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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 91 (Sponsored)

Chapter 91 - Radish Seeds

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Meirin and Meg liked to stay inside the space. It was like paradise.

Especially with the recent discovery that they had made. They found out that when they practiced magic inside the space, their training speed was actually faster than practicing magic outside. This was first discovered by Meg.

Meg was a sixth level mage, so there was room for improvement. She had been in the space before, but she couldn't practice magic back then because she was too busy. There was just no time to practice magic until now, which allowed her to notice that her magic training speed was faster than before.

Feeling this difference, she told Meirin about it.

Meirin didn't practice that much magic anymore. She was already a powerful mage at the eighth level, so she had already reached a bottleneck. Even if she were to practice magic, in such a short time, it would be impossible to break through. Now she was so busy with many other things, she didn't have time to practice magic, and naturally she didn't discover the difference in training speed in the space.

It was only when Meg told her about it that she decided to test it out, and found that her magical training speed really was much faster in the space than outside, at least by half.

Meg also told this to Zhao, but it wasn't like he could understand it. He couldn't practice magic, so this discovery didn't give him that much of an impact. As long as Meirin and Meg enhanced their strength, it was good enough for him.

Eventually, the crops started to mature. It wasn't the radishes, but the peas that matured first. The peas only took eighteen hours to ripen, which Zhao didn't expect to be that fast. He immediately harvested the peas. Not only were peas good to eat, but they could also be used as seeds. However, Zhao didn't plant anymore peas for now.

Once he harvested the peas, he had two empty acres of land. Without needing to think about it, he planted the two magic peach seeds. After all, those things were really useful.

Since there was only one magic peach seed in each acre of land, most of the land was now empty, so Zhao tried to plant some corn seeds in that acre. The result was that the corn seeds withered the moment it was planted.

Now that the magic peach seed had been planted, that acre of land became precious. No one dared to walk over it, afraid that stepping on the ground would affect the growth of the magic peach. So whenever they got near that acre of land, they would take a detour around it.

Two hours afters planting the magic peach seed, the radishes have matured.  For some reason, the radish seeds that he had gained from the radishes took twenty hours to mature. But when Zhao harvested the radishes, he felt a burst of pleasure. In total, he was able to gain one hundred and sixty thousand catty of radishes. That means he was able to harvest eighty thousand catty of radishes per acre.

Now that he had harvested the radishes, he wanted to see how much radish seeds he was able to get. Zhao couldn't help but laugh when he discovered that he was able to gain two thousand catty worth of radish seeds from those two acres. It seems that now he would never have to worry about running out of radish seeds.

Two hours later, the pumpkins had matured. Once he put the pumpkins in the barn, he planted some radishes where the pumpkins used to be. And eventually, he harvested the cucumbers, which took twenty eight hours to mature. In the meantime, he had already harvested the oil fruits.

Checking his inventory, Zhao saw that he had one hundred and fifty gold coins, two acres worth of cucumbers, two acres worth of peas, two acres worth of pumpkins, two acres worth of broccoli, two acres worth of cabbages, two acworth of eggplants, two acres worth of wheat, and all the radishes that took eight acres to grow. Plus he had some oil fruits that he had harvested fifteen times, and corn which he had harvested twenty eight times.

Zhao wasn't going to use the corn as animal feed, at least not directly. Once they use a mill stone, they would soon be able to start processing the corn. And once the corn was processed, they would be able to obtain some corn bran. That bran will be used as animal feed, along with radish leaves and the leftover fruit they would get after pressing the oil fruits. This should be enough to feed the spirit beasts.

Although there were no spirit beasts in the space yet, he would soon have some. Three hundred blue-eyed rabbits was not a small number. He remembered from playing the game that an ordinary rabbit would consume about a pound worth of feed every two hours.

The blue-eyed rabbits from the Ark Continent was probably a similar creature. But Zhao didn't know how much these rabbits would eat, and could only wait until Green gets back to find out.

At least he had a lot of radish leaves. That should be enough to last for awhile. And once the slaves finished planting the alfalfa seeds on Iron Mountain, they could then start processing the corn, which would give him more animal feed. Also, after Laura helps them sell the radishes, they would be able to buy an oil press. Once the oil is pressed from the oil fruits, the leftover fruit could also be used as animal feed.

Anyway, Zhao wasn't ready to raise a lot of spirit beasts. He wanted to leave some vacancies just in case there were some spirit beasts that he wanted to grab.

After he finished harvesting, Zhao felt bored so he went to check up on things with the screen. He first looked around the castle. Needless to say, the male slaves were busy repairing the castle walls, while the female slaves were arranging to go plant the alfalfa seeds. Zhao was very satisfied with this.

The castle walls didn't have any magic protection, so its defensive capabilities was very limited. But it was better to repair it than not to.

As for the alfalfa seeds, growing alfalfa wasn't simple, but neither was it complicated. Just dig a small hole in the ground and plant the seed, then pour a little water. Also, make sure that the mountain was clear of weeds, otherwise they would compete with the alfalfa.

The weeds that had been cleared away shouldn't be wasted. Daisy would prepare the weeds to make some mats. In addition to that, she hasn't stopped her research on building a Caocuan boat, though this time she was using wood.

However, they had to do things step by step. Right now their main job was to plant the alfalfa seeds. The seeds were very small, but because Green wanted to improve the land on Iron Mountain, he bought a lot of them. Their time was taken up with planting alfalfa seeds, weaving straw mats, and researching how to make a Caochuan boat.

Looking at the castle, Zhao didn't see anything wrong, so he decided to link with Drunk. By now Drunk had entered the carrion swamp, but only the outer perimeter. He and the other black mages have not encountered any powerful spirit beasts yet.

It was only through the space that he was able to communicate with Drunk. The range from the teleport point didn't reach the swamp, so Zhao couldn't see what was going on over there. Only by getting answers to his questions did he understand the situation. Drunk seems to have listened to his words. They didn't hurry inside, and was only exploring the edge of the carrion swamp.

Not finding anything wrong, Zhao felt relieved. He then switched the screen to look at Stony Mountain, where Scales and Brick were. Everything seemed calm. Nothing was happening other than the undead gathering the stones.

Bored, Zhao paddled his finger over the remote's touch screen, until he noticed something on the big screen that caught his attention.

Translator Notes: In case you don't remember, radish seeds from the shop takes ten acres and eight hours to produce eighty thousand catty of radishes. But radish seeds from radishes takes one acre and twenty hours to produce eighty thousand catty of radishes. I don't understand spatial farming.

Translator Notes #2: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.


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