Friday, April 27, 2018

The First Alchemist - Chap 52

Chapter 52 - Curing Ba Re’s Illness

The City Lord, as well as everyone else, didn't know what the hell was going on.

One second everything was calm like usual, then that cauldron thing exploded with a blazing light. At first, they suspected that it might have been an innocuous looking weapon, but there seemed to be no damage caused by the explosion. All that was destroyed was the cauldron itself. It looked like whatever secrets it held wouldn't work anymore.

Was this how the village boy made those pills? How powerful! It was almost like heavenly tribulation. Perhaps this medicine could indeed help the City Lord's son.

Everyone stared at the pill in Chem Al's hand. It looked different than the other ones his village was selling at the market. It was slightly bigger and was a silver color that seemed to glitter now and then, plus there was a strong fragrance that filled the entire room.

Whatever that pill was, it seemed incredibly potent!

"I-Is that it?" the City Lord asked. "Will that cure my son?"

Chem Al simply nodded as he handed the pill to the City Lord. He looked like he didn't really care about the pill despite going through so much trouble to make it. Instead, he went over to the broken looking cauldron that had fallen on its side.

He cried as he picked it up and hugged it like he was holding onto a loved one that had gone on to the afterlife.

The room was quiet. For some reason, everyone felt as if they shouldn't disturb this scene.

After a long moment, Chem Al finally got up and turned to the City Lord. "Well, aren't you going to feed that pill to your son?"

"Uh, right!" The City Lord looked at the silver pill in his hands. If this could really cure his son, then it was simply a priceless treasure. "What do I do?"

"You simply feed it to your son like most other pills, then give it a minute to work its magic."

"That's it?" The City Lord was astounded. He had spent the last few years trying everything to cure his son, yet the solution was now in his hands and it sounded so simple.

He carefully carried the silver pill over to Ba Re like it was his son's life.

Before, Ba Re held no expectations from the little boy that said he could cure his illness, but after such a heavenly explosion, a bit of hope was born inside him.

Ba Re swallowed the pill with expectation.

No one dared to breathe. They all stared at Ba Re's legs with wide eyes, not wishing to miss a thing. A minute ticked by and, just as they started to think that everything was just a sham, the gray solidification of Ba Re's legs started to fade; a little at first but then soon all of it was gone.

Although his legs still looked malnourished, Ba Re's legs were now completely cured!

Everyone was amazed, especially the City Lord and his son. They continued to stare with wide eyes, and then a smile started to creep onto their faces.

"Son.... T-Try moving your legs," the City Lord said.

Ba Re tried. One of his toes twitched. "Father! Did you see that? My toes! I can move my toes!" Tears were running down his face.

The City Lord was also crying. “Everyone! Look! My son… He can move his toes!”

At that moment, already feeling stronger, Ba Re tried to get out of bed. “Father! I… I can walk! I can walk!”

The City Lord was even more astounded by this sight. "Heavens! Can you all see this? My son is walking! He’s wal….”

And then Ba Re astounded everyone even more. “Father, I can do backflips!”

“Uh….” The City Lord’s mouth fell open.

How long had he dreamed of this moment of seeing his son moving again… but this? This went far beyond his wildest dreams.

That was the same thought for everyone else witnessing it. Just a minute ago, Ba Re’s legs looked stone-like and malnourished, but in just mere seconds he was doing back flips around this large room.

A miracle.

That was the only way to describe it.

Everyone turned to look at the village boy who was looking on nonchalantly as if this was within his expectations.

With a nod, Chem Al said, “It seems that the pill was effective.”

"Please, sir.” Ba Re landed in front of Chem Al, then spoke with an extremely respectful tone. "Can I ask what is that miraculous pill called?"

"Hmm...." Chem Al put a finger on his chin, acting like he was thinking about it. Since he was from the future, he already knew the name of the pill. However, in this era, it was brand new.

Therefore, he had to find that girl.

According to history, she should be in this room right this moment. He looked through the maidservants that were here. Her description was that she would have black hair and silver gray eyes. Finally, he spotted her. Chem Al pointed. "You. What's your name?"

"M-Me?" The girl stood up straight in surprise after being called out. "M-My name is Zhiyu Yin, sir.

Chem Al nodded. “Okay then, let it be known that this pill is called the Zhi Yin Pill.”

“Zhi Yin Pill?” Ba Re asked, then realized, “Wait a minute! Did you just make up the name right here?”

“Of course. After all, this is the first time I’ve seen your illness so I had to make a brand new pill to treat it.”

Ba Re was shocked by Chem Al's answer. He had thought that the boy had gotten lucky and discovered some kind of ancient book that described his disease and how to cure it, but who knew that it wasn't some kind of ancient medicine but a new one that he had made up on the spot after examining him! Unbelievable!

The City Lord and everyone else was thinking the same thing. To have the ability to cure a disease after only one look, he must be a genius doctor seen only once a century, no, once a millennium, no, they had never even heard of a doctor of this high a caliber before. They would be stupid if they didn't realize what this would mean.

On the long road of cultivation, who hasn’t been injured or suffered some kind of illness? Who didn’t suffer a setback in their cultivation?

The events of today wasn't just healing one sick boy. It was also the introduction of a new kind of power, and they wanted that power for themselves. If they could pull that Chem Al into their clan, maybe they still would have a chance to become the most powerful clan in Vera City and ... maybe even beyond that.

They must rope him in no matter what.

The Patriarchs climbed over each other in their rush to talk to him.

“Would you like to stay in my clan’s home? We’ll provide you with the best resources and servants.”

“Can your medicine help my son’s cultivation? He’s been stuck at a bottleneck for years.”

“I have a cute granddaughter….”

These powerful heads of Vera City had originally come here to pass judgment on this so called new medicine, and thus they held an arrogant look on their faces, but now none of that arrogance could be seen.

“Cough cough….” A quiet yet resounding cough came from the City Lord. “What I think my overenthusiastic friends mean is that they would like for you to visit their abodes in the near future. As for me, both as the City Lord and as a father, I would like to thank you for curing my son. If there is anything, anything I can do to repay you, just name it." The City Lord bowed.

"For starters, I would like to go check up on my brother again and see how he's doing. It's been hours since we left him in that room and I think he should be regaining consciousness soon," Chem Al said. “We’ll talk afterwards.”

"Of course," the City Lord said.


  1. “Father, I can do backflips!” is the most hilarious thing I've read all day XD