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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 100

Chapter 100 - Attack

Now that they heard there was a solution to the Water of Nothingness, they were certainly happy.

At once, Green asked, "Master, to level up the space like before, do we still need to find some special plants?"

Zhao nodded. "It seems that's the fastest way to level up that I know of. Last time, Grandpa Green, you brought a lot of things that helped the space reach the tenth level, including some common things. But to reach an even higher level, I'm afraid it might not be as easy."

Green made an ugly face, then he said, "We should focus on the development of the space and nothing else. Getting the space to reach level twenty should be our most important goal."

Meirin nodded at what they were saying. Originally, they were trying to grow the space to help the Buda clan make money. But this time it was different. Once the space became strong enough, it could provide a possible solution to the problem in Zhao's body. Nothing else mattered. Getting the cure to the Water of Nothingness was their top priority.

Zhao didn't say anything. From just one look, he could tell what they were thinking. For them, his safety always came first. To be honest, he had no objections with that. He too would also like to get rid of the Water of Nothingness out of his body as fast as possible, so that he may have the chance to learn magic and martial arts.

In his past life, with the rise of web novels, almost everyone had dreams of learning powerful martial arts or dazzling magic. They dreamed of crossing into a mysterious world and gaining these amazing abilities.

But although Zhao crossed into another world, this body had drank the Water of Nothingness, so it was impossible for him to learn magic and martial arts. He could do nothing but feel sorry for himself. But now that there was a possible solution, Zhao of course felt very happy.

After more than two hours, everyone's moods finally settled down, although there was still a slight look of excitement on their faces.

By now the image on the screen had dimmed down. Garan had lit a magic lamp and was still chatting with the people inside the tent. While outside, the mercenaries were busy cooking.

Seeing what those mercenaries were doing, Meirin remembered that she should be cooking now, so she quickly got up to cook, while also getting Meg to arrange food for the slaves.

After dinner, Zhao sent Shift out of the space with the ghost staff, and told him to find those assassins.

Shift moved around the perimeter of the canyon. Fortunately, he was an undead with eyes made of soul fire, so the dark had no effect on him. He was able to find his way around. Not only that, but it could even be said that the darkness was an advantage to him.

Those assassins appeared on the screen one by one. Apparently, they had been trained to guard in pairs, and all together they created a huge defense network around the camp. If someone wanted to sneak into the camp, they would be discovered.

Eventually, he was able to find the positions of all one hundred assassins. This took more than an hour, and by now most of the mercenaries had already fallen asleep. Even Garan and the other two mages were resting. Only the three advanced warriors were sitting there, motionless.

Looking at the three men, Green's face couldn't help but sink. He felt that these three were very murderous and were proficient in walking the assassin's road. Such people were the worst to deal with.

Seeing nothing happening in the camp, Zhao turned to Green and said, "Grandpa Green, we have to rest. We won't make our move until the middle of the night. When they're sleeping like the dead, that would be the most appropriate time to attack."

After taking a look at the camp, Green nodded. "Well, then let's go rest."

Having stood up along with Meirin and everyone else, Zhao called back Shift and told him to watch the screen in the living room. If anything were to happen, or if it was midnight and he wasn't up yet, he should call him immediately. After that, Zhao went to his room.

Lying in bed, Zhao couldn't sleep. Today, the space had given him such a surprise. There was hope that he might be able to learn magic and martial arts, which made Zhao feel excited. While in bed, thoughts of what he could learn kept turning in his head, until he unknowingly fell asleep.

Zhao was sleeping when suddenly he was woken by the tone chiming and the voice telling him that the radishes have matured. He looked at the time. It wasn't that late, so he got out of bed and harvested the radishes. By the time he returned to the living room, it was already eleven o'clock at night.

Green was still up. He was sitting in the living room, staring at the screen. Although it was a little dark, they could still see the situation in the camp. With the magic of the screen, no matter how dark it was outside, they would always be able to see within a range of five hundred meters in diameter.

When Green saw Zhao come in, he said, "Master, it's late enough. I think now is the time to act."

Zhao nodded. He turned around and saw a crowd waiting for his instructions. "Shift, you will got out now and dive into the mage's tent. Remember, your only goal is Garan. You don't need to care about anyone else."

Shift saluted, then Zhao turned to some of the other black mages. "Scales, Brick, you will bring out five hundred undead to the perimeter of the canyon to deal with those assassins. Do not let them run away." Scales and Brick also saluted.

Zhao then turned to Green. "Grandpa Green, I'll leave the enemies inside the camp for you to figure out."

Green nodded. "Your undead and the other six black mages should mainly deal with the Jie Shi Ling twins. With its spiritual attack, it shouldn't be difficult to fight against them. And the remaining three advanced warriors should be handled by Meirin. As for you, Master, you should wait here and not leave the space."

Zhao had no objections. His mental age was more than thirty years old, so naturally he was no longer an impulsive young man. He knew that if he left the space, he would be killed.

When Green saw Zhao agree to not go out, he felt a little relieved. He had been afraid that Zhao would want to participate in this battle. Green then turned to Blockhead and Rockhead, as well as Meg, and said, "The three of you will also fight. If you want to become a powerful warrior or mage, constant battles is needed to help you slowly grow up. Tonight is a good opportunity. But you have to be careful."

The three of them nodded.

After he was done, Green turned to Zhao. "Master, we are ready."

Zhao nodded, then he sent out Shift. After that, he sent out Green and everyone else, including his army of undead, to several points that they had marked out.

It was one of Zhao's new capabilities that he had discovered. As long as it was within his monitoring range of five hundred meters in diameter, when he sent someone out, he could freely choose the spot where he could send them. This was very convenient for their attack strategy.

Shift appeared in the camp, and was moving around with invisibility. Zhao was only able to see him because of the red dot on the screen. Invisibility wasn't necessarily an ability that could only be done with magic. A special trained assassin could also learn invisibility.

But although invisibility seemed very magical, in general, advanced level mages and warriors didn't care about it. Even if invisibility could hide your body, you wouldn't be able to get close to an advanced mage or warrior because they would still be able to sense your magical or martial arts energy fluctuations.

Still, a very well trained assassin could hide their breath to the point where it would be very difficult for an advanced mage to find them.

Shift acted immediately as he dived into the mage's tent, but the moment he entered, a white light flashed, like a fierce bomb had exploded.

Translator Notes: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.


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