laura looked at the bodies and bones on the battlefield, her eyes flashed with coldness. "Of course. We will rest here for the night. Tomorrow morning, we will be on our way to Montenegro Fortress as soon as possible. Send someone to keep a lookout on the back of the slope."

A warrior saluted, then turned and ran to the back of the slope. Laura turned to the girl dressed as a maid and said, "Nier, are you scared?"

Nier was pale, but she shook her head. However, Laura still saw the distressed look on Nier's face. She touched her head and said, "Do not worry, Nier. You don't have to be afraid, I will not let such a thing happen to you."

Although Nier was Laura's maid, the two grew up together. Because of this, Laura always felt that Nier was like a sister, so she comforted her.

However, Laura was very clear that this time they really had something to fear. Because of the stakes of this transaction, only a few core members of the clan knew about it, but somehow the Immortal mercenary group had been waiting days in advance to ambush them, so they apparently knew about their plans.

The Immortal mercenary group weren't prophets, they could only rely on guesses for their robberies. So someone must have told them about the plan.

While Laura still didn't know for sure who that person was, she could at least determine a range of people. In fact, Laura understood that some in her own clan looked forward to her death. Her father was the second heir to the clan, but he didn't care much about the family business. However, since she took over the business, her father's position as the second heir became more stable, which brought a lot of pressure to several other heirs.

In a large clan, what was the most brutal? Undoubtedly, competition between family members was the most brutal. Laura, although she was still young, slowly understood this truth ever since she took over the family business. But she didn't think that the people in the clan would do things that were so absolute.

At this moment, Laura knew that in the future, no matter what, she couldn't rely on the clan.

That was one of the reasons why Laura had tried to win over Zhao. If later, the clan was really unreliable, then with Zhao's support as a powerful mage, Laura could go out and live on her own without fear of family reprisals.

Zhao didn't know the full meaning of what Laura was doing because he didn't know what the Immortal mercenary group was trying to grab, but he shall know soon.

After Zhao and everyone quickly left the battlefield, they gathered around Green in the room of the undead's body. Zhao took out the gold medal and handed it to Green. "Grandpa green, look at this gold medal. With this, will our plans not be more successful?"

Green carefully looked at the gold. "Ah, yes. With this gold medal, plus with Laura's kindness, it will be a great help to our future development. In the Markey clan, Laura is the second daughter. She has taken over the family business in the Purcell Duchy, so this is very beneficial for us."

Zhao frowned. "Will anyone suspect us?"

Green shook his head. "They should not, Master, as long as we quickly sell the radishes and return to the Black Waste. There, you can let the Immortal mercenary group go into the carrion swamp and rein in the undead, and also release the undead that you already have. Because if the undead from the carrion swamp looked like they are wandering around the Black Waste, I think that no one would easily go into our territory, making us more secure."

Zhao nodded his head. With a thought, the Immortal mercenary group of eight men appeared in front of him. Fortunately, the room in the undead's body wasn't small, otherwise it wouldn't be able to fit so many people.

The eight men were wearing similar styles to Zhao's dark robe, but they didn't have a magic staff in their hands. When they came out, in a ceremony fashion, the eight people immediately said in unison to Zhao, "Master."

Zhao nodded and said, "Hat." The eight men took off their hats, and eight skulls appeared. They were dark green crystal skulls with red fire as the soul in their eyes. Some people would think of the crystal as beautiful, while others might see them as strange.

"Why did you attack Laura?" Zhao asked.

The wisdom of these eight have apparently not been affected. One immediately replied, "Master, we got the news from a person in the Markey clan that Laura had the Necro Orb, which can enhance the undead."

"Which person from the Markey clan told you this news?" Zhao asked.

Just then, Green suddenly asked, "Master, are you saying that they can speak?"

Translator Notes: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.


  1. what will happened if a corpse enters zhao space ?

    1. Likely he will be able to put it into his storage. If the corpse is turning, then it will be appropriated by the space as one of his undead.

    2. Likely he will be able to put it into his storage. If the corpse is turning, then it will be appropriated by the space as one of his undead.

    3. Personally, I'd think disease resistance or fertilizer.

    4. 1 of 2 possibilities comes to mind.
      1st, if they possess some special property (like died from poison) that property is analyzed and added to whatever abilities or things can benefit from it. then... 1 of 2 things.
      A)If its still useful or asked too, it will store the corpse in the barn. (like the radish tops) or...
      B)Obliterated into nothingness (like the trash from the slaves)

  2. Lol of course they can speak! Its been said repeatedly they use to be human so they have intelligence!
    Anyways I remember people saying this Lier is the best girl in the novel... I wonder if that's true?

    1. I think it's not because they were human... I mean, there were villagers and everything along as well, no?..., but because they were high-undead. Also, I think that Green possibly doesn't hear them speak/doesn't understand their words.

    2. Well I mean, they wouldn't have vocal cords, or know how sound is produced through vibrations (probably). Thus maybe they can't speak normally?

    3. Im going to guess telempathy or... "The space" is interpreting for them and only talks to him since he is the player.

  3. Is the maid's name Nier or is it Ni'er? Cause I've seen 'Er added onto names in Chinese in novels before.

    1. That is completely upto the translator. Names tend to be translated phonetically and its up to the translator's discretion on the spelling.

      Kinda like how some people name their kid. (i.e. Connar, Conner, Conor, Konner, Konner)

    2. It's not a naming sense per se if a person adds on 'er to one's name is signifies a close bond between them of that of siblings.

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    Thank you for the chapter 😄

    Zombie will get another upgrade? Yay~
    Long live..err dead Zombie Faction!

  5. thanks for the chapter /o/o/o

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