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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 105

Chapter 105 - Download Magic Info

Green had become accustomed to the voice these past few days, so when he heard what it said, he understood what it meant.

The space could now be used to attack as long as Zhao was using the ghost staff. While holding the ghost staff, Zhao could use three types of magic: light, black, and earth. Those who could use three elements were rare on the Continent.

Zhao was extremely happy. He didn't expect that the space would gain such an ability. Even though he was limited to using the ghost staff to do magic, this was still definitely good news.

Green walked quickly towards Zhao. "Master, did the voice really say that you could do magic?"

Zhao smiled and nodded. "Yes, that is what it said." He laughed. "Starting today, with the ghost staff, I will be able to use light magic, black magic, and earth magic."

Green clapped his hands and laughed. "Great! This is really great! This will guarantee Master's safety!"

Meirin and everyone else had all gathered around with a look of excitement when they heard the news. This was important. They had always worried about Zhao's safety, but now that Zhao gained this new ability, his safety was pretty much guaranteed.

Looking at everyone, Zhao gave a slight chuckle, then he asked, "Grandpa Green, have you turned one of the advanced level warriors into undead yet?

Green shook his head. "No, not yet. Drunk said that it would take a lot of time, and they haven't gotten around to it yet because they had been too busy."

Zhao nodded, then he realized something. "Grandpa Green, I think that this time maybe I should try to turn that advanced warrior into a high level undead. I just need to use the ghost staff."

Green thought about it for a moment, then he nodded. Zhao didn't say anything, and only waved his hand for Scales to come over and give him the ghost staff.

The moment Zhao took the ghost staff, a white light immediately flowed shined the staff and shot into Zhao's head. For a moment, Zhao's head had a halo of light as a lot of information was downloaded into his mind.

Once the light faded, Zhao knew what had to happen next. "Grandpa Green, I need to go to my room and sleep. Take care of those dead bodies. When I wake up, I will take care of them." Without talking to anyone, Zhao immediately went upstairs.

Although Green didn't understand what Zhao was doing, he knew that he shouldn't be concerned about that white light. Meg ran past Green and followed Zhao upstairs.

Green was a bit worried watching the two, but he didn't say anything. He just told Drunk to carry the corpses to the back rooms of the villa. After he gave that order, Green then took a look at the stone giant. The giant was standing there, motionless. It looked completely different than it did outside, but Green knew that it must be because of the space strengthening it. Although Green didn't understand how the space does it, he knew that the space would often extract the benefits of some things and give them to others. This was a very powerful feature of the space.

After examining the stone giant, Green looked around to see what else was new. It was then that he saw the hot springs and the magic peach trees. When everyone went out to fight, there were small unripened magic peaches on the trees and the hot springs only had five small fire fishes. But now the magic peaches were gone and the number of small fire fishes had gone way up. Green was able to guess that the magic peaches must have matured and were harvested, and the fire fishes must have spawned a lot of eggs. Green couldn't help but feel excited.

These fire fish will become a huge source of income for the Buda clan. And the magic peaches would allow them to get war pets, which was something that was coveted by experts.

Green looked around and found Daisy and Ann, then called them over. They quickly went towards Green, but they were nervous. Although Zhao had restored their status so they were no longer slaves, they didn't dare show the slightest disrespect to Green.

Green looked at the two and smiled. "You do not have to be nervous. I just want to ask, did the young master harvest the magic peaches?" He pointed at the magic peach trees.

Daisy quickly nodded. "Yes, Master had just harvested the magic peaches and placed them in the barn."

Green was delighted. "You two have been working hard. You can rest assured that I will tell the young master about your hard work, and he will surely reward you."

Daisy and Ann bowed together. "We don't need anything. It is our pleasure to work for the young master."

"Nonsense," Green said. "Once our situation improves, you will both get a reward. For now, you can go rest."

The two saluted, turned and walked away.

Meirin had been standing behind Green. Once the two had left, she faced Green and asked, "Green, we now have two magic peaches, and pretty soon we will get another two magic peaches. How should we divide them?"

Green thought about it. "I can get one, or maybe we should give it to Meg. Since she's following the young master around, she will need something to help her protect him. Or Blockhead and Rockhead should get it. But their strengths might be too low. I will talk to the young master about it. But I think that we should give one to Laura. It will help create a closer relationship with her, which will give us more benefits."

Meirin nodded. "Well, I think giving Meg the Iron Book should be enough to help her protect herself and the young master. And what about getting a war pet? I don't think Master needs one since he already has his undead. What about you? What kind of spirit beast do you want as your war pet?"

"I wouldn't worry about it. Good war pets aren't easy to get. The best war pet that I want is a nightmare horse, but those creatures can only be found in either Fire Island or Deep Magic. These two places are too far away from us. I do not have time to go there. So I can only look around to see if there's any other spirit beast that's right for me."

"Nightmare horses are indeed a good choice. However, you'll have to wait until we can further develop the Buda clan. But if you ever do catch a nightmare horse one day, then you better get the young master to bring it into the space because he'll be able to raise it until it gives birth to more nightmare horses."

Green laughed. "Yes, you're right. With the space, we'll be able to get more horses."

They then went into the villa.

Once they were inside, Green said, "Meirin, prepare something to eat. Once the young master wakes up, he will be hungry."

Meirin nodded. Just then Meg softly came down from upstairs. Meirin quickly went to her and asked, "Is the young master okay?"

Meg frowned. "He doesn't look well. It seems like he fainted, but he's also frowning, like his head hurts."

Green's brow wrinkled, but then he shook his head. "I don't think anything's wrong. The ghost staff shot a white light into Master's head, and he didn't seem worried about it. It shouldn't harm the young master. Still, Meg, you should wait in the young master's room until he wakes up, then call us."

Meg agreed, then she went upstairs.

After Meg left, Meirin turned to Green. "We can't afford for anything to hurt the young master. Is there really nothing wrong?"

Green shook his head. "Nothing should happen. The space is closely related to the young master. I think that the white light was just passing on knowledge or something, probably teaching the young master how to use those magic elements. Remember that before, the young master had not learned magic, but now three types of magic have been stuffed into his head. It would be normal for his head to hurt."

Green didn't understand everything about the space, but he was able to make the right guess. It was true. Zhao had never studied magic before, but now all this data about magic had been digitized by the space and downloaded into his mind. Now it only took Zhao less than a day to learn something that would normally take years.

Translator Notes: It was actually translated as "input", but I changed it to "download".

Translator Notes #2: For those who don't remember, Fire Island and Deep Magic are two of the five forbidden areas in the Ark Continent.

Translator Notes #3: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.


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