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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 115

Chapter 115 - Businessman

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After dinner, Laura went to her living room. This wasn't the large living room used to entertain people. This was more like an inner chamber that only Laura's most trusted men could come into. Now there were only three people here: Laura, Nier, and Grandpa Kun.

Laura and Kun were sitting on the sofa, holding a cup of tea in their hands, while Nier was standing beside Laura.

Laura drank her tea, then she turned to Kun. "Grandpa Kun, tomorrow I will be making a trip to Stony Mountain to visit Zhao. Do you think this is a right decision?"

Kun also drank his tea, and nodded his head. "It's okay. After all, he did save your life. Recently, Zhao's name can always be heard in Casa city. You should know that just a few days ago, he had asked us for help with a shipment of blue-eyed rabbits, although I don't know what he would want them for. Right now Stony Mountain has become restricted, and most people will not even get too close, but tomorrow I will go with you."

No matter what, Laura will always ask Grandpa Kun for his opinion. This just shows how much she respects him.

Because of what he said, Laura felt relieved. Kun looked at her and smiled. "Do you have doubts about Zhao?"

Laura nodded. "Ah, yes, I started to have a little bit of doubt about him. It's just that his emergence was just too coincidental. Plus, he is a black mage, so I'm afraid that he might have ties to the Immortal Mercenary Group."

Kun was still smiling. "That is unlikely. I did a deep background check on the Immortal Mercenary Group and it seems like they belong to a secret organization. When Zhao was attacked, it was probably related to that organization, which included Garan and the three advanced level warriors. Although I can't find out more than that because this organization is very large and mysterious, I am certain that Zhao has absolutely nothing to do with them."

Laura's face changed. "There is such an organization? And the black mages of the Immortal Mercenary Group is part of them? But since Garan is a light mage, it is unlikely that he is in league with this organization."

Kun gave a slight chuckle as he looked at Laura. "Silly girl, nothing is impossible. This world is not as simple as you think. Do you think that all light mages are enemies against black mages? In fact, in this world, black mages aren't necessarily evil, and light mages aren't always clean. It's only because black magic doesn't have a good reputation that many people misunderstand it."

Laura nodded, understanding his words. "Then if this mysterious organization has control of such strong forces, then why don't they lord it over us? Why has no one on the Continent heard of them before?"

"Those with real strength doesn't need to lord it over this world's people. Any dynasty will face destruction eventually, but a force that hides underground will be difficult to destroy. The presence of these large forces have been there since ancient times, penetrating into every aspect of this Continent. They are definitely a force that you can't make light of."

This was the first time Laura has heard of such a thing, so she couldn't help but feel surprised. "Who can control such a force?"

Kun smiled. "No one knows."

"Well then, we just have to deal with them with our own hands," Laura said.

Kun shook his head. "That is impossible. If those big forces wanted to deal with us, we wouldn't be sitting here now. Do not underestimate their power. If they really wanted to destroy us, then we would be unable to resist even if the entire Markey clan came together."

Laura was surprised. "They have that much power?"

"Yes, they are that powerful. The Markey clan could be considered a strong clan on the Continent, but compared to those big forces out there, if they wanted to deal with us, we would most likely be dead."

"They sound very dangerous." Laura frowned. "Now that Zhao has defeated the Immortal Mercenary Group, wouldn't that usher in revenge against him?"

Kun gave a slight chuckle. "This Zhao is not so simple. I doubt that he doesn't also have a large force supporting him, otherwise as a black mage, how would he be able to summon so much high level undead. Do you think that a mage without any background would be able to do such a thing?"

Laura froze for a moment. "Grandpa Kun, are you saying that Zhao is also that powerful?"

Kun nodded. "It is possible. From the way he's doing things, it's likely that he is part of some other large underground force. If we could get in contact with them, maybe we could gain some benefits."

"But would those benefits be worth it?" Laura asked. "If Zhao represented a vast underground force, and they do battle against the forces of that mysterious organization, wouldn't we just be in danger if we get caught between them?"

"Little Laura," Kun smiled, "After so many years in business, if you haven't yet understood that sometimes you'll have to make risky investments, then you're not qualified as a businessman. Tomorrow, we will go see Zhao, and that is tantamount to making an investment. I believe that he is suitable to invest in."

