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Bringing the Farm... - Chap 58

Chapter 58 - Sly Smile

Zhao silently looked at the black robe in his hands. He didn't know what it was made of, but it was very thick, with good craftsmanship. However, what he most noted was that the style of the robe looked like something a villain from a TV show would wear.

As for the hat that he was carrying, it was a big hat. The most important thing about it was that it would cover his face so people couldn't see the his appearance.

All of this was perfect for disguising himself as a black mage.

Zhao wore the robe over his warrior clothes. The black robe was very large and thick, not to mention he didn't feel cold after wearing it, and the cloth of the robe was quite soft, so it was comfortable to wear. He couldn't help but nod with satisfaction. Once he put on his hat, he then picked up his magic staff and walked out of the hut.

When Green saw Zhao coming out of the door, he discovered that the robe really suited Zhao. Wearing it really did make Zhao look like a black mage. That was because Zhao had a peculiar temperament that made him seem out of tune with the world. If you didn't pay attention to him, you wouldn't feel his presence, as if he was an invisible man.

In fact, Zhao's temperament was simply because he was an otaku from his past life. Otakus generally were less likely to communicate with other people and naturally they were very good at hiding their presence. They would always put themselves in a place where people didn't pay attention so that no one would notice them. And then they would sit there, watching the world.

In his past life, Zhao had such an experience. One time, he went out with his work friends. They went out to dinner and then to a hotel, but it was only when they went up to their rooms that everyone finally noticed him. "You were invited?" they all asked, surprised.

Being asked that by his friends, Zhao didn't know what to do, because even though he had accompanied them, they completely forgot about him. It was like being a pebble on the road.

It was precisely because of this temperament that made the black robe look appropriate on Zhao. It seemed like he was out of tune with the world, so you could easily ignore his presence, which was right for a black mage.

Everyone was looking at Zhao, while Green couldn't help but be surprised as he picked up the hat. "How very strange," Green said.

Zhao took the hat back from Green, and then wore it again. His body temperament suddenly changed, as if he was about to disappear.

This change, if you didn't personally see it, you wouldn't believe it. But everyone was happy about this. If Zhao wore the robe, he would look like a black mage. If he took it off, no one would think that he and the black mage were one and the same person. This was very convenient in hiding Zhao's identity.

Green shook his head. "I never would have thought that such clothes would be so suitable for the young master. Meg will also dress up too. She will follow you as a maid. If you go out, she can protect you, and no one would suspect anything when a maid follows a black mage."

Zhao looked at Meg. To be honest, although he wanted to see that side of her, his heart felt uncomfortable so he was a little afraid to face Meg.

Green then added, "Originally, I wanted Blockhead and Rockhead to follow you, but if those two fools worked together, then they would probably stand out too much and arouse suspicion."

Zhao didn't really think so. But since Green didn't want Blockhead and Rockhead to follow them outside, he had to give up.

Just then, Meg suddenly spoke up. "Master, do you not want me to go with you?"

Zhao was surprised as he turned around to look at Meg. He found that her eyes looked tearful, delicate, and charming to the point that would make people speechless. "No, that's not it," Zhao quickly said. "You can follow me." He then turned around again, afraid to look at Meg. When he turned his head back, he saw that she had a sly smile on her face.

Meg discovered that Zhao seemed to be a little afraid of her. Under normal circumstances, she would have not gone along with him, but now she wanted to see if Zhao cared about her. Turns out that he did care.

Men thought that girls would never understand if a guy cares about her or not, but just one look told her that Zhao did. Meg couldn't help but laugh when Zhao seemed to be afraid of her. Now she felt like teasing Zhao. But since Green and Meirin were standing next to her, she wouldn't.

Green couldn't help but stare at Meg, who lowered her head and then turned and ran off. "I have to go pack up some things," she said.

Meirin and Green didn't object when they realized that Meg was interested in Zhao. If it was in the past, they wouldn't have let Zhao get close to Meg, but now they didn't oppose it.

Green then turned to Zhao. "Master, you had better put up the screen so that Meirin could keep an eye outside, so that Meirin could be on alert for us, even if we were resting. If I were to leave, and if Meg wasn't at your side, you could always ask Meirin to help you."

Zhao thought there was no need for that, but he agreed nonetheless. However, he felt uncomfortable about it. If he allowed Meirin to use the screen, she would have to watch them twenty four hours a day, and he really felt bad about that. However, he still did it. Since they were outside the Black Waste, they needed the extra insurance.

Even though he had Adam's memories, from birth to now, Adam has never left the capital of the Aksu Empire, so he didn't know much about the outside world. In this case, Zhao didn't know anything about the situation out there, so he had to do things according to Green's advice.

Later, he put the screen up for Meirin. Meg was also finished packing, holding a bag while dressed as a maid. It must be said that Meg looked really beautiful in a maid outfit. She looked so gentle that people couldn't help but feel a desire to protect her.

After trying not to stare at Meg, Zhao turned to Meirin and said, "Grandma Meirin, if there's anything you need, you can just knock on the screen. I'll be listening."

Meirin nodded. "Master, you can rest assured. But you also have to be careful."

Zhao also nodded his head. Then with a thought, Zhao, Green, and Meg appeared in the woods.

Green took a look around, and then he said to Zhao, "Master, call out your undead. Then we will head off to Montenegro Fortress." Green smiled. "If it was any other city, when we have a summoned undead, people would think that we were attacking the city. But here is Montenegro. There's no reason to attack it. If we get past the city while sitting on an undead, it would reduce a lot of trouble because no one would bother us."

Zhao was puzzled. "But I'm wearing the robe of a black mage. Isn't that enough to stop them from bothering us?"

"That place isn't the same as other cities. It doesn't have that many mages, so many people would try to impersonate a black mage. Everyone in the Continent knows that black mages aren't to be trifled with. So often times someone would pose as a black mage to commit a robbery and extort things off of adventurers. If we don't take out an undead, people may not think that you're really a black mage."

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