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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 79

Chapter 79 - Poison

Zhao looked at the badge in his hands. This wasn't an ordinary low mage badge, but an intermediate one. This badge was personally handed to him by Carl, along with one hundred gold coins.

Green didn't think that Carl would give Zhao such a high assessment. Zhao had just summoned a single undead, and he didn't use any other magic. Yet, he was able to get an intermediate mage badge.

Anyway, an extra one hundred gold coins would be a solution to their urgent needs. This would only add to the future development of the Buda clan.

The three went out to the carriage. Green looked up at the sky, then turned to Zhao. "Master, let's go get something to eat right now. We'll go to one of the restaurants owned by the Markey company."

There were a lot of places in the city that sold a variety of things for living, but they were different from the restaurant and hotel industry. Those places that sold daily supplies were usually on the low end, but you had to take the high road to get to the restaurants and hotels. To eat a meal there didn't just take a few coins. You should know that even one gold coin was sufficient enough for a common household to live on for a month.

Zhao nodded, then got into the carriage. Green told Rocky where to go, who drove his carriage until they stopped in front of a restaurant. This restaurant in Casa city was even bigger than the Mage Association, about four stories tall.

When the carriage stopped, a man dressed in gorgeous leather armor came out. The armor looked beautiful, painted with a layer of reflective blue paint, which made him look sparkling. The clothes seemed to be the security uniform of the Markey Clan’s restaurant.

The man went to the carriage and bowed. "With respect, sir, your carriage is not allowed to stay here. Please follow me over here."

Green didn't argue with him. Instead, he got down from the carriage and opened the door, allowing Meg and Zhao to get out. The three then walked into the restaurant while security directed Rocky to park somewhere else.

When the three went into the restaurant, two beautiful girls dressed in waitress uniforms immediately greeted them and bowed. "Welcome to the Light Prism restaurant, dear mage. Do you have a reservation?"

Zhao didn't say anything. Green just came up and handed them the gold medal. The two girls looked at the gold medal carefully, then gave it back to Green and bowed again.

Green at once said, "Arrange a room for us. We have come here to dine."

The two girls escorted the three into the restaurant and arranged a room for them on the third floor. The rooms in the third floor weren't that much, only there for those who just wanted to eat a meal. Once they were there, Green randomly pointed out two dishes he wanted to order and some soup. Once he finished, Green calculated that the food would cost about ten gold coins, but the ingredients to make it was only one gold coin. Ah, they were really profiteering off of their customers.

After they made their order, the waitress immediately brought them a pot of tea. Zhao didn't move, waiting until they were served their dishes. Once they received their food, Green closed the door to the room and Zhao was finally able to take off his hat. He breathed out. "This was suffocating me. What kind of life would you have if you always had to wear these clothes?"

Green smiled. "It must have been uncomfortable to be unable to speak."

"But worth it," Zhao said. "Anyway, today could be considered a good day since we gained one hundred gold coins, Grandpa Green. Maybe we should buy some meat and give it to the slaves to improve their lives."

"Although we were able to get one hundred gold coins," Green said, "we don't know when Laura would come back, so we should hold on to the money and save it for later."

Zhao nodded helplessly. He had been a little too excited about the one hundred gold coins. If they were to spend it in such a place like Casa city, he feared that it would only last an hour before the money runs out.

Meg poured a cup of tea and held it in front of Zhao. "Master, have some tea."

Zhao nodded, then took the cup. Meg then gave a cup of tea to Green.

Zhao was about to drink from the cup, when suddenly there came a tone and the voice said: [Discovery of toxic substances. Opening host protection program. Extracting toxins. Toxin analysis complete. A chronic neurotoxin that would cause severe damage to the human nervous system. Expected time of death in three hours. Creating the antidote. Antidote creation complete. Please drink the spatial water. Using newly discovered toxins to strengthen robotic objects]

Zhao froze in amazement, then he immediately put down the cup. He looked at Green who was about to take a drink. "Stop! Grandpa Green, the tea is poisoned!"

Green stopped for a moment, then his face changed. He immediately put his cup down on the table and rushed towards the door. He opened it and looked out, finding no one. He then closed the door and sat back down at the table. "Master, is the tea really poisoned?"

Zhao nodded. "Ah, it's a chronic poison. But you don't have to worry, Grandpa Green. The antidote to the poison is already in the spatial water, so you can rest assured."

Green was still frowning. "We're in a restaurant that belongs to the Markey company, so it should be impossible for others to try to poison us. The only culprit is the Markey clan. But why would they want to deal with us?"

Zhao wrinkled his brow. It was strange. Supposedly the Markey clan should have no reason to try to kill them, since they had even helped out members of the Markey clan earlier. But if it wasn't the Markey clan that did it, who else would it be?

Meg suddenly spoke up. "Master, Grandpa, I think that the Markey clan attacked us because of the infighting within their clan. Couldn't that be the reason?"

Zhao and Green hadn't thought of that, but it made sense. Green nodded his head. "That's most likely true. We had shown them the gold medal, which must certainly be an important thing, otherwise why would Laura give it to us as thanks for saving her life. Generally, that gold medal should have announced us as important guests, yet the person in charge of this restaurant didn't come out to greet us. If the person in charge didn't appear, then there must be a problem."

Zhao frowned. "It seems like we have stumbled into the Markey clan's internal struggles. They told the Immortal mercenary group what Laura was doing, and when the group failed to kill her because of us, they might have mistaken us as enemies."

Green nodded. "Master, I think we should leave at once."

Zhao laughed slightly. "Why should we leave? The food's already here. I wanted to see if they poisoned the food or not. If they really dared to do that, I would burn down this restaurant."

Zhao felt ignited. Although he was an otaku that wanted to remain low key, that didn't mean he doesn't feel anger. An honest man wasn't the same as a man without a temper.

Although they still weren't completely sure who was behind this poisoning incident, only the infighting within the Markey clan could have caused it.

"Did you think that your internal struggles had anything to do with me? I was just passing by and saved Laura's life from the Immortal mercenary group. Just for that, you would go so far as to poison me?" Zhao thought to himself.

While thinking that, he picked up a knife and fork and ate the food. To be honest, it tasted delicious. But it wasn't toxic. Zhao told everyone that the food wasn't poisoned.

But just to be sure, Zhao added some spatial water to the pot, which would detoxify the poison. While drinking the water during dinner, no one was afraid of poisoning.

Translator Notes: I swear, every time I hear the word "Poison", I think of that Turk dance from Scrubs.

Translator Notes #2: This chapter was MTLed by Trung and edited by theno1fan. Please leave a comment if you've spotted anything that looks wrong.


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