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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 67 (Sponsored)

Chapter 67 - Undead Level Up

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Almost all of Laura's men had injuries. These men were loyal to Laura, not the Markey clan. Since she was young, Laura understood that the men given to her by the clan weren't reliable, so over the years she had been trying to cultivate her own forces. Because of the stakes of this time's transaction, she had to take her most loyal men, but they had almost died.

After Zhao threw some of the Immortal mercenary group into the space, he heard the voice: [Advance class robotic objects have been discovered in the space. Proceeding with new implantation program. Implantation successful. Robotic objects have no toxic effects. Will now strengthen them with toxins. Running extraction program on these new class of advanced robotic objects. The original class of robotic objects will now be strengthened]

Zhao understood what the voice meant. He really succeeded. Once the six undead of the Immortal mercenary group entered the space, they had really become one of us. Plus, they were also strengthened with the toxins from the swamp, giving them a stronger attacking power. Not only that, when the space found that the six undead were more advanced than the others, it leveled up all the undead that he had.

Zhao had not yet had the time to feel pleased when a blue shadow shot towards him and shouted, "Master." It was Green, who was clutching two black figures. It appeared that they were the remaining members of the Immortal mercenary group. With a thought, Zhao opened up a hole, then Green threw the two members into the space. The voice sounded again, telling him that the reform process was happening again.

Just then, all the undead around Zhao flashed a tiny light. The light was so small and fast that if Zhao was not sitting on his undead, he might not have noticed it.

After the light disappeared, Zhao found that the undead had changed. Their bodies were a more deeper green and the red soul fire where their eyes were supposed to be looked more exuberant.

The body of his undead became dark green. The only place where it was different was the white pattern on its head. The pattern was shaped similar to an eye. It was a complex pattern which if you stared at it for a long time, you would feel that it was spinning, sucking in your soul.

In addition, his undead seemed to have become bigger. It was originally just ten meters long, but now it reached a total of fifteen meters. But that wasn't the only change. The chest of the undead had turned into a closed space when green crystal formed walls between the ribs, leaving no trace of a gap. The space inside the chest was now two meters high, four meters long, and three meters wide, with a flat floor and an arc-shaped roof. Not only could you sit inside the chest, you could also stand up and move around.

On the neck of the undead appeared some sort of strange bone armor. It didn't affect the undead as it could still turn its neck to look around, but this bone armor had formed something like a corridor that gave direct access to the undead's mouth from its chest. The mouth was very big. As long as the mouth was open, it could form a space that was three meters wide, five meters long, and one meter high, allowing a person to sit there and see the situation outside.

Down the back of the undead grew a lot of hideous bone spurs that seemed to glitter with flashing green light, and on its tail grew three long spikes that pointed up, left, and right. Just the sight of them showed how powerful and lethal they were. Zhao and Meg looked at the changes of the undead, not knowing how it had become like this or when the wooden planks had been knocked to the ground. It didn't just become a roomy way to travel, but also a murderous weapon.

Meirin and Green were surprised. The changes to the undead were completely beyond their imagination.

Zhao took a moment to collect himself, then with a thought, he immediately put the rest of the undead inside his space, then he called out to Meirin and Green. "Grandma Meirin, Grandpa Green, let's go into the undead's mouth."

The undead had two entrances. The front entrance was the mouth, while the other was behind the chest. Zhao noticed that there were a few pieces of bones which you could open, allowing you to go into Alien from behind. However, Zhao didn't want to go inside from the back, because that was the place where animals defecated. He didn't want to go in or out from there.

Green and Meirin went inside the undead with Zhao, which immediately opened its mouth to let them in. The chest seemed to be tightly sealed, only feeling a little wind. Once inside, Green and Meirin couldn't help but feel surprised. They really didn't expect that the space inside the chest would become like this. Didn't it change too much?

They looked at Zhao, who chuckled. "I didn't think that it would become like this after I put those guys from the Immortal mercenary group into the space. The space made all the undead stronger, which is why it had become like this. Now we don't need to sit outside. We can just sit in here and see the outside situation instead."

Green nodded as he looked around. "Although it's not much, you can still see outside. Well, Master, it would be great if we go see the Markey clan like this."

Zhao smiled. "Then let's go see them." He commanded his undead to climb the slope.

Laura and everyone else didn't see what happened behind the slope. The last thing they saw was a blue shadow clutching two black humanoid objects going behind the slope, then all the undead that helped them have disappeared. Laura was just about to send people to see what had happened when a crocodile skeleton crawled out from behind the slope.

That crocodile skeleton seemed very familiar, like the one that the black mage was sitting on, but it had changed, looking more ferocious. While she didn't get a good look at that undead's appearance, she clearly remembered that it didn't have bone spurs that big going down its back. However, Laura was sure that it was an undead that belonged to the black mage that helped them. That was because she had never seen the Immortal mercenary group using such an undead. If they had that undead, they would have used it to siege them from the beginning.

Laura and her men felt nervous. After all, that undead was too scary. Its dark green bones shined with a coldness under the sun, while its four meter long mouth exposed rows of fangs. And although its legs weren't high, it had long sharp claws that left no doubt to the destruction it could bring.

Such a monster was coming towards them.

Laura and her men tightly clutched their weapons, their hearts rising up to their throats. Under their gaze, the undead stopped itself five meters away from them. When its mouth opened, they felt a burst of fear. But then Green stepped out of the undead's mouth.

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