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The First Alchemist - Chap 51

Chapter 51 - Zhi Yin Pill

Fuck, Fuck, Fuckity Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Chem Al couldn’t believe how stupid he was. He had forgotten that he was now one hundred thousand years in the past, before the time alchemy was widely known.

In his past life, whenever people asked him to make medicine for them, he would simply list off the ingredients he would need to make the pill, and those people, who were usually kings and sect masters, would already have the necessary ingredients. Why? Because years from now the value of alchemy and its medicinal ingredients are more well known. They become so valuable that a lot of clans and sects would stock them up in their treasury.

But now in this era, no one had even heard of alchemy, so why would they have any medicinal ingredients stocked up?

He should really get rid of his habit of expecting the people who requested pills from him to have any ingredients.

Sigh…. The real First Alchemist wouldn’t have made such a dumb mistake.

“Nevermind.” Chem Al waved it off. “I’ll need you to provide me with a dozen of your strongest guards to help me gather the ingredients I need to make the medicine. There should be some in the forest.”

“I don’t know what those things you listed are, but if they can cure my son, I will provide any help you need.”

In the time it took an incense stick to burn, the City Lord had gathered some of his strongest guards to escort Chem Al to the forest. Each and everyone of them, although older, was at least as strong as Li Qinli. Plus they had on full armor and weapons. Together, they gave off a fierce aura.

The people of Vera City was surprised at this full contingent of guards escorting a carriage outside the city. Could it be the City Lord in the carriage? And if it wasn't, it had to be someone as important as the City Lord.

Once they arrived at the forest, it didn't take Chem Al long to search for the necessary medicinal ingredients. He knew what conditions they grew in and, in this era, they weren't rare. However, since they left the city late in the day, they still had to stay in the forest a few hours after the sun went down.

Needless to say, a few desolate beasts came out, curious as to why so many people were walking around while bearing lit torches.

"There you are. One thousand year old Grey Veil Grass." Chem Al gathered five blades of them. With this, he was done collecting all the medicinal ingredients he needed. He then turned around and asked one of the guards who was protecting him. "Are you guys doing okay?"

"We're fine, sir. Weak beasts like these are nothing to us."

While Chem Al was comfortably gathering ingredients, the guards have been fighting fierce battles with the desolate beasts of the forest.

"Alright, I've killed another one!"

"Look out, men! Four more are coming this way!"

"I see them. Come on! Let's take them out!"

The guards gave a roar in unison. Clashes of weapons and cultivation skills were pitted against teeth and claws, and the occasional bone spurs. From a distance it looked and sounded like an angry fireworks festival.

Soon enough, the battles ended and they quickly left the forest after hearing that the City Lord’s respected guest was done gathering what he needed. No one died and only few were injured.

Chem Al simply handed them some Soothing Yu Pills to help them quickly recover.

The guards were amazed at the effects of the pills, and further understood why the City Lord had ordered them to escort a mere villager. This was indeed an important guest!

Less than an hour later, they soon made it back to the castle.

"Did you find what you needed?" the City Lord asked anxiously.

Chem Al nodded.

They went back into Ba Re’s room, where Chem Al discovered that a few guests have arrived in the hours he had been gone gathering ingredients. In the room was:

Treasurer and Patriarch of the Tan clan, Tan Lan.

Patriarch of the second strongest clan, Li Qiao

Patriarch of the thunder clan, Dian Ging

Patriarch of the poison clan, Xi Fanming

Patriarch of the….

It seemed that all the most powerful people of Vera City were here.

“I hope you don’t mind our presence, but we would like to witness this new … medicine … of yours up close,” one of the Patriarchs said.

The other Patriarchs in the room nodded. The moment they heard that this strange boy with his strange methods was going to attempt to treat the City Lord’s son, which they all knew was plaguing him for years, they rushed here to see if the boy can cure the incurable.

“It’s fine,” Chem Al said with a wave of his hand.

Everyone watched as the village boy moved towards Ba Re’s bed after the nearby maidservants stepped aside. The City Lord didn't know what methods the boy would use to cure his son, so he brought in extra hands in case they were necessary or something went wrong.

They all stood there and watched as, in the middle of the room, Chem Al took out his medicinal cauldron.

"Uh, you're going to cure my son with that?" the City Lord asked.

"Yes," Chem Al said.

"With a fancy cooking pot? You’re not just going to make chicken soup, are you?"

Chem Al froze, then turned his head and glared at the City Lord. "Why does everyone keep saying that? Let me tell you something. This is a medicinal cauldron! The future of medicine! A holy object! A treasure! Even an entire kingdom isn't worth half as much as this precious cauldron! So could everyone please stop calling it a fucking cooking pot!"

Chem Al said all of this, not because it was an extremely powerful or difficult-to-forge cauldron, it was because this was The First Alchemist's very first cauldron. To him it truly was a holy object.

But for everyone else in the room, question marks appeared on the top of their heads. Isn't it just a fancy looking cooking pot?

Not only that, but this cooking pot or cauldron or whatever looked broken down. It was burnt and melted in a few places, and there were two huge cracks running down the sides of the cauldron. However, judging by how reverently the village boy was holding this thing, there must be some sort of secret to it.

And then they saw something horrifying. The boy suddenly rubbed his cheek against the cauldron with a perverted look on his face.

The City Lord smashed his fist down.

"Ow!" Chem Al shouted, rubbing his head.

"What the hell are you doing?" The City Lord had never seen such a perverted look before. If he had to describe it, it looked like the face of an old man chasing down a group of naked, young girls.

Can this sort of person really heal the City Lord's son? This was the thought of everyone in the room after seeing that perverted look.

As for Chem Al, he only grew worried about how he might have caused a little damage to The First Alchemist's reputation. Even though he told himself not to make that face again (at least in public), he still couldn't help himself.

That was because, according to history, this will be the last time The First Alchemist's very first medicinal cauldron will make a pill.

To cure Ba Re's afflicted legs, he would need to make the Zhi Yin Pill, which was a third tier pill.

This medicinal cauldron made out of mere profound iron couldn't completely handle making third tier pills, and he had already made two of them previously with this cauldron, causing massive damage to it. Chem Al could only sigh as he silently said goodbye to the cauldron.

In front of everyone, the perverted looking boy suddenly rose up and released a majestic aura.

What was going on?

Everyone in the room felt shaken after seeing such a thing. For some reason, even though the boy was weak, he gave off a feeling like they were in the presence of a hero from legend.

They didn't know what to make of it.

Then Chem Al made a move. With a wave of his hands, he grabbed the prepared medicinal ingredients. Like a waterfall, the ingredients were placed in the cauldron in the right order. The room started to fill with profound energy, faint at first, but then growing until it felt like they were swallowed up by it.

Chem Al then performed some hand seals; his hands were so fast that the people around him could barely see it despite some of them having superior eyesight thanks to their cultivation. All around them the profound energy began getting sucked into the cauldron like it was unable to resist a hungry whirlpool. The medicinal cauldron started to glow, then it shook as if it was on top of an earthquake.

Finally, the cauldron couldn't handle it anymore. With a light brighter than tribulation lightning and a crash louder than the might of heaven's thunder, it exploded.


Everyone covered themselves, fearing that they would perish in the explosion. But no... when they looked again, all they saw was a broken, dead looking cauldron laying on its side with three giant cracks cutting through the metal.

And in Chem Al's hand was a silver and fragrant pill. They didn't know what this pill was, but Chem Al did.

With a sad look on his face, he had made the third tier pill: Zhi Yin Pill.

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