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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 106

Chapter 106 - I Can Do Magic

Zhao's head hurt. It felt worse than going through insomnia for ten days. However, there was also another strange feeling. A part of him felt like he was dreaming, like his soul had transcended his body.

In fact, Zhao's understanding of magic was too little.

Back on Earth, there was no real knowledge about magic, while the Ark Continent had written records that went back tens of thousands of years. Earth's civilization focused more on mechanical invention, but the Ark Continent's knowledge of mechanics came to a standstill, and instead they developed into a magic civilization. 

Zhao had just consecutively received the knowledge for three types of magic. However, these three magic weren't strange. In this world, there were mages who learned two or three types of magic, and changed them to finally create a new kind of magic. Such examples of these abound.

For this reason, over the years, the Ark Continent's Prime Minister of Magic has been trying to track the geometric growth of the different types of magic in this world, but it has been impossible to keep records of all of them.

From who did Zhao learn these three types of magic from? An eighth level light mage, two seventh level earth mages, and the rest were from black mages. The number of magic spells that he would learn was a very scary figure.

It could be said that Zhao received a lot more information than last time. Precisely because of this, Zhao experienced a lot of pain. The more pain he felt, the greater the benefits. With the three types of magic he was receiving, it wouldn't be a problem for him to pose as a light mage or an earth mage, in addition to the black mage that he was already pretending to be.

Zhao didn't know how long he was lying in bed. To be honest, the beds in the villa were really comfortable so he didn't care.

After some time had passed, Zhao got up from the bed and stretched, but then he felt shocked because there was no longer any pain, and instead he felt refreshed. In fact, his mind has never been so clear before.

Just then, the voice came and said: [Forced development of the host's brain was necessary to receive the new information. Host's brain was developed by fifteen percent]

Zhao froze for a moment. He really didn't think that he would get such a good thing. Wouldn't this mean that he would become a genius?

He felt proud, until he heard Meg's voice. "Master, are you awake yet?"

Zhao quickly stood up. "I'm awake. Come in."

Meg pushed the door opened and saw Zhao standing there. "Master, are you alright? You looked like you were in pain earlier."

"It's nothing. Rest assured, I'm alright. I have fully learned how to use three types of magic. Go tell Grandpa Green not to worry." Zhao's impression of Meg was getting better and better. She was like his shadow, always standing beside him and helping him with his daily life. She was a girl worthy of Zhao's love.

Zhao didn't grow up in the Ark Continent, so generally, he's never met a woman like Meg. Back on Earth, women became more independent, but they have forgotten what it means to be gentle along the way. It was precisely because of this that Zhao found Meg's character to be so incredible. He found himself wanting to express his love for this girl, but he was shy and a man of few words.

Zhao was an otaku, and they usually don't express their feelings very well.

Meg and Zhao eventually went downstairs, where they saw Green who was sitting in the living room. "Hello, Master," Green said when he saw Zhao coming down.

"Grandpa Green, how long have I slept?" Zhao asked.

"More than five hours, Master. Are you hungry? Meirin has made you something to eat."

"Then let's go to the dining room. I want to tell you about the fortune I have made. I can now use three types of magic, so I will be able to pose as three different types of mages." Zhao laughed.

Green was also very happy. "That's great. This will further guarantee your safety. But Master, you still have to practice casting spells. Learning magic is one thing, being able to use the appropriate spell at the right time is another."

Zhao nodded. From what he learned about the three types of magic, Zhao felt that he had underestimated the Ark Continent. There were people in this world that were so powerful, it was beyond his imagination. The more you know, the more you should be afraid.

Green, Zhao, and Meg went to the dining room. Blockhead and Rockhead were already there, and since they had already gotten some rest, they were full of spirit. It had been such a long time for them to release their aggressive power, and not have to hold back. It was a good fight, but now they were relaxing comfortably. When Zhao came in, the two quickly said, "Master."

Zhao smiled at them. "You two look happy. You must have enjoyed the battle. How about I let you two follow Drunk and the other black mages into the carrion swamp to help them catch undead?"

The two immediately shook their heads. "Well, we think it will be better for us to keep following Master around."

Zhao and Green gave them a look, then they burst out laughing.

This battle's victory had made Green and Zhao very happy. Not only did they win, they won beautifully. Their strength has greatly increased and Zhao gained a new ability that would protect himself. With so many good things coming one after another, of course they would be happy.

Time progressed, and soon Meirin came out while holding some food. This time the meal was different. Usually, she would make something like bread and soup, but now she was serving stuff like rice porridge and other things closer to Chinese food. This was related to Zhao. He wasn't used to Western food, and preferred to eat Chinese food. So Meirin slowly learned how to cook it.

Meirin had also heard what they were talking about, so she was smiling too. Then she turned to Meg and said, "Meg, help me serve the meals. Master, you can just take  a seat."

Zhao smiled back, and then sat down. Green sat down too before he turned to Zhao and asked, "Master, have you already harvested the magic peaches?"

Zhao nodded. "I was going to tell you earlier. Before you entered the space, the magic peaches had matured and the fire fishes were ready to produce eggs. Oh, Grandpa Green, how should we divide the magic peaches?"

"You shouldn't worry about that. Soon you'll have a total of four magic peaches. I was just talking to Meirin about it, and we think that maybe you could give one to me. As for Blockhead and Rockhead, their strengths may be too low. Or maybe we should give one to Meg. In the end, I think that the one we should really give a magic peach to is Laura. Once we find a good opportunity to give it to her, we can make her a loyal ally to Master. Do you agree?"

Zhao thought about it. "I don't see a problem with giving Laura a magic peach. But we can't hand them over to any others. If people find out that we have these magic peaches, we won't even know how we died."

Zhao was absolutely justified in saying this. Although the fire fish could bring some gold, the magic peaches were something that a lot of experts would want, and they would do everything they can to take them.

Green nodded. "Master's right. If everyone found out that we have these magic peaches, then we would really be in danger. In this world, there are numerous strong people that could kill us. Even though we have the space, it would be impossible to defeat every single expert on this Continent."

Translator Notes: "You're a wizard, Harry."

Translator Notes #2: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.


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