Kun calmly explained. "You have to remember, as a businessman, life has two kinds of people. Those that are worthy enough to invest in and those that are not worthy enough to invest in. This includes your friends and relatives. If your friend deserves an investment, then you can invest in him and help him, and one day you will gain some benefits. But there are people that are not worthy of your investment, and these people could even be your relatives. You can help them, but your help must have a limit, because these people will not give you anything in return."

Laura looked at Kun in a sly way. "Grandpa Kun, what kind of person am I?"

Kun coughed twice, then stared at Laura. "You are a special circumstance, not one of those two kinds of people."

Laura laughed.

Kun was looking at Laura, but he had a wry smile on his face. He knew that Laura was smart and very decisive in her work, but she was also too soft-hearted. Sometimes you have to be heavy-handed in business. But Kun understood the reason for this. After all, Laura was only eighteen years old, and was just blooming as a girl. It was impossible to expect more out of a young girl.

Kun sighed. "Whether or not Zhao is part of some large underground force, his strength is still certain. If we befriend him, it can only be good for us."

Laura nodded, then she frowned. "Anyway, Grandpa Kun, Zhao did save my life. Tomorrow, we should have some gifts ready to give him. What kind of gift do you think we should bring?"

Kun also frowned. "I don't know. What if we sent a bad gift that Zhao wouldn't like. This is really not easy to handle."

"Ah, but when I first talked to Zhao, he seems like a man that you could get along well with. And he is a mage, so I think that we should choose a robe and magic staff as gifts. The last time I met him, his robe and staff were ordinary ones, so I think that something with the wind element or moonlight will be good."

Kun nodded. "That's a good idea. We could give him a moonlight robe, since it's a dark robe perfect for black mages. And a wind element magic staff could increase the strength of black magic. The total value of these two gifts will be more than fifty thousand gold coins. I think Zhao should be satisfied."

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Translator Notes #2: Don't ask me, I also don't get why a wind magic staff can strengthen black magic. That's just what it says.

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  1. Wind to increase black magic's strength... if black magic is related to robotic undead.. then is wind related to pressure and velocity ? How does wind strengthen black magic? ..does lighting counts as wind magic ? Cause i can't think of anything other than electricity that helps robots..

    1. I think it more like battery for powering the robotic undead.

    2. far from it, undead is darkness attribute and has nothing to do with wind attribute.

      black magic however is a mix bag, you can have fire, wind, water as their primary attributes. imagine hellfire(fire) and poison mist(water).

    3. in some languages 'strengthen' doesnt always mean to make stronger but to assist. So having wind magic via staff would expand his skill set making him stronger overall. These people are high enough skill themselves to know that diversity is one type of strength.

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  5. I'm laughing at myself so much because i read it as grandpa-kun. like a japanese prefix. When I read the words she turned to Kun, i was asking myself who Kun was, and then i realized I was stupid.

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  7. A theory of six elements making up an hexagram maybe also talks about how those elements interact with eachother.

    In Daoism there is the five elements theory - wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

    However, they don't just lay there, motionless. Wood generates fire, is restricted by metal, restricts earth and is generated by water...

    That is, all elements are interwined togheter.

    If the six elements in this novel are as such, then we can make a rough guess of how one element generates another:

    Light -> Fire -> Wind -> Darkness -> Water -> Earth -> Repeat.

    Something like:

    radiation manipulation (as stated when the space absorbed light, it is radiation) -> heat manipulation -> pressure manipulation -> darkness (don't have a clue about that) -> fluid manipulation -> matter manipulation.

    If we organize those in an hexagram, we would have Light at the Top and Darkness at the botton.

    Then, we would have the following interactions:

    Light increases Fires' power. (Radiation generating heat)
    Fire increases Winds' power. (heat generating pressure)
    Wind increases Darkness' power. (wind generating ???)
    Darkness increases Waters' power. (??? increasing or decreasing fluidity)
    Water increases Earths' power. (fluidity influencing matter/density)
    Earth increases Lights' power. (matter producing radiation, f.ex. radioactive minerals).

    Then, you would also have the following relations :

    Light opposes Darkness. (Light > Darkness).
    Water opposes Fire. (Water > Fire).
    Earth opposes Wind. (Earth > Wind).

    Which makes sense. Light can make all kind of shadows disapper. Water can extinguish fire way easily than fire can boil water. And earth can stop winds way easier than winds can destroy earth.

    Those are the relations between magic powers which i'm fairly certain are correct.

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